[WHPR] eRepublik Day 3,884 - Mass Attacks and War!

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White House Press Release - eRepublik Day 3,884
Sunday Late Edition (Very Late!)

Today's WHPR News:
• An Introduction (plus a new future eUSA Pets feature!)
• Mass Attacks!
• The Weekly Challenge
• What the Hell is the Legend Military Rank?
• VP Carlos3652 Announces the Charles B. DeBellevue Ace Initiative

*Taps mic.* Is this thing on?

I'm pleased to be bringing all of you this late edition of the Sunday WHPR. But it's Monday, you say? Sure you noticed that I said this is the LATE edition, hmmm? It is the hope of The Mike's Administration to bring you regular editions of the WHPR every Sunday and Thursday. Consider this the first Sunday edition, with some leftovers from the blue plate special that the kind handlers caretakers served us at the assisted living center last night.

Many thanks to BigCDaddy (aka the late Tupac Shakur) and The Mike (aka The Prez) for asking if I would like to take up the thankless task honor of publishing the WHPR. It's a time-honored tradition and one that I have never taken the opportunity to do previously. I hope you, dear reader, find inside each issue interesting and useful information regarding the eUSA, the current adminstration, and eRepublik writ large twice a week.

I think it's appropriate to start with a picture of Lucky the cat!

Lucky showed up on our doorstep a little more than a year ago with a broken hind leg. She's lucky she found us! I will publish pics of eUSA citizen's pets, one per WHPR. First come, first served. Send me your links or pics via ingame message or at the eUSA Forums via forum PM. If I don't get submissions I will subject the entire eUSA to pics of our family pets. We only have six so I'm hoping to get an assist from you all here. I really don't want any more pets. But seriously, I'm sure everyone would love to see yours and not mine.

Without further ado... this first Sunday edition of the WHPR from The Mike's admin:

Mass Attacks!

In an effort to build coordination and community, mass attacks are scheduled for every Wednesday at 9:00 eRep time, every Thursday at 12:00 eRep time, and every Saturday at 15:00 eRep time. The varied times are designed to pull in eUSA citizens from various time zones. Watch the eUSA national feed on your eRep home page for announcements of the target close to the announced time. For added fun, join in on Discord. In the meantime, put these times down on your calendar:

Wednesdays at 900 eRep time.
Thursdays at 1200 eRep time.
Saturdays at 1500 eRep time.

All About the Weekly Challenge

Ever really investigated the Weekly Challenge? Oddly enough, I had not. I simply picked up my rewards as I earned them without giving much thought that there could be bigger and greater things involved. Little did I know that with a little planning and forethought I could potentially net 100 energy bars for the week. Consider the following from our friend Minister of War Korosh:

"It boils down to this: you have to spend money to make money. By consuming energy bars at the start of the week you can make a profit at the end of the week. If you can hit for 6500 Prestige points on the first day it is possible to net approximately 200 or more energy bars per week, a huge rank bonus, and true patriot money rewards. If you can't make it to 6500, try to at least get to 1500. That will get you about 100 energy bars as long as you don't waste any energy."

"The best way to make more prestige points throughout the week is to use the #Epics channel and fight in Epic battles only." If you're not familiar with what Epic battles are, how they work, and how you can gain from them, stay tuned as we will cover them in the next edition of the WHPR on Thursday.

Here's a handy chart of the awards that can be earned and the Prestige point thresholds for earning them:

Note that at the 7,000 Prestige point threshold every 500 PP earned returns 10 energy bars. This increases to 15 energy bars at 15,500 and 20 energy bars at 20,000. These are large thresholds but well within the reach of many players.

What the Hell is the Legend Military Rank?

Created in late 2014, the Legend rank allowed for players with more than 20 billion rank points to earn a special bonus. Yes, that's correct, I said billion with a B. The eUSA has many Legends, some at several multiples of the base Legend. The Legend rank in the eUSA is named for Gnilraps, the first eUSA citizen to obtain the rank. At every 10 billion threshold above 20 billion a new rank level will be named for the first player in the eUSA to reach that level of rank points.

Upon reaching normal rank levels players receive a 5% bonus to damage. Upon reaching the base Legend rank players receive a special 10% bonus to damage when fighting for the country in which they earned the rank. This 10% bonus is cumulative for each additional threshold earned; hypothetically let's say that I, a simple Pig, reached Legend V, and earned each threshold while an eUSA citizen. I would obtain a whopping 50% bonus to my damage when fighting for the eUSA.

Now you know how players dish out such huge amounts of damage in battles.

Resources for further reading about military rank the Legend rank:

1. https://forum.erepublik.com/index.php?/topic/3694-new-rank-legends-of-the-new-world/?p=47831
2. https://wiki.erepublik.com/index.php/Military_rank
3. https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/maximizing-your-damage-output-2671559/1/20

VP Carlos3652 Announces The Charles B. DeBellevue Ace Initiative

Whether you are already fighting in air battles or not, this initiative was designed with the eUSA citizen in mind. By registering HERE and becoming certified in our Air Module by attending brief lessons with Professor Feynmann you can earn eUSA currency every time you rank up. This project is intended to be submitted for the Plato Foundation for Plato Funding. In the meantime it will be funded through generous donations from eUSA citizens. Your donations are graciously accepted.

FYI, Professor Feynmann is a member of the sexy bald avatar club. I dig it.

More information here.

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See you all on Thursday!

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