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[WHPR Day 2492] The Right Mood

Day 2,492, 14:24 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

[WHPR Day 2492]The Right Mood

Dateline: Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 (Day 2492)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR:
: 1: American Hero: A Return
: 2: Party President Elections
: 3: Cuban Relations Breakdown
: 4: About Taxes With Evry Over a Coffee
: 5: Colbert's America

Editor: Secretary of Media SColbert
Contributors: Deputy Secretaries of Media: MrCarey, and ErrOrka, Blande, and Resoul

American Hero

For a while the "American Hero" segment was popular and regular reading material from the WHPR. This all changed when the WHPR stopped publishing until it was recently resurrected by our excellent Media team.

Fellow citizens the "American Hero" segment is back and with its renewal it is important we explain to our readers exactly what it is and why we do it.

According to one of the original segment writers - TellUrGrlThx, the goal of the segment is to celebrate and honor players who do exceptional work for the government and country as a whole.

This is a noble cause and one which we believe has the potential of influencing a younger crop of leaders to perform at their best. For this reason, we are back and we hope to keep you intrigued throughout the upcoming weeks and months.

Party President Elections

Party President voting took place on Monday, September 15th. I sent out messages to each Party President Nominee with one ‘simple’ question; “What are your plans for the party as PP? Here are the responses I received!

The Federalist Party

Wooky Jack: Well I didn't want to break out the exact plans, but shield recruitment is gonna be my focus this time around and maintain the programs I ran with my directors last month. Its gonna be hard to top what I did. My goal was to get Tyler PotUS, Increase party numbers, and revive dead programs. I did all of that 😛

United States Workers Party

Kortanul: Honestly I'm going to continue focusing on trying to increase party activity and media presence. Getting people onto the forum is the biggest hurdle, it seems. We'll be looking into programs to draw people in and get them involved, perhaps even promote party jobs with payment. I'm no glamorous and sociable politician, so this is all weird for me, but I believe we all want the same thing for our respective parties--a healthy and growing community.

American Military Party

John Killah: My plans are pretty simplistic - Step up our recruiting ability that's been sorely flagging, continue to be as media intensive as possible, groom people to be the next leaders. I don't like complex plans :3

We The People

MrCarey: My main plan is to get the part organized again. We’ve been in a bit of a lull lately and I want to pull us up out of that and get things rolling. As far as the members of the party go, I’m trying to get a well rounded and active team together so that we can get people involved in the party again and keep the engagement high. In the “office” side of the party, there are still documents and information that is either outdated (has LAP in it) or unused. I’m going to make it a personal project to clean up the party’s database.

Black Sheep Party

eShades: Baaaa. I will continue with Henry French's policies for the past ~year while also upholding our principles and continuing to grow our presence. So plz vote.

Cuban Relations Breakdown

And so the tragic day of 9/11 returns, we prepare our patriot gloves to smack those Thailanderthals back to the secluded island from whence they came! For the eUSA!

Hang on one moment..I'm receiving an update. It seems Cuba is coming to join the party!

Wait..hang on one more moment, I'm getting another update... It seems they're...fighting against us?

That's right! Back in one sweaty summer day, the eUSA government arranged a rental agreement with the eCuban government in order to possibly create the beginning of a beautiful budding friendship that was based around us giving them money to let us hold onto some of their bonuses for an exorbitant amount per month.

Well okay okay everybody just calm down, I'm sure the eCuban GOVERNMENT didn't approve of this right? It's got to just be some freak thing, right?

As it would seem, not only was this RW on 9/11 supported by their government WITH the money we've been so generously paying them for the rental, but it turns out that the eCuban leaders have been quite ambitiously shouting in their friends box the entire day for everyone in the nation to fight in the RW against us.

Following this, our previous president dmjohnston decided to take a diplomatic approach asking eCuba what the deal was. Their president pressed claims through the gaps of his teeth. Even after all the above, he said that the RW was not supported by the eCuban government and that he had discussed everything with our CP, Tyler Bubblar (Who he never had any such conversation with.)

So they've taken our money, used it to buy weapons against us, and treated us like fools that would never figure out their poorly-crafted facade. Get ready eUSA, it's about time we got out money back from these eCon-artists.

About Taxes With Evry Over a Coffee

Let's talk about economics a bit 🙂

There are 3 types of taxes: Work Tax, Import Tax, VAT Tax. They make up the income of the government. We are going to talk more about Work Taxes and VAT Taxes, as these are the important ones.

- As of Day 2487 -

Import Tax

- It provides basically no money to the government
- Can be used to close off a market for import/export
( If it's above 5%, then it's basically 100% since it would be difficult to overcome the cost difference )
- Otherwise it's useless

Effects of raising this tax:
- Shuts off all imports

Effects of lowering this tax:
- May generate a few imports, but will not get very much (if any) tax revenues from it


- It's like a sales tax in RL
- Less significant nowadays, especially with sale prices dropping rapidly

Effects of raising this tax:
- Pushes sales to black market (or other markets)
- Can lower our damage output, because people can't afford as much food/weapons (theoretically)

Effects of lowering this tax:
- Can increase sales
- Can increase damage output, (on the same basis as before) but unlikely.
- The obvious effect: less tax money

Work Tax

- The biggest producer of government revenues by a very large margin
- Can be used to dissuade recource-hunters
- It's also applied to WAM (Work As Manager), utilizing the average wage
( Average wage is calculated by averaging all paid jobs over the past 30 days )

Effects of raising this tax:
- Drives communes away
- Less immigration
- Can decrease damage output (less money received for work = less money to buy food/weapons with)

Effects of lowering this tax:
- Can increase damage output (on the same basis as before)
- If we have a lot of resources a low Work Tax can increase immigration

The Work Tax attack on the UK

As you can see, Work Tax is by far the most important source of revenue. It also affects the cost of WAM. That made Work Tax and average wage a weapon in Cyprus and also recently the United Kingdom.

Since average wage is calculated by averaging all paid jobs over the past 30 days, it can be manipulated. It's possible to use an extremely well paying job to spike the average wage and cause a massive increase in the cost of WAM (which equals Work Tax % multiplied by the average wage).

For example if the Work Tax is 10%, the average wage is 30 USD then working as a manager in one of your own companies costs you 3 USD. If the average wage gets pumped up to 300 USD, you would have to pay 30 USD for each and every company of yours you work in. If the work tax gets raised enough, many companies become unprofitable, and if it gets raised even more, eventually none of them will be.

That is exactly what happened in UK, when Ian Keers decided to attack his own country as a protest against the ongoing Serbian PTO attempt. He managed to increase the average wage to 257 CC; however the admins decided it was an "illegal manipulation" so they put the wage back to 38. This was in contradiction of an earlier decision when the admins declared the same thing legal in Cyprus.

With this change (if the admins mean it this time) what originally was thought of as a promising tool of economic warfare may instead be written off along with so many other useless in game exploits.

I'd like to thank Evry and Oblige for all the help they gave me.

Colbert's America

Editor's Note: The following is satire, written in response to a recent escalation of homophobic mail I have received in game.

Hello America,

Every morning I wake up and go for a run at 6:00 AM. I find it to be a wake up jolt for me and a good way to keep my days regimented. Some mornings it is harder to get up than others, but I live by the daily philosophy of each day improving myself. My runs consist of anywhere from 6-16 miles depending on my mood/the day of the week. How do I know how far I am running? Well other than the fact that I run my XC course, I also use my Garmin GPS watch. It tracks me, and tells me how far I have run, and what my mile pace is. Garmin has always been a family company with family values. (It also follows the American tradition of tracking its citizens!)

Don't let their parenting skills and apparent happiness confuse you. They are doing Satan's work.

Recently though Apple has come out with a competing smart watch to the one I use. Sure it has better features than my watch, and is superior to it in every way imaginable, but as I have recently learned Apple stands against traditional family values. I thought to myself "Well they are from California, what should I expect?" But as I looked deeper I came to realize that many of the beloved American companies I trust do not support traditional family values (AKA no homo sex). Even Oreos apparently support this perverted agenda of allowing two consenting adults to marry.

I trusted you!

Now don't get me wrong America, I don't hate gay people. I know plenty of people who are going to hell. I just find them to icky, and I really wish they would stop rubbing their sexuality in my face. But apparently our country is becoming more and more in favor of this unholy matrimony. Current figures say that the majority of Americans support same-sex marriage, and that the younger generation supports it overwhelmingly.

Stop shoving your lifestyle down my throat!

What happened America? I look fondly back on the days when America was pure. The 50s come to mind. Back then everything was great. The economy was booming, we were fighting commies, and everyone had all the rights they needed (except for blacks, women, etc.). Do we really want to go down this road of tolerance, and acceptance for people who could really be anyone. Say a sibling, a coworker, your doctor, or the CEO of Apple. I yearn for those days. But alas things have changed.

For Greeling:

Secretary of Media:SColbert

Deputy Secretaries of Media:ErrOrka andMrCarey

[POTUS] Unleash Hell

[WHPR Day 2492] The Right Mood

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James S. Brady Press Room
James S. Brady Press Room Day 2,492, 14:29

First for the right mood!

Henry William French
Henry William French Day 2,492, 14:40

Baaaaaa o7

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 2,492, 14:41

great article

Garmr Day 2,492, 14:42

eCuba can smoke my cigar

ASecretSource Day 2,493, 13:31

Your cigar is tiny LMAO

Garmr Day 2,493, 13:45

Tell your sister that spreading lies about me still wont make me respond to her texts

ASecretSource Day 2,493, 14:03

You confused my sister with your mother - take less drugs, homie!

Garmr Day 2,493, 14:30

I'm on grams of steroids every week and I'm perfectly fine with it. Doesn't make me confused though.

ASecretSource Day 2,493, 14:31

Steroids will make your tiny cigar even more tiny!

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 2,492, 15:24

Kill the heterosexist.

Edelmann Day 2,492, 16:07

"Effects of raising this tax:
- Drives communes away"

What. Isn't the regular commune system the one where you pay a minimal wage but receive supplies of any kind as a compensation? I don't think people care too much if they get 1 or 0.8 USD out of their 1 USD minimum wage job.

Garmr Day 2,493, 13:52

It's another tax that is being taken from the employer, not employee, it's the same cost as working in your own comps. It can add up to quite a bit and some people are greedy and want to find ways around it (i.e. move to China).

Edelmann Day 2,493, 14:18

I know that you pay taxes when your employee's working, but as said, with a minimum wage of 1 USD those costs are ridiculously low.

Garmr Day 2,493, 14:29

I absolutely agree, but a lot of private MU's got sand in their panties when we had the higher work tax a year or so ago. It's % of average wage nation wide though, not a % of the minimum wage.

Edelmann Day 2,493, 18:55

Actually the tax applied to salaries isn't related to the average salary but simply equals WT*salary, so in eUS' case 8% of the gross salary. With minimum wage, that's a whopping loss of 0.08 USD daily per worker due to taxation. The problem with the rather high work tax (in combination with rather low bonuses back then) was that it made WAMing raw materials companies quite unprofitable, and communing itself is not _that_ profitable, it's all about where you get your WRM from.

biaxident Day 2,492, 17:24

evry is a girl?

SColbert Day 2,492, 17:40


Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,492, 18:20


ASecretSource Day 2,493, 12:22

SColbert, you are an intolerant fumduck. I can not believe that folks have this kind o0f attitude in the 21 century. What are you asking for?? Less rights for those that have a different kind of sexuality?? Segregation of homosexuals?? You are stupid beyond belief!!! Please, just STFU & keep on hitting the fight-button!

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,493, 21:42

It's called satire VT look it up.

ASecretSource Day 2,494, 14:22

Stop following me around & being a smartass - go write an article or something, fumduck!

Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,492, 18:20

I'm gonna say eCuba effed themselves. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 2,493, 03:17

That was the best economic analysis that I've seen in a while.

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,493, 06:01

Good WHPR ^^

MrCarey Day 2,493, 09:37

Woohoo! WHPR ftw!

(A little editing mishap in the beginning of my section. *cough* SColbert *cough*)

eShades Day 2,493, 20:05


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