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[WHPR Day 2452] The Sixth Sense

Day 2,452, 18:05 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

[WHPR Day 2452] The Sixth Sense

Dateline: Thursday, August 7th, 2014 (Day 2452)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR:
: 1: SHIELD and H.A.M.M.E.R.
: 2: Colbert’s America
: 3: War Map and Analysis

Editor: SecMed:Dave Gulya, Deputy SecMed Jude Conners
Contributors: Franklin Stone, SColbert and Alexander_Auctoritas

Franklin Stone

Strategic Homeland Intervention & Enforcement, Logistic Division.
WookyJack SHIELD Commander

The official privately funded American Military Unit of the Federalist Party. Work in a FED Commune and request 15 Q7 Tanks + 1500 energy every day. We are Proud & Horny! Register and request access today at the SHIELD website! Don't forget to grab a uniform, we'll see you on the other side.

SHIELD is the Federalist Party's Proud & Horny Military Unit! How do we continue this level of awesomeness you may ask? With the help of soldiers and would be soldiers like you! SHIELD is currently recruiting anyone and everyone that would like to be a member of an elite fraternity of brothers and sisters. We commune in six (6) Q7 tank companies. You will be supplied daily with Tanks and Food to fight the good fight for the USA and her allies. FREE STUFF? Start today!

Starting with day 1973, SHIELD began doing a daily series of announcements known as 'Daily Briefing and Supply Drop.' This announcement combined the standard briefing given to most military unit soldiers with supply requests. SHIELD soldiers would post in the thread their name, link, whether they completed the daily orders, and what they were requesting: food, weapons, or both. A Quartermaster would then supply the soldier. SHIELD has consistently provided supplies to its members for over 400 days. That is over 40,000 Q7 tanks and over 6,000,000 food (energy) it has supplied to its members.

What are S.H.I.E.L.D. requirements?

Join S.H.I.E.L.D.
You need to register on the Federalist Forum.
Request Federalist and SHIELD access by creating a New Topic and Introduce yourself.
Post your complete eRepublik profile URL link.

With full membership you will receive 12 Q7 tanks and 1000 energy a day.
D4 fighters are eligible for 24 Q7 tanks a day!

H.A.M.M.E.R. - War College
BamaBettie, Queen of the HAMMERS

This is possibly the most important aspect of the game if you're going to be a fighter. You see that ‘upgrade’ button? Pay attention closely. HAMMER is a program to assist players in upgrading their Free Weight Room to Q4. This will allow the player to train for the most strength (20 a day) for free. These are the upgrade costs. Expensive? Yes they are. Even when there are sporadic discounts. For example, when you see something like this ‘event’ going on this is the best time to upgrade your Training Center.
This is what a fully upgraded FREE training center looks like.

How do I get in HAMMER?

To Apply:

1. You must be Division 1 and an ACTIVE Agent of SHIELD for a minimum of 14 days. *
2. You must be in a SHIELD uniform.
3. You must work in a SHIELD commune.
4. You must read ALL of the REQUIRED War College material. Reading more, is better.
5. Must pass the War College Exam with a score of 90% or higher.
6. You must apply to the War College.
7. You must interview with the HAMMER Director or an Assistant Director.

To Remain in HAMMER:

1. You must remain in a SHIELD uniform.
2. You must continue to work in a SHIELD commune.
3. You must attend Weekly Roll Call.**
4. You must complete ALL additional objectives before requesting additional gold assistance for training ground upgrades.
5. You must acknowledge and abide by the HAMMER Code of Conduct.
6. Acknowledge HAMMER Daily Orders for food and gold.

*Active means being on IRC and the forum regularly; assisting newer HAMMERs with questions; asking questions and educating yourself.
**If you miss more than 3 Weekly Roll Calls in a row, without giving a LOA notice, you will be kicked from HAMMER.

Colbert’s America

Hello Nation,

I would like to begin by congratulating DMJ for his win over me in the recent POTUS election. It was close to the bitter end, but unfortunately I lost. I know Nation it is disappointing. Apparently being on the ballot is helpful when running for president, but I was regretfully unaware of this fact when I went out on this journey 3 days before the election. Nevertheless I won’t let this failure deter me from my mission of bringing truth, justice, and truth to the world. People need to know what I am saying, no not for me, but for the survival of everything we hold dear. Unfortunate most of all though is that by him winning that means I am locked into writing this column for another whole month.

Nation I have always been a loyal supporter of our current president DMJ. In fact I was the first person to vote for him. Who can forget when Americans unanimously said I was cuter than his daughter, forcing him to adopt me as his son, and casting his old offspring into the wilderness? Recently though DMJ has made me an even more loyal supporter of his. By declaring war on Canada, DMJ has joined a long standing American tradition of invading small resource rich nations. I have come to learn though that what I had hoped was a war of aggression is actually a training war meant to benefit both nations. Nation this fact has led me to question everything I thought I knew about DMJ. If we elected a former Secretary of Defense, why are we not defending ourselves by aggressively invading Canada? I’m sorry DMJ, but you leave me with no choice. You are officially a pansy in my book.

Next up I’d like to talk about the return of the classic eUS radio show “eNPR.” You might remember this program from the recent presidential debate where DMJ showed off his skills in what some might call “singing”, and irule777 tried to top that by showing off his flaming chainsaw juggling talents. Despite irule777’s mastery of gay chainsaws, this talent did not win him the all important “insane people” demographic. While some would say the show was excellently done, and led to honest discussion between two people vying for our country’s highest office, while also opening up new opportunities for citizens to get involved and ask their elected officials important questions, I see the show for what it truly is; government sponsored journalism. I say let the market decide what radio shows people watch, not endless government funding. Now you might say “but SColbert aren’t you writing this very column in a government newspaper?” To which I respond “this is my column I’ll be asking the questions here.” Now if you want to protest this obvious attempt by our government to pick winners and losers, I would urge you to tune in tomorrow, listen to the show, and then call in to complain.

That is all for this week Nation, but tune in tomorrow to eNPR, and you might just hear more of me.

War Map and Analysis


Let's take a look at India, first. It's been a safe-haven for the forlorn for a while now, but we are finally seeing some activity there. France, Canada, Iran, Uraguay, and Peru have all sought refuge here. India is attempting to conduct campaigns to remove some, if not all of the refugees. But, honestly, India cannot hold all of her regions, ever. There will never again be a whole India. She cannot beat Iran in an MPP battle, so India's desire to reclaim some regions will not be realized anytime soon.

Now, we move to the Balkans. I think we've been here before, with Romania and Bulgaria engaged in a WAR. Bulgaria attacked and Romania secured. Varna looks like it could be close, but Romania does have an early lead. We'll see how the campaign goes for Bulgaria.

In an absolute blurring of the alliance lines, Finland is at WAR with Estonia and the eUSA is backing the Finns. Long-time allies, the Finns relationship with Russia has edged the eUSA and Finland back into a romance. Finland is winning at the moment in Pohja-Eesti. Let's see how it goes and how these types of campaigns will imply future 'restructuring' of alliances and loyalties.

Mexico and Colombia enter the ninth battle in the most recent war. These two countries are well matched. I hope they are enjoying the eternal WAR. It has gone back and forth, with Mexico only having a slight edge of winning the past two battles. The current one is fairly even, right now. Good luck to Mexico. I remember a time when our southern neighbor was not on our side. Get that cocaine, brethren.

Switzerland is doing work on Austria? Weird. With zero MPPs, I don't think I'd put money on Austria, although anything is possible. Speaking of the impossible, Pakistan attacked China. I wonder what will happen... In other news, Turkey is going to roll over Republic of Moldova. First battle is 44-0 at the moment. GG

A shout out to Indonesia for running three campaigns at the same time, against the Philippines, South Africa, and Singapore. Indonesia has been kinda sleepy. I honestly wonder what they've been up to. Probably enjoying Ramadan, iirc. The Philippines are owning, so I can only assume Indonesia wants to lose this battle. Sumatra vs Singapore appears to be a win. Wait a minute. South Africa is winning in Western Australia. What the F***? First of all, how did they get there. Why are they there? And how the F*** are they winning? Oh, I see, South Africa has now changed sides. And those four MPPS; Argentina, Greece, Romania, and Serbia are pretty boss. But still, I'd like to see Indonesia wipe them out of Australia. Let's see how much support they get.

Oh, did I mention Cyprus was wiping ISrael...again. This seems to be a trend. Is it even hard, bro?

And that is all for now. Keep shaking that ASS. I'll keep writing S***.

For Greeling:

Secretary of Media:Dave Gulya

Deputy Secretary of Media:Jude Connors

[POTUS] State of the Union - Day 2443

[WHPR Day 2452] The Sixth Sense

Be Sure to check out these Official Government Newspapers for the latest News!


Dave Gulya
Dave Gulya Day 2,452, 18:07

First Reserved for another Term!

Kaminarinote Day 2,452, 18:12



SColbert Day 2,452, 19:42

Voted for me!

Kevin Sheridan
Kevin Sheridan Day 2,452, 20:31

Shields Up!
Hammer Down!

Jetsmets Day 2,452, 21:42

"If we elected a former Secretary of Defense, why are we not defending ourselves by aggressively invading Canada?"

Top lel. One of the reasons I keep playing this game.

Shoi12 Day 2,452, 00:25

France? India? where ._.

Thedillpickl Day 2,453, 01:48

"By declaring war on Canada, DMJ has joined a long standing American tradition of invading small resource rich nations. I have come to learn though that what I had hoped was a war of aggression is actually a training war meant to benefit both nations."

Actually Canada was going to invade the US but DMJ got lucky and beat us to the NE.
Good thing for you guys we are currently sleeping off a recent trip.

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,453, 15:36

Another good WHPR ^_~

@Scolbert - be cursed by Dio for not voting for DIO MAKSO!!!

We are Dio. You are Dio. I am Dio.
We are Dio. You are Dio. I am Dio.
We are Dio. You are Dio. I am Dio.

irule777 Day 2,454, 12:55

I'm a master of what... SColbert, goodness...

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