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[WHPR Day 2447] A Fifth of Forever

Day 2,447, 12:46 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

[WHPR Day 2447] A Fifth of Forever

Dateline: Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 (Day 2447)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR:
: 1: DoI: BU2SU
: 2: Colbert’s America
: 3: War Map and Analysis
: 4: DoE New Player Involvement
: 5: Guide Through the Alliances
: 6: Custer’s Back

Editor: SecMed:Dave Gulya, Deputy SecMed Jude Conners
Contributors: Trickstir, SColbert, Alexander_Auctoritas, Franklin Stone, TheHandyMan and George Armstrong Custer

DoI: Bank Up 2 Strength Up

[DOI] BU2SU: How strong are you and your brothers and sisters in arms???

Well, as I sit here going over the BU2SU forms that have been filled out in the last few weeks. I been thinking where the hell is all of DI. I mean free gold simply fill out the form daily after using your training grounds. Do this 5 days in a row and get some gold, do it every day and you get more gold. What do I need gold for I’m a new guy? Well this gold you would use to get your Training Grounds upgraded, and then once they are all lvl 4. If you still qualify you can use the gold for Training Contracts.

So I guess what I am telling you, is if you are between lvl 21 and lvl 28, I expect to see your name on my list very soon. I mean think of me as Santa Claus, im bringing gifts for all the good boys and girls. Of course we got some things you need to do to qualify, but hey how else do you get good boys and girls status right. I hand out gold every few weeks, usually around the 15th and 30th.

Help me to help you, in turn it will help your country!

Bank Up to Strength Up is a US Dept of Interior Program, we do not recieve funding from your taxes we count on donations from strong eUS Americans. Those donations go to the Dept. of Interior which funds fun and community building programs for eUS Citizens.

If you would like to Donate to the Dept. of Interior contact Trickstir or Jayxm .


How can I qualify?
1. Be a US citizen at or between levels 21-28
2. Do not belong to any anti-American group (Party or MU)
3. Visit and apply @
4. MUST fill out that form DAILY, after using Training Ground(s), to receive Gold payment
5. MUST apply at least 5 out 7 days to get the gold reward for applying.
6. Bonus Gold for activity on eUSAforums and for Registered IRC users!
7. Gold is Typically handed out every two weeks, around the 15th and End of Each Month

For Questions about BU2SU contact: Trickstir

Sincerly,Trickstir, Admin Bank Up 2 Strength Up

Colbert’s America

Hello Nation,

Well it is Lady Liberty’s time of the month again. That’s right it’s the period when we choose our POTUS. This month has pitted the sitting president and mustache fetish enthusiast DMJ, against Obama impersonator and former Secretary of Interior, irule777. This race has seen a major focus on domestic issues. From multiple campaign articles from irule777 addressing the issue, to DMJ’s remembering that the Interior Dept exists, we sure have seen an intelligent debate of the problems facing our nation.

With all this argument going on though sometimes it is difficult to see what the candidates agree on. Surely these completely different candidates cannot agree on anything, right? Wrong! They both agree that “adding allies to Pacifica” is a good idea. I know what you are thinking “that just isn’t vague and unaccountable enough an answer for me!” Don’t worry there is more. Both candidates are also willing to take tough positions that they know might not sit well with most Americans, but God damn it they have to follow their principles! These candidates follow their hearts when they say they want to try ““making it easier for new players to enter into the game and get involved.” Tough words from tough candidates.

Some though would argue that the candidates are not being populist and crowd pleasing enough. Some demand more unspecific action! Some yearn for unclear positions during unclear times. The people want ideals, and thoughts! Policy be damned, the people want more allies, and more new players involved! How? Well we’ll find that out later, first listen to this passion fueled speech. It has become clear to me that there is a market for an unclear POTUS. Which is why I am officially announcing my candidacy for President of the eUnited States of America!

My platform is as follows:
More allies! We need to build Pacifica! Let’s just invite everyone, why not? The more allies the better. Screw the name of the alliance and its obvious insinuation of an alliance of Pacific based nations. When can we add Nigeria I say!

More domestics! Let’s recruit and retain! I hear this quitter talk from Civil Anarchy about it being a choice between recruiting and retaining, and all I can think to myself is “Civil Anarchy must be French, because he sure likes surrendering!” I believe we can be exceptional in both, and isn’t having feelings about something half the battle?

More new players! Let’s get new players involved! How? Well we can figure that out later. First we need to get them involved!

More feelings! For too long America has resolved itself to think over things before pursuing action. No more. In my administration we will feel our way through these difficult times. Do you think George Washington thought about revolting against tyrannical King George? Of course not! He was a red, white, and blue blooded American patriot! His feelings of love toward his country guided him through, not analytical plans!

With SColbert in the Oval Office you can count on popular ideas, and vague reasoning!

SColbert4POTUS: Belieb in it!

War Map and Analysis

Jumping right into things, we look at the WAR between Latvia and Belarus. We are fifteen deep, and each country has five regions. With no country having the upper hand, we wait with anticipation to see what will happen next, as Latvia is about to attack. Lithuania and Sweden are making it look like they are professional duelers. Twenty eight battles into the WAR, they are. Sweden seems to have a slight upper hand, but it's very small if anything.

I love a good gang-bang, don't you? Poland and Chile are giving to France real good. After four battles and four wins, they are cruising to victory. Maybe LETO will save France? Serbia is giving it to Italy pretty good in the current war. Unfortunately for Italy, they have lost nine battles and there is no sign that Serbia will be stopped by anyone. Maybe Aurora will come to her rescue?

A wonderful WAR is raging in Central America with Columbia and Mexico squaring off, yet again. After of six battles, and three wins each, there is no clear dominator. We'll see how long this WAR can last.

That's it for today. Rather quiet out there, right now.
Keep fighting, and Keep Shaking that Ass.

DoE New Player Involvement
Franklin Stone

Department of Education
Cholan II, Head of Interactive Division


DoE's Official Website can be considered as one of the best Platform for members to know things and especially for new members to learn about eRepublik and eUSA. It is built with a simple drag-and-drop editor making the Dept. Staffs easy to update it within few minutes. It has its own Library of Links, Links to Programs , Guides and many other informative elements in it. The Website is also used to conduct useful programs such as Question of the Day. Be sure to check out the Department of Education's Website.


The NPIP is a program designed to help you new players get as involved in the game as active veterans. We help you understand any aspect of the game you need help with, we help you get the supplies you need, and most importantly, we give you opportunities to work in party and government jobs that are otherwise harder to come by! This program is for all players levels 30 and under, and we welcome anyone with any amount of experience. We cater the program to you so you can get the most out of it.
Know more about the program in DoE's Official Website.

You can learn about the rest of the programs in the latest DoE article [DoE] Interactive Division: Programs and Update

Guide Through the Alliances

2nd guide through the alliances
In previous article I was talking a lot about every single alliance and every single country within that alliance. Than I told you that we can divide 8 alliances into 2 blocks - ProSirius and ProAsteria block.
In this image you can see 2 blocks divided by the red line.

I am not going to comment anything about any graph. Just watch and comment for yourself 🙂


















And this is it for today. After lots of writing in 1st guide, tons of maths in this guide, in 3rd guide it will be all about geography.
Stay tuned !

Media Revolution Heroes Custer and Civil Anarchy review materials before the debate

eNPR’s Bigass POTUS Debate: DMJohnston v. Irule777
Guest Contributor George Armstrong Custer

Thursday night brought the triumphant return of America’s official radio show, eNPR, after many months of hiatus. Former Secretaries of Media and elder statesmen Civil Anarchy and George Armstrong Custer co-hosted an instantly classic edition of Presidential Debate, between incumbent DMJohnston and challenger Irule777.

Following are the questions posed to the candidates during the scheduled one-hour show.

Irule: what about Foreign Policy?
DMJ: what about Domestic Programs?

“What do you think is your greatest weakness as a candidate?”

“Give me one original idea that you’d like to implement.”

“You have a Vice President. Why? and, who and why?”

“If you had to choose between a new player, who had deputy experience, and an experienced politician, for a Secretary position, who would you pick?”

desert island with Cabinet members.. who do you kill and eat first?

“Where do you think Pacifica should aim to expand, reasonably?”

US is undependable, doesn’t work well with smaller countries. True or not?

“Generally speaking, do you prefer a centralized military structure like the USAF, or prefer a decentralized militia structure, like Romania currently uses?”

“How much personal time do you think the President should devote to the job?”

who’s cuter: DMJ’s daughter, or Steven Colbert?

DMJ sings, then does his closer.

at this time, DMJ was excused early to attend to family matters.

A short intermission:
slammin’ Ajay.

Irule’s closer.

Readers are strongly urged to, in addition to reading every article by and about these two candidates, listen to this edition of eNPR On Demand.

While DMJ and Irule seem to be on the same track on most issues, each does bring their own personality and experience to the table. Even as America idles through a period of relative peace and prosperity, our next President and Leadership Team have much to do to continue improving both our domestic and foreign affairs situations.

Do You Want to Know a Secret
Dave Gulya, Secretary of Media

So, The President invited the Staff to Camp David.
This is kind of like a "What I Did on Summer Vacation" type of essay.

The Kitchen Staff put on a huge BBQ. There was all kinds of food there.

There was real Maine Lobster, fresh Corn on the Cobb from Iowa, Black Angus Beef from Texas...I think you get the idea.

Rubbed elbows with some celebs, made quite a few connections in the Media world and quite generally had a good time.

Several outdoor activities were available including horseback riding, swimming and I got to play horseshoes with The President as well as Latvian President casadeli, Russian President HankScorpio and irule777 who is currently serving as Deputy Secretary of Education and has thrown his hat into the ring as a Candidate for the next Presidential Election.

I was throwing the white shoes, dmj was throwing blue. I'm not gonna say that I lost on purpose, but I like my job serving at the pleasure of The President. 😉

For Greeling:

Secretary of Media:Dave Gulya

Deputy Secretary of Media:Jude Connors

[POTUS] State of the Union - Day 2443

[WHPR Day 2447] A Fifth of Forever

Be Sure to check out these Official Government Newspapers for the latest News!


Dave Gulya
Dave Gulya Day 2,447, 12:47

First reserved for Media Excellence!

James S. Brady Press Room
James S. Brady Press Room Day 2,447, 12:48

I love my staff! Thank you Team!

Trickstir Day 2,447, 12:53


Mr. Wonka
Mr. Wonka Day 2,447, 12:54

FYI some of the charts are messed up, Lithuania instead of Latvia for Pacifica, Ukraine in root, and Sirius is mentioned twice once were asterisk should be. But very good article otherwise.

Mr. Wonka
Mr. Wonka Day 2,447, 12:54


TheHandyman Day 2,447, 22:34

Yes, sorry for that mistakes in part 2, but there are no mistakes in part 3...
I will soon get it fixed 🙂

SColbert Day 2,447, 13:43

Voted for me!

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 2,447, 14:13

Even if you can't appreciate the tutorial, there is a little rage from SColbert to entertain you.

Taras Litopysec UA
Taras Litopysec UA Day 2,447, 14:23

Ukraine in Root? 0_o

Have I missed smth during 2clicking?

TheHandyman Day 2,448, 05:07

My bad, it is easy to mess up when you have 19 images to be published, sorry 🙁
But it will soon be corrected 🙂

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,447, 14:50

Who farted?

RaccoonGoon Day 2,447, 15:13

Forever comes in fifths? Is it drinkable?


dmjohnston Day 2,447, 16:42

Another great WHPR from a stellar team. Looking forward to more next month!

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,447, 16:50

very good edition.
came for eNPR, stayed for Colbert.

TTorai Day 2,448, 00:08


ZmajOdPosavine Day 2,448, 00:27


...great analyses.

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 2,448, 04:58

Very enjoyable WHPR! Keep up the good work y'all!

Deepchill Day 2,448, 06:15

Charts are cool, hopefully egov is not the source of your information, egov has been screwed up for awhile. Half of EZC are not even in there, and probably from other MUs also (hell, I don't even exist myself according to egov).

Sharky Malarkey
Sharky Malarkey Day 2,448, 06:38

BU2SU is a great concept, but rather tedious in reality. 5 days is just too much. Couldn't you just check our eGov to see our participation and then perhaps a weekly check in before dispersal? Something like that otherwise it's just one more form I wouln't remember to fill out.

dmjohnston Day 2,448, 12:47

eGov is very unreliable.

Sharky Malarkey
Sharky Malarkey Day 2,448, 19:00

Haha, I see that now in the comment above me. Still, there must be a better way.

kyerby Day 2,448, 06:40

Comment deleted

kyerby Day 2,448, 06:42

shields up
hammers down

My avatar is kicking a$$ in a theater near you.

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,448, 07:36

Another good issue! Well done, Dave (:

Mourning Star
Mourning Star Day 2,448, 21:22


Cthulhu.. Day 2,449, 04:34


Iamnameless Day 2,449, 12:11

Real. Good. WHPR.

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