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[WHPR Day 2341] Spotlight: Sweden, PP Results, American Hero, eCuba, War Map

Day 2,341, 02:07 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

[WHPR Day 2341] Spotlight: Sweden, PP Results, American Hero, eCuba Update, War Map

Dateline: Friday, April 18th, 2014 (Day 2341)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR:
: 1: Spotlight: Sweden
: 2: PP Results
: 3: American Hero: Pearlswine
: 4: eCuba Update
: 5: War Map

Editors: SecMed Blondeninja
Contributors: irule77,Wookyjack, TellUrGrlThnx, Alexander Auctoritas

Spotlight: Sweeden

Small nations in this game are always in a bit more of a pickle than the rest of us. Keeping your regions and your community is difficult at best, and many nations have experienced being wiped more than a few times. Today I sat down with Swedish CP JussiJernkuuk for this week’s spotlight on Sweden.

As a former CP of Australia, a nation roughly the size of Sweden in terms of population in the game, I can tell you firsthand how great small nations are, and how awful they can be. The Swedish CP briefly brought be through some of the nations natural cycles, such as their recurring fights with Latvia and Lithuania (currently Estonia as well) and their effects on the nation. Most people in this game will tell you that some war is good, and the Swedish CP definitely agrees. “It gets boring without wars” He told me, and I would absolutely agree. Like many small countries, war certainly gives the community of Sweden something to do besides local politics, and even when they’re wiped they go all out on RWs. “We were wiped a lot last year, you just have to find away to bear it.” He told me when I asked about Sweden’s once and a while wipes. Sweden currently possess all of its regions, however, and seems to be doing quite well with their allies and in the war department with Latvia.

I also briefly discussed Asgard, a local alliance of Finland, Sweden, and Norway, with the Swedish CP. He keyed me into how they all tend to coordinate fairly closely, which I’m sure is a necessity for any group of small nations protecting themselves against plenty of hungry neighbors. Asgard is certainly a regional alliance that seems to be working very well for the scandinavians right now.

Well this wasn’t the most exciting spotlight ever, I thought it was nice to remind our readers about the small countries from time to time. I truly think small countries tend to be very different from the highly politicized large ones, and this makes for an interesting contrast. The CP certainly confirmed that everyone was fairly close in Sweden giving them a well built community. Sweden may not have any major importance to the United States, but it’s always nice to take a peek into another region. Keep up your work Sweden, Asgard seems to be treating you well and so do your allies.

(Special thanks to the Swedish CP for his time, stay tuned for a spotlight on SERBIA next edition hopefully!)

PP Election Results

Is this your first time reading about Party President elections? If you're not too familiar with all the commotion that goes on around this time of the month let me give you some useful information directly from Erepublik:

On the 15th of the month citizens can vote for Party president on party elections
Citizens need to be members of a party in order to vote in party elections and, of course, they can only vote for the leadership of their own party.
They can access the voting area from the homepage of their party by clicking on the “Vote now“.
If there are no candidates for the party president election, the sitting party president retains their position.
For a citizen to vote, they have to:
access the Elections screen and
click the "Vote" button next to their choice.

Also, the eUSA Department of Education wrote a phenomenal article explaining Party President elections, so you know its legit. These elections are arguably the most important because as opposed to relying on one individual to run the country, several individuals are responsible for the laborious task of ensuring party integrity and continuity by organizing Congress members and endorsing a future Country President; not to mention the extensive amount of meta gaming that goes on behind the scenes of Erepublik. It is not a position taken lightly.

Well, guess what? eUSA's Party Presidential elections are over and we kicked ass! Look at this...I mean...LOOK AT THIS VICTORY.

The Country has eliminated the majority vast majority of Political Take Over (PTO) threats! I was able to get a word from Tyler Bubblar about his run in the party formerly known as American Freedom Alliance.

I have renamed the AFA. The name of the party: Not a PTO We Promise. I have also made Josh Frost my Vice Party President. I have also endorsed Frost for CP. It's going to be a good month. - Tyler

How did this happen? A humble Tyler agreed with Country leadership that it was time to wipe the foreign threat politically. Tyler accepted taking the reins of Homeland Security and immediately seized the opportunity to finally stick it to the last, large party remaining in our country.

AFA PP results.

Not only was the American Freedom Alliance a focal point for defense this Party President elections, but the Liberty Advance Party was a target from a blacklisted citizen of eUSA. Tyler and Josh Frost, another awesome dude, worked diligently to combat this bribery for votes and America stuck it to the PTO threat, Lauren.

Doesn't it feel good to finally relax and enjoy America unimpeded?

What happened with the other larger party's elections?

David Wilson wins in the American Military Party (AMP)

Henry French wins in the Black Sheep Party

Jefferson Locke wins in the Federalist Party

TellUrGrlThx destroys Lauren in securing the PP in the Liberty Advancement Party

Artela wins in the United States Workers Party (USWP)

Do you want to know what you can do for your party? Contact your Party President and leadership team to find out what impact you can make to ensure Political Take Overs remained wiped out!
~ WookyJack

American Hero: Pearlswine

Today America we honor a oldy. This hero has been around since the first days of eRep. This Hero is known for his economic skills and is a current member of eUSA’s Economic Council. Today we honor….

Pearlswine! Pearl is known mostly for his economic skills but Pearl doesn’t believe that to be his biggest achievement in the game. I sat down with Pearl and asked a little more about this player, who is 1 one day from working the most amount of days in game.

We talked about his early days of eRep and how he prides himself in founding and running the first US Medic program, which was a V1 version of our modern day food giving program except you didn’t request and he made a system to let him know who needed energy. Among some of his achievements are member of the first congress, Mayor of Illinois, and many more.

There is no doubt this long time playing member truly deserves this award for his years of dedication to eUSA. We here at WHPR thank and congratulate you, Pearlswine, for being a true American Hero!

eCuba: Ramifications

The poll for the new country additions has ended and while we got Ecuador on Cuba made it as well. This is the big focus as it’s addition to the game will have some significant effects on the eUSA and events to come.

The ramifications come from the proximity eCuba has to the eUSA; making it a prime launching ground for any number of our enemies from some PTO factions to rival countries. As most can agree this was a bit of a slip on our part and we will end up playing defense from the get go. There’s already a forum and channel up for the new country and things are moving quickly to be ready for the day things get started. So far this means eltripled (founder of the eCuba chan) might be the CP it’s hard to tell for sure.

There are a lot of variables at play but it’s clear we’re going to have to deal with Cuba soon and Spain certainly seems to be leading the charge. They got the forum out and are probably behind the chat room and potential CP as well. The US will have to be proactive and deal with Cuba quickly. While Plato’s additions have not been announced they may add more to the situation yet.

Stay tuned for updates in the situation as USA’s plan develops and as the game additions come into full realization with those done by the admins.

War Map
Alexander Auctoritas

Canada has managed to crawl three regions back onto the map. The USNA (United States of North America) has just opened a new war to rightfully claim what is hers. It won't be long until the blight is cleansed, once again.

Meanwhile in South America, Portugal continues to enjoy the warmth of the sunny beaches of the northern Caribbean. Mexico looks to brew some strange coffee in Columbia. I'll take mine with cocaine, please. Columbia is off to an early lead at 9-2, but it's still early and anyone's war. Chile is looking to erase Peru from the map, but Peru just managed to secure the latest battle in Mid Andes. Chile is currently winning 33-0 in Low Andes and looks to be back on track with its conquest. And what is this light green spot in Argentina? Could it be Brazil? That long lost land that Joseph Conrad's could have been discussing in In the Heart of Darkness. It doesn't look good, though, as Argentina looks to sweep up Brazil's regions before Congressionals. Maybe, eventually, Brazil will figure out a way to get the timing down. Can Brazil even propose and vote on an Airstrike with no Congress? Anyway, Brazil looks to hid in Bolivia. Can they succeed?

"You know I hate, detest, and can't bear a lie, not because I am straighter than the rest of us, but simply because it appalls me. There is a taint of death, a flavour of mortality in lies — which is exactly what I hate and detest in the world — what I want to forget. It makes me miserable and sick, like biting something rotten would do. Temperament, I suppose."

- Joseph Conrad

Croatia and Hungary remain locked in a battle to the death. Or rather the death of Hungary, because Croatia will not be wiped due to her holdings in India. It has gone back an forth, recently, but Croatia is again on the offensive. We shall see just how Hungry Croatia is. Meanwhile, Poland looks to take a swipe at Slovenia. Slovenia seems to be SIRIUS' punching bag since the alliances have shook out. Honestly, I'd like to see Serbia step up their game. Come at me bro.

Pakistan is pulling a Republic of Moldova. Let's see if they are more successful that the latter. Chile retains her holdings in France and I'd wager that France will be next after Chile finishes with Peru. Ireland's war with Slovenia has ended. The Irish seem content to just sit, nice and cozy with their new countryside. Perhaps take the kids out for a stroll on their new land.

Latvia is getting squeezed by Belarus and Sweden now. I'm afraid it won't be long. What would be interesting is if Sweden makes a move elsewhere afterwards. Poor Slovakia is going to be wiped by Romania, but what can you do when your number of active citizens is 1/18th that of your opponet. You lose, and RW until your face falls off. Get to it.

I'm not even going to mention the wars that are as timeless as time itself. There a many WARs that will be fought over and over and over and over again. That's not why we are here, though. We are here for the interesting, nail-biters that keep erepublik a game worth playing.

Enjoy the show, and Keep shaking that ASS.

For Greeling:

Your SecMed; Blondeninja -|-DepSecMed: Wookyjack
"Its only after we lose everything that we’re free to do anything."

Contributors: irule77,Wookyjack, TellUrGrlThnx, Alexander Auctoritas

WHPR Day 2341
potlight: Sweden, PP Results, American Hero, eCuba Update, War Map

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James S. Brady Press Room
James S. Brady Press Room Day 2,341, 02:11

First for another good WHPR!

emdoublegee Day 2,341, 02:51

Good stuff folks!

Unbias Day 2,341, 05:28

One thing, the name of the South American country is Colombia, not Columbia.

Hale26 Day 2,341, 06:33

No WeThePeople? I iz disappoint.

Great edition, besides that.

Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,343, 20:49

Sorry, looking back at my rough draft it somehow got cut out!

Persej Fyromski
Persej Fyromski Day 2,341, 08:46

PK jussi!

Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk
Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk Day 2,341, 12:31


Toto Schillaci
Toto Schillaci Day 2,341, 13:00

We will offer you negotiations once more. We offer you to persuade you that we are not a threat and we are proposing a lot of ideas how we could prove our claims. You always reject negotiations, and then make mockery from us writing stupid propaganda about how we just promise, and do nothing. Actually, you are the ones who do nothing...

But we will try once more, it's OK. If you reject talks, just the possibility to make some negotiations, you will see how real PTO-ers play the game. If you already call us like that, we will have to prove your claims, when we can't prove ours : )

DylanBAS Day 2,342, 08:55

The smile at the end does not negate the ridiculous passive-aggressive nature of your comment.

Yes or No, Do you want America to prosper? If Yes, GTFO. If No, Stay and PTO all you want.

Toto Schillaci
Toto Schillaci Day 2,345, 01:52

Why so nervous? Who's crashing your cage?

Yosemite Sam01
Yosemite Sam01 Day 2,342, 12:25


Dave Gulya
Dave Gulya Day 2,342, 17:35

✯✯✯ Feel the AMPS! ✯✯✯

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