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[WHPR] Congrats Tenshibo; The National Broadcasting System!

Day 2,025, 22:14 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

Good Evening America,
Civil Anarchy here.
It’s been a long time since I was able to write a WHPR. Hopefully it’ll be easy to get back into it.

Dateline: Thursday, June 6th (Day 2,025)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR
1. Congrats Tenshibo!
2. National Broadcast System
3. Room for Debate

After a contentious Unity Election and a not so contentious ingame election, Tenshibo has been elected President of the United States. After facing Paul Proteus in the Unity primaries, Tenshibo moved against Free Area, the candidate chosen by the AFA to represent their efforts for the month. Despite a number of attempts to trick Americans into voting for them, Free Area was still soundly defeated by over a 20 point margin. The AFA was up to it’s same tricks as usual, including changing Free Area’s profile to imitate Tenshibo, creating a fake Federalist Party endorsement, and even doctoring IRC logs in an attempt to confuse people into thinking Tenshibo was the Serbian Candidate, instead of Free Area.

Tenshibo has recently published an article declaring the 15th’s ATO against the AFA a top priority, while promising that a successful ATO of that party would lead to a redefining of Unity, and perhaps even it’s dismantlement altogether. The success of this ATO is entirely up to the fervency and dedication of every American citizen, as well as the participation of parties and military units. Citizens are encouraged to get in contact with their respective party and military leaders for information regarding the upcoming ATO, in addition to inquiring about information about how they can individually make a difference.

While the majority of the cabinet has been placed, some deputies are still being named. The next edition of the WHPR will have a full list of cabinet personnel, but in the meantime, anyone can check the Cabinet List for an up to date look at the executive team for the month.

I’m very proud to introduce the Media Department’s first big project of the month, something I’m calling, the National Broadcast System. The NBS is basically a combination of the old Pony Express, and a new emergency notification system. When you sign up for the NBS, you have two options. You can sign up for the Emergency Broadcast System only, which means you’ll only get information regarding pertinent ATO operations, and important battles. If you want a little more than that, you can sign up for the National News Network, which will be used to notify you about WHPRs, important governmental articles, other promotions, and be generally like receiving an eUSA newsletter every few days.

We encourage everyone to at least sign up for the EBS, as it will greatly help our efforts to coordinate ATO operations, and prevent the AFA from gaining any ground on the 15th. Sign up here!

And feel free to give it a shout:
Sign up for the eUSA’s Emergency Broadcast System!

Those of you who know me personally are probably aware of the fact that I really like to argue. Thus, I decided it would be a fantastic idea to not only bring that argumentation into the Media department, but also invite everyone to participate. And what better way could I accomplish such a thing than to blatantly steal a New York Times segment and make it my own?

Introducing a newly recurring segment in WHPRs.....Room for Debate.
Room for Debate is a very simple concept. Every week or so, we’ll take a topic and post it in the WHPR. Individuals will be encouraged to write about a paragraph answering the question, and stating their opinion on the topic. Those individuals will then have their opinions published in the WHPR, and hopefully we’ll have enough disagreement to make it interesting. The point of this segment is to foster discourse amongst casual citizens, and give people a platform to discuss their views on pertinent topics.

This week, I posed the question to a few random people on IRC, Who should lead the charge in ATO operations? Parties and Military Units, or the Government? We've seen methods lead by both groups in the past, with mixed results.

“In the past, we have seen the ATO efforts led by various groups: Parties, Military Units, and the Government. And the fact is, the AFA is still here. Threats to parties like AMP still happen even now in the middle of 2013. Well, it is time for a change.
When you look at your in-game character sheet, you will see the possibility of joining three different things: a political party, a military unit, and a newspaper. And the fact is, many people do not have newspapers, or those that do, do not use them to their full potential.
But one man does: RGR. He is constantly writing and promoting himself. To truly combat a man like this, it is my firm belief that someone steps forward to lead Unity who is even more concerned with self-promotion and party-promotion than RGR and the AFA. In short, if the eUSA is ever going to truly see the PTO broken, it needs to have Unity run by one or more Media Moguls who band together for the common good. In a game of war and politics, propaganda is king.”
- Clint Carmel, Deputy Secretary of Media

“Personally, before I give my opinion regarding this subject, I'd like to bring back a few events in the past of people who actually lead ATO efforts.

First, during the creation of the Department of Homeland Security under President Cerb, Kemal Ergenekon (SoHS) decided at the time to leave ATO for the Top 4 parties to lead while DHS would be just to collect data regarding multis and colect suspicious reports from citizens (I bet you all remember those fashion banners). During that month ATO didn't succeed good and Kemal too the blame on the media, after that month it became clear ATO had to be a duty performed by DHS.

Later on, during Fingerguns term, we've seen Tiacha leading ATO efforts and Jefferson Locke and they were a success. Nowadays we have some sort of coordination between DHS and the parties.

Now comes my personal opinion on this subject. Although the Department of Homeland Security, as a government controlled institution has full legitimacy to lead the efforts, I do think we should go beyond that. DHS should be the coordinator but Party Presidents should also have a say while drawing strategies and ultimately Military Unit Commanders should receive the instructions to place on their MU feeds to lead their soldiers to the right channels to get vote instructions and follow the strategy. I do believe if DHS and the PPs of the main parties coordinate, plan together and agree on a strategy each month, we can achieve very good results. Another thing I'd like to point out is the public engagement, I think both government and party leaders should engage publicly for vote earlier with articles and shouts and a few days/previous day before with Mass Messages to remind the two-clickers. I believe if we follow up this strategy, we can kill this PTO.”
- Current Vice President, and former head of the Department of Homeland Security, Dr Luis Sentieiro

“Hate it or hate it, ATO operations continue to be of major importance to the safety of the eUS and her interests. Without a firm guiding hand in this matter, things could easily go off the rails and be weighed down by party agendas or personal vendettas. Because of this, it makes the most sense for the eUS government to maintain overall control and coordination of all ATO efforts. This allows for oversight and the pooling of resources from many walks of eRep life.”
- Sitting Congressmen, and USWP Spokesman, Ludonarr

“Whether MUs, Parties, or the National Gov. should lead on ATO is a false option. There's too much to do for ATO for any one of them to manage properly. All three have to participate in communicating with their members, keeping tabs on candidates, and mobilizing. All ATO begins internally with covering your own bases, and no one can do that for you. Every organization in the country should have their own ATO plans and structure, doing their own bit of leading.”
- Resident unkillable Fed, and current Federalist Party President Candidate, Greene12

“In the past months, with the PTO of the AMP by sleeper FreeArea, and intensified attempts at taking the AFA this month, an essential question looms over everything. What is the role of the executive in these PTO operations as opposed to that of the parties and their leaders, and if not the executive, who is responsible for leading the ATO charge. Unity, simply, is run by the Party Presidents, it's through their approval, not that of the federal government, that unity is run and they endorse the candidate. In fact, the majority of anti-PTO efforts (henceforth referred to as ATO) are run and supervised by the Parties with little oversight from the executive.

The question is, is it time the government take a more active role in ATO. While, ultimately, game mechanics force an answer, in which Party Presidents retain ultimate control, in a game based highly in the meta a role for the executive serves not only as natural but as an impartial hand in increasing security. While nobody can rightfully blame the AMP for FreeArea's ascendency to Party President, an executive set standard for party security aided by the combined minds of all our parties could possibly have prevented it, or detected the threat, while the AMP alone did not. In this scenario the executive provides an impartial hand where party cooperation alone may be threatened by competing interests and predisposed vitriol between parties. If you doubt that Party competition can affect ATO effectiveness, look no further than Max McFarland's efforts on the 25th. He brought in a signifigant amount of votes to limit the affects of the rogue AMP congress sheet, and yet was mired in controversy due to shouts that "had the Federalist party first" or the admission that several people "voted Fed" because that was the party Max was in. He stepped up when our nation was vulnerable, and instead of a medal got bogged down in tempestuous climate of our Parties. Many advocate for an increased roles of MUs in running ATO, given they're already designed with the intention of members following orders. This argument, however, is weakened by the fact that MU commanders have very different ideas on ATO, and many don't think it the purpose nor responsibility of the MU in the first place. The hope, therefore, for an MU led charge disappears quickly, as the organization and efficiency required are quickly lost.

In terms of Unity and Security, it's only logical for the Executive to provide the authoritative voice on coordinating ATO, and even though unanimous PP agreement will always be necessary, the executive is simply in a superior position due to lack of interest in Party Politics.”
- Former Presidential Candidate, and Former Secretary of Media and State, Paul Proteus

Feel free to continue the discussion in the comments below! Remember, anyone can write in, and it only has to be a paragraph of genuine opinion! Simply send a PM to this organization, or Civil Anarchy.

Next week’s question: “The eUnited States is one of the few countries that retains a nationalized military. We’ve seen a number of other countries change to a system of competing militias, wherein national revenue is split amongst them. Is this system better than a National Military? Should the eUnited States consider adapting?”

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Lord Nimrod
Lord Nimrod Day 2,025, 22:23

Congrats CA and Tenshi !

sonix Day 2,025, 22:42

aaaand voted

congrats to our new POTUS !!

PimpDollaz Day 2,025, 23:26

nice updates

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,025, 23:29

good to see you back in power, Che.

Delyruin Day 2,026, 03:27

This National Broadcast System is a fantastic idea.

Obama.Putin Day 2,026, 04:59

congrats to our new POTUS

DylanBAS Day 2,026, 05:05

Room for debate sounds great! I had my doubts about Tenshibo, but he hired a damn good press secretary!

Edelmann Day 2,026, 05:45

So basically I only need to sign up for this stuff if I'm a clueless 2clicker, right?

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 2,026, 15:25

No, the News Network will deal with things you may not have otherwise seen before, and the Emergency system might be the first to notify you of something.

Edelmann Day 2,026, 15:28

Then I'll give it a try. 🙂

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,026, 06:12

The ATO efforts should be led by the President and a council of the DHS, the PP's and MU commanders; the Political Arena is simply another battlefield on which we MUST defeat the AFA and it's Serbian lap dog Ronald Gipper Reagan....

weasel2 Day 2,026, 11:05

While the DHS and PPs and MU commanders and everyone else needs to push the ATO effort, one player needs to be the face, the identifiable guy-in-charge (even if he is really only part of a team). stewy is that guy by default. His first article was great. He needs to put out more articles, say every three or four days (ghost written if necessary). He should be refered to or quoted frequently in other's ATO articles and shouts.
Someone else (say, Josh Frost) would be ok as well. A personification of the ATO is needed.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,026, 12:57

Maybe I'll send all my voters to the Feds then 😉

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,026, 18:19

No...that is the first step toward leadership by personality, what is needed is to inspire American as a TEAM regardless of party affiliation; you want a face for the ATO Operations?...Tenshibo wanted to be President - now he needs to step up and lead...

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Day 2,026, 19:14

Media is definitely an important aspect to ATO, maybe the most important, but it is definitely not the only aspect to a successful ATO. Ensuring the American people that "the Serbs are the PTOers" will only get us so far, especially during Congress elections. Cooperation among the various groups in America is key to defeating the PTO. All the parties, not just the largest ones, need to work together. All the MUs, not just the national MUs or independent MUs. The more strife we encounter between each other is another small victory for the PTOers, it is weakness. "United We Stand, Divided We Fall"

Cubby Day 2,027, 13:46

Three Cheers for Unity!

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 2,027, 18:25

crazy Murikans, you don't even know what you want hah

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 2,027, 21:39

I love your ideas, but not the motives. The Government, should be less involved in ATO/PTO.
If TWO takes our government, "The government will tell us to vote for a PTO candidate."

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