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[We the People] Congressional Elections

Day 1,885, 21:48 Published in USA USA by Serendipitous

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. I have come to inform you about the new structure of congressional appointments in WTP. Below is a brief introduction.

Stage 1: 17-18 of the Month

Apply! You can apply here. Be sure to fill everything out appropriately!

Stage 2: 19-20th of the Month

A lot of fun stuff! Approved candidates will receive messages that will allow them to start campaigning and post a platform. Remember, you have to publish an individual platform. Get excited!

Stage 3: 21-22nd of the Month

Forum registration will close, but fear not! At this time, several things will happen, described below.

We're trying a new method of congressional appointment, which is as follows:

RANKING/POINTS SYSTEM (courtesy of The Original Hawkie)

This term, the Leadership of We The People has decided to test out a voting system for Congressional candidates that will attempt to give party members a bigger influence on who represents them in Congress.

Party Members and Leadership are asked to vote in the Congress Voting thread that will be posted on the 22nd of the Month. In order to vote, we also ask that you follow the format provided and select only candidates from the approved candidate list. If you have any questions regarding the election, contact a member of Leadership.

Candidates will then receive points based on the number of votes they were received and where they were ranked on the ballot. For each Party Member ballot, their first choice will receive 3 points, their second choice 2 points, and their third choice 1 point. Party members with Congressional experience (2+ terms) will see +1 point added to each of their choices. Party Leadership will see +2 added to each of their choices.

boobie break

Due to negotiations with 6th parties, though a candidate may be fourth in amount of points, the fourth spot may be reserved for a candidate from another party. In that case, the candidate ranked fourth in points will be moved to the fifth spot. This is done in order to both secure WTP in votes and assist 6th parties with a voice in Congress. 6th Party candidates must also be approved and post a party platform by deadline.

Stage 4: 23rd of the Month
On the 23rd of the month, you will see the list of candidates ranked on the forums and in an article. The party president, Mazzy Cat, will then rank the candidates according to the rank they achieved through the vote method above.

Stage 5: 25th of the Month

This is the day of congressional elections! You will vote on the candite list the president has assigned, and hopefully we'll secure ourselves a nice group of congressmen! At this time, forum access will reopen.

I hope many of you take away something valuable from this. If you need any help with explanations feel free to PM me!



MazzyCat Day 1,885, 21:58

Let's Go WTP! ❤ MEOW!

By the people,
For the people,

ligtreb Day 1,886, 00:34

Good luck all.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,886, 00:37

voted cuz i respect WTP.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,886, 03:14


TheJakal Day 1,886, 05:32

voted and applied

Oblige Day 1,886, 06:05

By the people,
For the people,

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Day 1,886, 07:09

"Party Members and Leadership are asked to vote in the Congress Voting thread that will be posted on the 22nd of the Month."

EDIT: "Party Members and Leadership are asked to vote in the Congress Voting thread that will be posted on the 21st of the Month."

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,886, 07:26

roger dodger o7

Johnny Goode
Johnny Goode Day 1,886, 10:23

tl;dr sounds like work

Thedillpickl Day 1,886, 11:01

@Johnny, it is work.

Elizabeth Zorana
Elizabeth Zorana Day 1,886, 11:04

Sounds like a plan

SandalaiM Day 1,886, 12:56

By the people,
For the people,

MrConer Day 1,886, 14:32

V + S o7

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,886, 17:38

Here is my Platform: Loose Cannon
By the people
For the people

Candor Day 1,887, 14:06


GL WTP Peeps.

johnias Day 1,888, 05:42

v s

Mr.Cypriot Day 1,888, 05:46

By the people,
For the people,

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