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[We the People] An Adventure in Inexperience

Day 1,897, 09:16 Published in USA USA by Serendipitous

We The People Party is a relatively new party. With this brand of newness comes an interesting social experiment, namely, the newer players outnumber the older players. Whereas many parties retain their older players within their halls, often returning to positions of power or perhaps even party presidential status. Artela, Fingerguns, Pfeiffer, Haliman, and many others are continuous influences on their parties.

Thus, I present to you some younger members of the WTP Cabinet:

Hale26, our Communications Director:

I'm basically our Grand Fuhrer of Spam. I make ideas for retention, run our volunteer programs, NEED more volunteers, and keep the party informed. I like my job because I can, quite literally, think of anything and try to put it into motion without fear of failure. Possibilites are endless.

Lansizzle, our Mentoring Director:

I am the Director of Mentoring. I like my job because I get to help new people in the game, and new people in the party progress. We help every player who applies and fits our criteria for assistance by putting them on the path of success.

Henry William French, our Member Relations Director:

I act as leader and main organiser for WTP's newly made "Member Relations" Dept. Basically, if you have a problem with anything, come see me. Also, I'm trying to make some new games/aid programs for the party. Expect big things soon 😉

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you garnered some knowledge from our adventure!



Public Service Announcement from Hale26:

WTP is holding an SPQR name referendum in six days. If you feel so inclined, please publish articles designed to sway the members.


Hale26 Day 1,897, 09:17

First :3

For the People,
By the People,
We The People ! coming to a cinema near you.

Oblige Day 1,897, 09:19

For the People,
By the People,
We The People !

MazzyCat Day 1,897, 09:21

For the People,
By the People,
We The People !

Meow! < 3

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,897, 09:21

Voted for some cool peeps

ilphen Day 1,897, 09:34

For the People,
By the People,
We The People !

Candor Day 1,897, 09:34

V for WTP!

Arrden Day 1,897, 09:35


BugsBunnyz Day 1,897, 09:37

I'm about as young as them but I feel old 😛

That is the difference between young and old right? 😉

Geronimo100 Day 1,897, 12:35

Go Go We The People!

Mike Ontry
Mike Ontry Day 1,897, 13:58

For the People,
By the People,
We The People !

xaqqqq Day 1,898, 23:48


Luna30 Day 1,898, 00:37

v 478

Goncalo Farinha
Goncalo Farinha Day 1,898, 01:12

if you want money just regist in and vote

Henry William French
Henry William French Day 1,898, 10:44

For the People,
By the People,
We The People !

Lansizzle Day 1,898, 11:00

For the People,
By the People,
We The People !

Andrew Carnagie
Andrew Carnagie Day 1,898, 12:26


av khan
av khan Day 1,902, 03:25

For the People,
By the People,
We The People !

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