【WC 2018】SHARE 300kCC+6000tanks!!! Who will be the champion?

Day 3,862, 09:28 Published in China China by Kris Tine

Hello all! Lets make it simple!

Since the headless chicken is not going to hold any activities or events concerning the WORLD CUP, and since all the men here are soooooooooooooo obsessed with watching the football matches, lets have the most traditional game for all:
WHO will be the champion?

I am personally giving out 300000 cc and 5000 Q7 tanks (+ 1000 Q7 tanks from rainy sunday) as the prize
Rules are simple:
1. State ONE and only ONE country in the World Cup 2018 that you think will be the champion
2. Give the reason why you bet on this team
3. deadline: before the last game of matchday 3 (Japan - Poland on the 28th of June)

At the end,
1. if the country you chose enters the final but lose, you can share 100000cc with others
2. those who guess the champion correctly will share the 200000 CC

All who participated will get 5 Q7 tanks, the rest will also be shared by the group of people point 2 referring to.

Any sponsor is welcome o.o" (would be good if the prize can become double or triple 😁) Good luck!


Special thanks to the following sponsor:
rainy sunday - 1000 Q7 tanks