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[Wavve] PP of IU

Day 1,913, 07:01 Published in India Australia by ShockWavve

This is ShockWavve declaring his candidacy for PP of India United party.
People are free to shout against me again and call me a PTOer or whatever they wish . But I don't think the newbie they used last time will make those shouts . don't be sad , there are many newbies eIndia recently got ....... I am pretty sure you can find some one again.

What I wish to do?

1) Increase in party members -
Those who don't know , let me please inform you that when last time I became PP of India United , party members were only 45 ....... I along with few of my friends worked hard and made that number reach 76 before the congress elections. It's bad that next PP did treble job and lost members and number went to 56 . Thanx to deadley , fall in party members was arrested and some gain in party members was made. I wish to continue the work that deadley was doing and increase party count.

2) increase in vote count- there was a time , when IU got only 19 votes and people who used to call themselve IU guys or founder of IU party , used to run for congress from other parties.And amazingly , the guy is back in IU as the condition of the party has improved ...... Lol 😃  ...... But during my presidency , number was increased from just 19 to freaking 52 . Which as usual , reduced after my term. I wish to increae the count again , this time more then 52 .So many more of people return back to the party .

3) congress seats- last time , I arranged the members with consultation of all the candidates running for congress at that time . This time , I will do the same . A balance will be maintained between new and old players. Promising new members will be placed on the top of the list .I have no intention to run for congress anytime soon , so I will give my place to a person showing highest interest in development of party and eIndia .

4) Nomination of CP - I will chose person from the party , with consultation of the party members. If no one will be interested to run from the party , only then outside member from other party will be considered .
Now some one will jump and ask what the hell you did last time ........ Guys I don't wish to think about the abuses I got from them and publicly shout how I was bullied around 🙁 . If you guys still wish for it ask me privately .

5) party activity - IU party members don't write the articles regularly in the media apart from few highly qualified writers such as Death & taxes / Khurram etc . I will make efforts to set the media on blaze just like the last time I did with the help of Addy Lawence ( sadly left eIndia) and Dinesh bhai.(sadly left the part )

6) efforts in baby boom- Although I am treble at this job and envy Lord Ashwamedh/ Graf about their efforts 😛 ...... Me and Uncle Citizenneel did our bit in retaining players and helping them in understanding the game . We did it silently with only few persons knowing about that ( eg- Lord Hemanathan / noob CP xordin / Wildy ) . I wish to continue that work with a little amendment so that new members will be attracted towards the party and inturn introduce the new members to the great eIndian community .

I have a lot of resistance within the party and in eIndia ...... I can only hope that my eIndian friends will look beyond that and vote by using their own head and won't allow anyone else to decide whom they will vote.

What I expect from my buddies ?
Friends in India united vote for me .
Friends in other parties , change parties and vote me 😛

P.S. Get ready for bitter response from the high council in the comments and problably usage of multies as always during elections. Good luck




Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,913, 07:06


Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,913, 07:06


The only decent IU PP in the last year.

GouthamKrishnan Day 1,913, 07:12

Good luck o7

Xicor13 Day 1,913, 07:18

*methinks me will help you PTO eIndia : D

Graf Velheor
Graf Velheor Day 1,913, 07:42

good luck my friend....

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,913, 08:42


Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,913, 09:33

Most deserving, Pra ji asi tuhadey naal haan 🙂

TheTrueIndian Day 1,913, 12:06

Eh works for me I suppose

Strength and Honour

Ashish Raghav
Ashish Raghav Day 1,914, 01:17


torres865 Day 1,914, 02:15

good luck

BrknSword Day 1,914, 05:13


KRAX72 Day 1,918, 05:35


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