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Day 1,841, 15:36 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Sir Humphrey Appleby
[19:34:40] Appleby right
[19:34:46] Appleby I guess we can start then
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[19:34:50] Appleby ;_;
[19:34:54] Appleby anyway
[19:35:04] Appleby I'm happy to have both main candidates on tonight
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[19:35:10] Appleby they have agreed to argue through policy
[19:35:14] Appleby rather than personality
[19:35:23] Appleby there are 4 areas of debate
[19:35:25] Appleby finances
[19:35:29] Appleby foreign affairs
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[19:35:33] Appleby home affairs & citizenship
[19:35:38] Appleby and methods of communication
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[19:35:55] Appleby each candidate will have 2 minutes to outline their policies
[19:36:03] Appleby and 2 minutes of rebuttal in response to the other candidate
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[19:36:17] Appleby I will then open the floor to questions, which you can query to me at any time
[19:36:32] Appleby I'll give you voice and the candidates will try their best to answer it :3
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[19:36:38] Appleby so to kick things off
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[19:36:43] Appleby bigant: heads or tails?
[19:36:52] BigAnt tails pal
[19:37:01] Appleby it's tails
[19:37:05] BigAnt the tension...
[19:37:07] Appleby you can choose who goes first
[19:37:14] Appleby first topic is finances
[19:37:18] BigAnt CD can kick us off
[19:37:21] Count_Drakula oh goodness
[19:37:22] BigAnt Good luck mate
[19:37:29] Appleby o7
[19:37:35] Appleby 2minutes starting now cd
[19:37:38] Count_Drakula Finances wise
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[19:37:48] Count_Drakula I see no major need to change our taxes
[19:37:56] Count_Drakula I've spoken with Carlini earlier
[19:38:05] Count_Drakula and he's informed me that we're slowly losing cash
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[19:38:24] Count_Drakula I recon that if the MM picks up we'll be able to plug that gap in our finances
[19:38:45] Appleby 1min warning
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[19:38:49] Count_Drakula oh sorry
[19:38:52] Count_Drakula someone pinged me
[19:39:22] Count_Drakula Carlini will be MoF still
[19:39:30] Count_Drakula but has offered to mentor someone that will be released later
[19:39:31] Count_Drakula
[19:39:50] Appleby thanks :3
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[19:39:55] Appleby BA: you're up
[19:40:01] BigAnt OK
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[19:40:24] BigAnt I will echo it again Carlini is doing a fantastic job and is arguably the best MoF I've ever seen. So again it goes without saying, he will be the MoF once again next month under my tenure.
[19:41:08] Appleby 1min warning
[19:41:12] BigAnt I want to push more Financial guides for new/existing players within the eUK so that they are aware what companies they should be investing in.
[19:41:20] BigAnt Taxes I take a different view
[19:41:32] BigAnt after speaking to carlini, yes we make some loss
[19:41:49] BigAnt but they are areas we could cut, and MM fishing is projected to make more this coming month
[19:42:05] BigAnt although not 100% , but i will spend within my means
[19:42:08] BigAnt .d
[19:42:10] Appleby and that's 2mins
[19:42:14] Appleby cheers ba
[19:42:18] Appleby CD, your rebuttal
[19:42:26] Count_Drakula 1sec
[19:42:31] Count_Drakula need to grab some water
[19:42:35] Appleby >_>
[19:42:45] Appleby ba
[19:42:46] Appleby whilst we wait for cd
[19:42:52] Appleby anything you'd like to add?
[19:42:59] BigAnt Can i just say, thanks everyone for turning up 45 is good result for this
[19:43:04] Appleby 44
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[19:43:10] BigAnt \o
[19:43:11] Appleby fair enough
[19:43:12] BigAnt 45
[19:43:13] BigAnt
[19:43:25] Count_Drakula right
[19:43:27] BigAnt haha, anyway i hope this continues in future months
[19:43:28] Count_Drakula apologies
[19:43:29] Appleby k
[19:43:35] Count_Drakula my brain is not what it was earlier today
[19:43:36] Appleby starting now
[19:43:36] Count_Drakula
[19:44:23] Count_Drakula I agree that Carlini is a very good MoF, but why aren't you offering mentoring on a 1on 1 basis for people that want it?
[19:44:38] Count_Drakula Tax wise, the MM is a very unreliable tool that we can use
[19:44:46] Count_Drakula I do hope that we can earn more from it yes
[19:44:59] Count_Drakula but saying that we definitely will isn't something that you can promise for certain
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[19:45:37] Count_Drakula we're losing about 3k a day and we do need to fix that gap, lowering taxes isn't going to help that
[19:45:43] Appleby and that's time
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[19:45:57] Appleby BA has 2 minutes of rebuttal, followed be some Q&As
[19:46:02] Appleby by*
[19:46:02] BigAnt OK, firstly i said 19:41 BigAnt although not 100% , but i will spend within my means
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[19:46:36] BigAnt I showed that in my first term as CP, If i need to make Cuts I will - But as I echo'd before they are easy cuts available
[19:46:58] BigAnt I will ofc install people to work and learn with Carlini
[19:47:09] BigAnt and they will help with making the new guides aswel
[19:47:24] BigAnt and the Tax cuts are tiny
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[19:47:47] BigAnt not when we have large expenses on CTA with no real direction for damage
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[19:48:04] Appleby and that's time
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[19:48:19] Appleby We have our first question from Carlini
[19:48:24] Appleby .voice carlini
[19:48:24] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v Carlini by IceCold
[19:48:45] Appleby errr
[19:48:53] Carlini This ties in directly to this current debate.
[19:48:56] Carlini As the MoF: With the current form of the CtA (with no rewards) and strikes we earn roughtly £2k a day. It does however give out rewards which often puts us into the negative. The negative is privately funded by Emergy which I am trying to prevent as I do not like him losing his own money. This means we will roughtly lose £5k a day. How will you correct this?
[19:48:56] Appleby ah,goodo
[19:49:22] Appleby cd, ba?
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[19:49:51] Appleby either of you care to answer
[19:50:07] Count_Drakula I'd like to downscale the rewards a bit to keep it inline with our revenue
[19:50:24] BigAnt Firstly I had planned to cut a few extra MPP's but that will be put on hold now with officially joined TWO - They fact is an economy change is due any day (we hope)
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[19:50:34] Count_Drakula we can up it if we make money from the MM sure
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[19:50:43] Appleby an economy change is coming up?
[19:50:47] Count_Drakula but we need to be sensible with our finances
[19:50:50] BigAnt so i dont see that point in panicking about a tiny loss, when we are sat on 2.4m reserve
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[19:51:25] Appleby our next question is from AngelaWilliams
[19:51:29] Appleby .devoice Carlini
[19:51:30] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v Carlini by IceCold
[19:51:31] BigAnt Like i said I would spend within my means, the Tax cuts I think will help poorer players and new players alike
[19:51:33] Appleby .voice AngelaWilliams
[19:51:33] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v AngelaWilliams by IceCold
[19:51:39] AngelaWilliams would it be an option to cut some MPP's to save money and will this be something you will look into, explain why?
[19:52:04] Count_Drakula I'd rather not cut MPPs at present
[19:52:14] BigAnt I was looking into so small cuts here, but TWO happened so I would stand back and see what happens with regards Countries changing alliance etc
[19:52:31] BigAnt I wouldn't cut any at present
[19:52:32] Count_Drakula esp with joining TWO and the fact that MPPs are a good way to support foreign relations between countries
[19:52:59] Appleby fair enoughski
[19:53:05] Appleby our next question is from butjam
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[19:53:11] Appleby .voice butjam
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[19:53:14] Appleby .devoice AngelaWilliams
[19:53:14] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v AngelaWilliams by IceCold
[19:53:18] butjam In case of sudden extreme financial circumstances, what area would you target for cost cutting?
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[19:53:34] BigAnt Strikes
[19:53:38] Count_Drakula how extreme do you mean butjam?
[19:53:44] BigAnt Its the easiest thing to cut
[19:53:50] Count_Drakula do you mean we lose half our income or what?
[19:53:52] BigAnt and the first thing a CP does if under pressure
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[19:54:05] butjam Perhaps double the defecit we have now from sudden changes in the near future
[19:54:10] BigAnt but its hard to answer, alot of things could happen
[19:54:34] Appleby I should probably clarify
[19:54:37] BigAnt butjam that is something myself and MoF would react to at the time..
[19:54:38] Appleby if you want to ask a question
[19:54:41] Appleby send it to me in a query
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[19:54:52] Appleby and I'll add it to the queue
[19:55:00] Count_Drakula I would cut down CTA slightly as well as the strike system
[19:55:10] Count_Drakula but it does depend one what realisitcally we can afford to do
[19:55:13] Count_Drakula *on
[19:55:24] Appleby our next question is from JoshuaWhelan
[19:55:29] Appleby .devoice butjam
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[19:55:35] Appleby .voice JoshuaWhelan
[19:55:35] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v JoshuaWhelan by IceCold
[19:55:39] JoshuaWhelan Why is there such a negative attitude taken to a tax increase? We have a deficit and people are willing to help the eUK financially as best as possible?
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[19:56:33] BigAnt Josh, The deficit we have is tiny
[19:56:51] BigAnt and we are sat on a large reserve, i think people are maybe panicking alittle too much
[19:57:14] BigAnt when i become CP first time, I was under the impression I have 45k daily income to find I only had 10k
[19:57:26] BigAnt thats a real Deficit and I dealt with it then
[19:57:28] BigAnt .done
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[19:57:39] Appleby Count_Drakula?
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[19:57:49] Appleby u der bro?
[19:57:53] Count_Drakula yeah
[19:57:56] Appleby oh good
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[19:58:36] Appleby are you going to answer it?
[19:58:37] Count_Drakula I would say that, that isn't necessarily something that I can fixbut I would say that the MM may work in our favour at any point in time
[19:58:38] Appleby or shall we move on
[19:58:40] Appleby ah, k
[19:58:59] Count_Drakula we can say this is why we need to raise tax
[19:59:09] Count_Drakula but people will react badly
[19:59:10] Count_Drakula shrugs
[19:59:13] Appleby our next question comes from SageGoku
[19:59:19] Appleby cheers josh
[19:59:20] Appleby .devoice JoshuaWhelan
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[19:59:24] Appleby .voice SageGoku
[19:59:25] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v SageGoku by IceCold
[19:59:34] SageGoku The UK Government takes money from it's citizens via tax, other than MPPs how is that money better spent by the Government rather than the individual citizens who would have it otherwise?
[20:00:00] Count_Drakula It's spent on CTA and strikes as far as I am aware
[20:00:30] Count_Drakula Strikes benefits those that are willing to be active and be on IRC which is a good step towards a better community
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[20:01:07] Appleby BigAnt?
[20:01:30] BigAnt OK
[20:01:59] BigAnt Currently the gov spends money on Strikes and CTA
[20:02:06] -->| Madacaion ( has joined #decemberdebate
[20:02:08] BigAnt CTA is a waste really
[20:02:30] BigAnt be lets be honest we dont play the same game we did 9 months ago
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[20:02:46] BigAnt when we could stick 5k tanks at a battle anytime
[20:02:54] -->| sir-nick ( has joined #decemberdebate
[20:02:56] BigAnt we just need to watch what we spend, and when we spend it
[20:02:57] -->| Talon_Karrde ( has joined #decemberdebate
[20:03:05] BigAnt .done
[20:03:08] SageGoku So would you both agree that tax takes money from the inactive/uninformed and gives it to the active/informed? If so what would you do to reduce the number of players being penalised for just being under informed or unable to attend government schemes such as CTA and Strikes?
[20:03:12] Appleby sorry goku
[20:03:18] Appleby .devoice SageGoku
[20:03:19] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v SageGoku by IceCold
[20:03:21] Appleby last from woldy
[20:03:27] Appleby which brings us nicely to the next topic
[20:03:32] Appleby .voice Woldy
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[20:03:38] Woldy sup bro's
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[20:04:08] Woldy right this is for both of you crackaz, but more so at the craca trying to cut taxes; How will you prepare to fund our wars, training or otherwise
[20:04:16] Woldy peace crackaz
[20:04:47] Appleby briefly please
[20:04:51] Count_Drakula raising taxes slightly to offset the funding needed but as par with most wars, the reserves
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[20:05:19] Appleby ba?
[20:05:22] Appleby before we move on
[20:05:25] BigAnt Like I said before the cut on Taxes will not have a major affect on our income (via taxes) - Carlini predicts a 14k a day income from MM next month if market stays steady, so im not losing any sleep on it
[20:05:42] Appleby coolski
[20:05:48] Woldy should b
[20:05:51] BigAnt but if cuts are needed on wasted schemes CTA they can be made
[20:05:53] BigAnt .done
[20:05:54] Appleby .devoice Woldy
[20:05:55] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v Woldy by IceCold
[20:06:07] Appleby we'll now move onto foreign affairs & defence
[20:06:22] Appleby AsCD kicked off last time, I'll hand the floor to BA
[20:06:39] Appleby oh: but first <Carlini> Please add I also told BA not to rely on any MM profit on day to day expenses.
[20:06:52] Appleby as carlini threatened me with a gun <_<
[20:07:04] Appleby sorry, off you go
[20:07:54] BigAnt s of yesterday we officially joined the newest Erepublik alliance TWO. This has been coming for some time (waiting on serbia) - But im glad we took this step, I even supported in back in congress
[20:08:12] |<-- Talon_Karrde has left (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:08:27] BigAnt we need to maintain our excellant relationship with our friends, we have spent years building trust and this will continue strongly under my term.
[20:08:34] <--| Rik_Daphne has left #decemberdebate
[20:08:52] BigAnt The MoFA is working well - Just needs more fresh blood installing to give new players a chance
[20:09:04] BigAnt As for defence
[20:09:20] BigAnt we have spend within our means and Strikes work well for us being under a strict budget
[20:09:28] BigAnt BUT WE NEED A WAR
[20:09:36] Appleby cheers BA
[20:09:39] BigAnt and that i can promise in my term
[20:09:45] Appleby CD?
[20:09:50] Count_Drakula righty
[20:09:50] Appleby starting now
[20:09:58] -->| PatHarper ( has joined #decemberdebate
[20:10:10] Count_Drakula TWO has been something in the pipeline for a long time and I'm happy to see it finally offically being announced
[20:10:26] -->| Talon_Karrde ( has joined #decemberdebate
[20:10:29] Count_Drakula signing the thing myself felt like a good step for eUK relations with other countries
[20:10:46] Count_Drakula the MoFA is working well and I agree with BigAnt that it does need some newer blood too
[20:10:56] Count_Drakula MoD wise
[20:11:02] |<-- DanMoir has left (Quit: Back to RL)
[20:11:10] Count_Drakula I'd like to see a sandhurst style scheme implemented for military interested players
[20:11:21] |<-- Stef40 has left (Quit: When two people dream the same dream, it ceases to be an illusion. KVIrc 3.4.2 Shiny;
[20:11:32] Count_Drakula and I've organised us a training war with belgium for after the 6th
[20:11:42] Appleby and that's time
[20:11:43] Count_Drakula which I'm sure BigAnt would be happy to use
[20:11:48] Appleby thanks CD
[20:11:55] Appleby we have our first question from Madacaion
[20:12:00] Appleby if you'd like to ask a question
[20:12:09] Appleby sendit to me in a query and I'll add it to the queue
[20:12:20] Appleby I'll have to ask bothcandidates to be brief as it took a long time to get through the lastset :3
[20:12:25] Appleby .voice Madacaion
[20:12:25] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v Madacaion by IceCold
[20:12:35] Madacaion Evening gents
[20:12:42] Madacaion with the arrival of TWO - of which the eUK is a founding member - how will each candidate set about ensuring that not only do we continue to support our allies but at the same time ensure that the eUK is well represented in what is increasingly becoming less like a national military game and more like a global super alliance royal rumble?
[20:12:53] Count_Drakula ah yes
[20:13:08] Count_Drakula I've been contacted already about supporting an eUKer as the SoFA
[20:13:15] Count_Drakula which is the FA head of TWO
[20:13:26] |<-- aces_man has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[20:13:39] Appleby ba?
[20:14:20] Appleby >_>
[20:14:23] <--| PatHarper has left #decemberdebate
[20:14:28] Count_Drakula move on?
[20:14:39] BigAnt the eUK is and always has been well represented in our old alliances, i dont see why that would ever change, When CP - I had Poland help us plenty of times and they helped because we are loyal allies of them
[20:14:53] BigAnt we will continue this trait
[20:14:59] Appleby nexst from McAfee01
[20:15:04] Appleby .devoice Madacaion
[20:15:05] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v Madacaion by IceCold
[20:15:10] Appleby .voice McAfee01
[20:15:10] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v McAfee01 by IceCold
[20:15:13] McAfee01 Sup guys?
[20:15:18] BigAnt hi
[20:15:23] McAfee01 So my question is this. With the announcement of TWO, surely seeking war for the sake of war will hold severe consequences for us? This is especially so considering the potential possibility that we may be viewed as a prime target for an EDEN offensive as a means of making a statement against both us and TWO?
[20:15:58] Count_Drakula I don't think me or BA have ever said that we want a full out proper war
[20:15:58] BigAnt We need to be respected within our new alliance, if our population demands action and war, its my job as CP to ensure we get it
[20:16:10] BigAnt and yeah Full war is different
[20:16:14] Count_Drakula but I'll be sure to pass the TW plans along to TWO HQ
[20:16:22] BigAnt that ofc has impacts on the bigger picture
[20:16:24] Count_Drakula so they a-ok it and whatnot
[20:16:38] Appleby righto
[20:16:40] -->| helpme ( has joined #decemberdebate
[20:16:47] Appleby next from current cp Talon_Karrde
[20:16:52] Appleby .devoice McAfee01
[20:16:53] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v McAfee01 by IceCold
[20:16:54] BigAnt \o
[20:16:55] Appleby .voice Talon_Karrde
[20:16:56] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v Talon_Karrde by IceCold
[20:17:12] Talon_Karrde hey
[20:17:18] Talon_Karrde who are your candidates for MoFA at this point / who will you ask if nobody else applies?
[20:17:37] Count_Drakula jimbo and mitte as MoFA
[20:17:49] Count_Drakula and ACroc and lancer450 as the newer players being mentored
[20:17:49] Count_Drakula
[20:18:03] Count_Drakula people are free to apply so that is subject to change
[20:18:03] Count_Drakula :3
[20:18:17] BigAnt at the moment my cabinet is not confirmed, thats happening after this debate
[20:18:39] Appleby coolski
[20:18:44] BigAnt it wouldn't be fair to rule anyone out until i make a final decision, but i will release it later this evening
[20:18:47] Appleby I'll hand the floor to daniefox
[20:18:51] Appleby .devoice Talon_Karrde
[20:18:52] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v Talon_Karrde by IceCold
[20:18:54] Appleby .voice daniefox
[20:18:55] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v daniefox by IceCold
[20:18:58] daniefox Why do we need an MPP with Slovakia? We are both small with few wars, wouldn't we both be better off without?
[20:19:09] BigAnt indeed
[20:19:17] Count_Drakula MPPs aren't just about war
[20:19:23] Count_Drakula they're a sign of working together
[20:19:32] Count_Drakula and wanting to show good relations with the other country
[20:19:46] BigAnt If they cost too much, then We would make cuts ofc
[20:19:54] Count_Drakula cutting MPPs is not necessarily a good thing for international relations
[20:19:58] Count_Drakula mm
[20:20:07] -->| njbkjbgiu (cgiirc@1C09E79F.FA669CF8.F8074453.IP) has joined #decemberdebate
[20:20:29] Appleby next from JoshuaWhelan
[20:20:29] -->| TitanSmash (cgiirc@Worldalpha.GameModerator) has joined #decemberdebate
[20:20:50] Appleby .devoice daniefox
[20:20:51] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v daniefox by IceCold
[20:20:53] Appleby .voice JoshuaWhelan
[20:20:54] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v JoshuaWhelan by IceCold
[20:20:59] JoshuaWhelan Is there any guarantee that our limited funds spent on MPPs with TWO are of any real use? We've always been a low priority for the same allies in the past, this seems like another East Europe oriented alliance.
[20:21:01] -->| Talonus_Kardiac ( has joined #decemberdebate
[20:21:22] BigAnt Not true
[20:21:24] Count_Drakula we haven't been low priority always
[20:21:34] BigAnt We have mega strong relationships with these guys
[20:21:41] Count_Drakula mm
[20:21:50] BigAnt they have on many occasions bailed our arses
[20:21:52] Appleby last one from AngelaWilliams
[20:21:58] Appleby .devoice JoshuaWhelan
[20:21:59] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v JoshuaWhelan by IceCold
[20:22:02] Appleby .voice AngelaWilliams
[20:22:03] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v AngelaWilliams by IceCold
[20:22:09] |<-- Talon_Karrde has left (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[20:22:09] AngelaWilliams do you have any plans to spend more time to improve relations with smaller nations? If so how
[20:22:21] BigAnt Expanding MoFA
[20:22:43] BigAnt bringing in more players to get involved and creating new and improving existing relations
[20:22:47] Count_Drakula Not right now, I'll be talking with my MoFA candidates to see what they'd like to do in regards to this though as well
[20:23:03] Appleby quick one from MagicHereos who I forgot
[20:23:05] Appleby andwe'll move on
[20:23:05] Count_Drakula a cabinet isn't just a one person thing, it's a group of people working together
[20:23:07] Appleby .devoice AngelaWilliams
[20:23:07] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v AngelaWilliams by IceCold
[20:23:10] Count_Drakula o
[20:23:10] Appleby .voice MagicHereos
[20:23:10] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v MagicHereos by IceCold
[20:23:18] MagicHereos First of all, UK is not founding country of TWO
[20:23:19] MagicHereos and question is
[20:23:21] MagicHereos What do you think about plans to increase population, take regions from Poland and get resources?
[20:23:25] -->| Kevy_Shabado (~chatzilla@inb4.TUP.Bashing) has joined #decemberdebate
[20:24:04] Appleby briefly, if possible
[20:24:07] Count_Drakula if we can increase population then sure
[20:24:14] Count_Drakula but I prefer our relations with poland intact
[20:24:39] BigAnt NE have they own aims and objectives - My own party UKPP share similar views on most things, BUT not this one - Unless we get 20k babyboom, poland agree
[20:24:51] Appleby good stuff
[20:24:53] BigAnt .done
[20:24:55] Appleby .devoice MagicHereos
[20:24:56] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v MagicHereos by IceCold
[20:25:03] Appleby now moving onto home affairs and citizenship
[20:25:08] Appleby I believe it's CD's turn to start
[20:25:14] Appleby when you're ready
[20:25:24] Count_Drakula give me asecond people are knocking on my door ¬_¬
[20:25:38] Appleby Ba, want to start again?
[20:25:49] Appleby CD will kick off the last topic to make up for it
[20:26:07] -->| aces_man ( has joined #decemberdebate
[20:26:29] Appleby k
[20:26:45] Count_Drakula right
[20:26:50] Appleby oh
[20:26:53] Appleby off you go then
[20:26:54] Count_Drakula Citizenship wise
[20:26:58] BigAnt ah sorry bk
[20:27:02] Count_Drakula I'd like a review about halfway into the term
[20:27:09] Count_Drakula to make sure that the system in place works well
[20:27:15] Count_Drakula and that everyone is using it properly
[20:27:22] Count_Drakula home affairs wise
[20:27:36] Count_Drakula I'd like to see something like this in the future as formal policy debates for MoLA to sort
[20:27:42] Count_Drakula with PPs appointing party reps
[20:28:05] Count_Drakula I'd also like to see the MoF look at the MoH books to come up with some p cool statistics for that
[20:28:40] Count_Drakula and finally the MoE could do some more advertising of MUs as each are a great community
[20:28:56] Appleby time
[20:29:02] Appleby BA, you're up
[20:29:20] BigAnt OK, The Home Affairs is my main concern, hence the extra meat. We have problems, we really do.. Competitive, competition between parties and individuals is welcomed and healthy but not when it becomes trolling and hate.
[20:29:43] BigAnt To counter this I want to invest more friendly activities like games and competitions. I can't single handedly stop the eUK trolling problem, but hopefully bring people together and send us in the right direction . - Other stuff like financial guides, Podcasts
[20:29:51] -->| Zaphod ( has joined #decemberdebate
[20:30:00] BigAnt I want a fair IRC room and Forums, where freedom of speach is welcomed
[20:30:14] Appleby can I pointout
[20:30:16] BigAnt But also i want the MoF to have more control on the NHS
[20:30:17] Appleby that's the next topic
[20:30:23] BigAnt ah sorry
[20:30:24] BigAnt
[20:30:25] Appleby
[20:30:39] Count_Drakula
[20:30:40] BigAnt more articles and stats for where the food that is donated is going
[20:30:51] BigAnt but also close the NHS MU itself
[20:30:58] BigAnt its wasted for new players
[20:31:00] BigAnt .done
[20:31:15] Appleby CD, your 2mins of rebuttal
[20:31:59] Count_Drakula right
[20:32:17] BigAnt I missed CS system ..
[20:32:22] Count_Drakula oh
[20:32:30] BigAnt neva mind i can cap
[20:32:32] BigAnt sorry
[20:32:33] Appleby CD
[20:32:33] Count_Drakula right then
[20:32:34] Count_Drakula
[20:32:36] Appleby you have like 40secs left
[20:32:38] Count_Drakula baww
[20:32:41] Count_Drakula basically
[20:32:47] Count_Drakula games are being done now
[20:32:56] Count_Drakula and NHS wise is similar to what I'm suggesting
[20:33:03] Count_Drakula so what is different?
[20:33:10] Appleby time
[20:33:14] Appleby BA :3
[20:33:53] BigAnt I never seen you mention NHS to be honest, must have missed that.. anyway Games this month? really where? I want more concentration ingame after all 90% players are there not on forums
[20:34:08] |<-- Kevy_Shabado has left (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 16.0.2/20121024073032])
[20:34:23] BigAnt I actually think the MoE needs more work
[20:34:32] BigAnt players go easily inactive
[20:34:34] <--| TitanSmash has left #decemberdebate
[20:34:49] BigAnt and we need to focuse more on this
[20:34:59] BigAnt as for cs system
[20:35:06] BigAnt lets give it a few weeks
[20:35:09] BigAnt its new
[20:35:13] Appleby good ending
[20:35:15] BigAnt it needs time to adjust and work
[20:35:20] Count_Drakula hmk
[20:35:25] BigAnt if not we can change it
[20:35:26] BigAnt .done
[20:35:36] Appleby Again, if you'd like to ask questions - send it to me in a query and I'll add it to the queue
[20:35:39] Appleby we have our first from Jamie2721
[20:35:44] Appleby .voice Jamie2721
[20:35:44] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v Jamie2721 by IceCold
[20:35:50] BigAnt hi jamie
[20:35:52] Jamie2721 What is wrong with letting congress members vote on citizenship requests? Why do we need different panels, the population elect congress members they trust, why not give them the decision? Thanks
[20:36:05] Jamie2721 hey
[20:36:08] -->| Zaphod2 ( has joined #decemberdebate
[20:36:11] BigAnt not anymore (tech) its the PP who elects now
[20:36:14] -->| Betafoxtrot ( has joined #decemberdebate
[20:36:23] BigAnt so we must have some system in place to monitor what happens
[20:36:28] |<-- Fetaboxtrot has left (Quit: bye bbz)
[20:36:38] Count_Drakula it requires a lot of time for each congress member to vote on a citizenship request
[20:36:46] BigAnt we no law or rules, people would just sell CS etc and we would become a big PTO target
[20:36:46] Count_Drakula It's much quicker this way
[20:36:52] BigAnt with*
[20:37:07] Appleby next is from goku
[20:37:12] Appleby cheers Jamie2721
[20:37:15] Appleby .devoice Jamie2721
[20:37:16] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v Jamie2721 by IceCold
[20:37:17] |<-- Zaphod has left ()
[20:37:19] Appleby .voice SageGoku
[20:37:19] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v SageGoku by IceCold
[20:37:41] Appleby k
[20:37:44] Appleby .devoice SageGoku
[20:37:45] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v SageGoku by IceCold
[20:37:48] BigAnt ?
[20:37:49] Appleby woldy
[20:37:52] Appleby .voice Woldy
[20:37:53] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v Woldy by IceCold
[20:37:58] Appleby heisn't responding to query
[20:38:05] Count_Drakula oh
[20:38:15] Appleby neither is woldy
[20:38:16] Woldy Yo honkies. I wanna ask yo' to explain in a little more detail how each of your policies are 'different' from what has been seen in previous months, and on continuing with the idea of involving the mysterious '90%' Big Ant has mentioned, exactly how they are to be included - especially when after three years of being involved with games the best way we've found to include is to offer cash prizes
[20:38:18] Appleby oh
[20:38:24] Appleby and goku's back
[20:38:26] Woldy which may not be on offer amidst austerity cuts
[20:38:26] Appleby he can ask next
[20:38:28] Woldy peace bitches
[20:38:32] |<-- Louis_Philipe has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[20:38:43] Count_Drakula The formal policy debates idea is something that hasn't been seen before I believe?
[20:38:51] Count_Drakula feel free to correct me on that
[20:39:02] BigAnt The fact is, alot of our game is based on the forums, thats a fact
[20:39:15] BigAnt Yes the two-clickers want more cash prizes
[20:39:24] Count_Drakula advertising on MUs is something to be worked on, not a massive change yes but a change that makes a difference
[20:39:27] BigAnt so I dont see why not, if that means we get more people interested
[20:39:37] |<-- KamikazeKelvin has left (Quit: NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM)
[20:39:39] Count_Drakula if we can get more people in the eUK then we become a stronger nation etc
[20:39:43] BigAnt after all getting them interested will attract them to the IRC and Forums// Win win
[20:39:54] Appleby passing onto goku again
[20:39:57] Appleby .devoice woldy
[20:39:57] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v Woldy by IceCold
[20:39:59] Appleby .voice SageGoku
[20:39:59] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v SageGoku by IceCold
[20:40:04] SageGoku What are you going to do to heal the divide in the UK Community?
[20:40:15] SageGoku no forum games please
[20:40:18] Count_Drakula Formal policy debates
[20:40:23] Count_Drakula shrugs
[20:40:37] Count_Drakula if we're talking on things and not mud slinging
[20:40:41] Count_Drakula then we're making progress
[20:40:59] Appleby ba?
[20:41:06] -->| Titanicus (cgiirc@D374ECC0.D1B396B7.6B4D494.IP) has joined #decemberdebate
[20:41:17] Appleby before we move onto spite, ironically
[20:41:20] BigAnt I cannot fix the divide - that would be a lie if i said i could, but debates like tonight must be a good thing right? all i can do is promote a healthier future
[20:41:36] BigAnt by brining more people together
[20:41:47] BigAnt common goals help aswel, like war
[20:41:48] BigAnt .done
[20:41:51] Appleby goodo
[20:41:54] Appleby .devoice SageGoku
[20:41:55] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v SageGoku by IceCold
[20:41:57] Appleby .voice Spite
[20:41:58] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v Spite by IceCold
[20:42:03] Spite What would you say the major reason is that the UK, ranked 20-something in the world, was invited to TWO? And what can we do to hang onto that influence?
[20:42:12] <--| Zaphod2 has left #decemberdebate
[20:42:30] Count_Drakula The fact that we work hard on keeping up our good foreign relations
[20:42:36] Count_Drakula with countries such as poland
[20:42:45] -->| Zaphod ( has joined #decemberdebate
[20:42:49] Count_Drakula we can hang onto it by keeping up that
[20:43:02] Count_Drakula we may not be the most powerful nation but we do as much as we can
[20:43:10] Appleby ba?
[20:43:25] BigAnt ingame rank has sh*t to do with anything, sorry for language - We are small but hit hard for small nation and we are loyal and fight hard for our allies, hence Poland and serbia respect us so much.
[20:43:30] BigAnt .done
[20:43:35] Appleby cool
[20:43:42] Appleby mcafee has the stage again
[20:43:45] Appleby .devoice Spite
[20:43:46] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v Spite by IceCold
[20:43:48] Appleby .voice McAfee01
[20:43:48] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v McAfee01 by IceCold
[20:43:53] McAfee01 Hi there guys
[20:44:14] BigAnt hi
[20:44:32] McAfee01 Just a general query. Would both candidates be willing to open up an IRC room at the end of the debate for potential ministers/ministry workers to declare their interest in helping out with both candidates next month?
[20:44:47] Count_Drakula sure
[20:44:49] -->| EcoFreak ( has joined #decemberdebate
[20:44:50] BigAnt sure
[20:44:53] BigAnt good idea
[20:44:53] BigAnt
[20:44:59] Appleby good, quick question
[20:45:02] -->| Sigfred (Sigfred@sigfred.zachariasen) has joined #decemberdebate
[20:45:06] Appleby next from Talon
[20:45:11] Appleby .devoice McAfee01
[20:45:11] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v McAfee01 by IceCold
[20:45:13] Appleby .voice Talonus_Kardiac
[20:45:14] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v Talonus_Kardiac by IceCold
[20:45:14] Talonus_Kardiac do you think there is anything you can do to involve NE in the wider community without them being in power?
[20:45:35] BigAnt what gives you the right to stop them being in power?
[20:45:45] BigAnt they are a party
[20:45:47] Count_Drakula I was actually contacted by one of them to be part in my government
[20:45:53] Talonus_Kardiac I'm talking
[20:45:56] Count_Drakula but he was later temp banned for multis e_e
[20:45:57] Talonus_Kardiac about their refusal to participate
[20:45:58] BigAnt and its that attitude that creates the divide..
[20:46:01] Talonus_Kardiac I didn't get a single app
[20:46:07] Talonus_Kardiac and THAT attitude creates the divide
[20:46:14] -->| Pfeiffer (cgiirc@chito.itaka.nakni) has joined #decemberdebate
[20:46:15] <--| jimbojoy has left #decemberdebate
[20:46:19] Appleby if we could keep this as a quick answer really
[20:46:26] Count_Drakula I'm quite happy to take applications from any party in all honesty
[20:46:28] Appleby this is more suited to the general Q&A at the end
[20:46:32] BigAnt same
[20:46:38] Count_Drakula if NE members had applied more then I would have more NE members in my cabinet
[20:46:40] Appleby next from daniefox
[20:46:46] Appleby thanks Talonus_Kardiac
[20:46:51] Appleby .devoice Talonus_Kardiac
[20:46:51] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v Talonus_Kardiac by IceCold
[20:46:53] Appleby .voice daniefox
[20:46:54] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v daniefox by IceCold
[20:47:09] Appleby >_>
[20:47:28] Appleby moving to JoshuaWhelan then
[20:47:31] Appleby .devoice daniefox
[20:47:32] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v daniefox by IceCold
[20:47:35] Appleby .voice JoshuaWhelan
[20:47:35] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v JoshuaWhelan by IceCold
[20:47:37] JoshuaWhelan Why is retention not being mentioned? New players are being overwhelmed and not logging on again, old players are planning to leave the eUK for more stable communities, and nobody has mentioned retention plans.
[20:47:47] Count_Drakula I am mention retention
[20:47:51] Count_Drakula *mentionning
[20:47:53] Appleby <SageGoku> can you claify that a NEw member did apply for talon's government
[20:47:53] Appleby <SageGoku> because I did
[20:47:59] Appleby just sayin
[20:48:05] Count_Drakula if we get more people in MUs and part of those communities
[20:48:13] Count_Drakula then they are likely to stick around longer
[20:48:20] Count_Drakula thus retention
[20:48:50] Appleby sorry to interject again
[20:48:56] Appleby must in the interests of fairness
[20:48:58] Appleby <Talonus_Kardiac> can you further clarify
[20:48:58] Appleby <Talonus_Kardiac> I didn't receive a single app
[20:48:58] Appleby <Talonus_Kardiac> emphasis on I
[20:48:58] Appleby <Talonus_Kardiac> every word was true
[20:49:02] Appleby .end discussion
[20:49:08] Appleby unless ba has anything to add
[20:49:10] BigAnt Cutting NHS MU is part of mine - They receive no Weapons are active feed chat, and ALOT of new players join it.. I want them to join an active MU and get a better head start whilst still receiving NHS food seperate
[20:49:37] BigAnt and un-active feed
[20:49:39] BigAnt *
[20:49:41] BigAnt .done
[20:49:58] Appleby we'll move onto forum and irc
[20:50:05] Appleby well, general means of communication really
[20:50:12] Appleby BA, you're up
[20:50:40] BigAnt I voice a large amount of people when i say we are not happy with the current situation
[20:50:45] |<-- njbkjbgiu has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[20:51:02] BigAnt We want Freedom of speech within the means of IRC/Forums
[20:51:18] BigAnt and not bans if we disagree with Management
[20:51:28] Appleby .kb Appleby
[20:51:28] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +b *!* by IceCold
[20:51:28] =-= Appleby was booted from #decemberdebate by IceCold (Requested)
[20:51:43] BigAnt ..
[20:51:44] Count_Drakula uhmm
[20:51:47] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -b *!* by Count_Drakula
[20:51:57] |<-- helpme has left (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[20:51:59] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +o Frerk by IceCold
[20:52:11] Count_Drakula let's wait for Appleby
[20:52:17] -->| Appleby ( has joined #decemberdebate
[20:52:17] IceCold [Appleby] F: 'You never take me anywhere expensive' - M: 'Come on, get your coat on' - F: 'Where're we going? ' - M: '****ing petrol station'
[20:52:17] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +qo Appleby Appleby by IceCold
[20:52:19] Appleby and thats time
[20:52:21] BigAnt lol
[20:52:22] Appleby CD
[20:52:23] Count_Drakula huea
[20:52:41] Count_Drakula I'd like to see a promotion in the use of IRC as a communication method
[20:53:04] Count_Drakula I understand that not everyone likes using the forums but IRC is the method used by the vast majority of the active eRep population
[20:53:06] -->| danie ( has joined #decemberdebate
[20:53:19] Count_Drakula I'd like to promote people talking ingame as well
[20:53:28] BigAnt A promotion of a system that doesn't work?
[20:53:35] Appleby BigAnt
[20:53:37] Count_Drakula moving some (not all ofc) forum stuff
[20:53:38] Appleby can it wait till rebuttal?
[20:53:42] BigAnt woops
[20:53:59] Count_Drakula as I know that not all congress etc use that too
[20:54:06] -->| Alphabethis (cgiirc@28C9B7BB.E383A665.20DEC79D.IP) has joined #decemberdebate
[20:54:08] Count_Drakula is done
[20:54:19] Appleby now you're free BA
[20:54:24] BigAnt A promotion of a system that doesn't work?
[20:54:50] BigAnt you are ignoring the problem we have with our "Official" means of communication being overly moderated at times
[20:55:04] BigAnt yes by all means place bans for multis and bad language
[20:55:20] BigAnt but not if someone disagrees with something about your party
[20:55:42] BigAnt I seen countless pointless bans from #eUK its unreal
[20:56:07] BigAnt and I won't support them being "Official" if it continues
[20:56:17] BigAnt we either need new rules that are clear
[20:56:23] BigAnt or new moderators
[20:56:24] Appleby and that's time
[20:56:30] BigAnt or a system of voting
[20:56:31] BigAnt k
[20:56:32] Appleby CD, your rebuttal
[20:56:41] Count_Drakula IRC does work as a system
[20:56:58] Count_Drakula I've searched my IRC logs of #eUK today and only found 3 bans today
[20:57:01] |<-- Titanicus has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[20:57:06] Count_Drakula if that's a load then I guess my maths is wrong
[20:57:16] Count_Drakula and the whole of IRC isn't just #eUK too
[20:57:26] Count_Drakula it revolves around channels like this one
[20:57:36] Count_Drakula as well as the other public ones
[20:57:48] -->| BaskB ( has joined #decemberdebate
[20:57:51] Count_Drakula I personally find that Talonus_Kardiac and Dan are fairly unbaised people
[20:57:51] |<-- danie has left ()
[20:57:57] Count_Drakula if you have a problem with the way they act
[20:58:01] Count_Drakula then bring it up with Kumnaa
[20:58:04] Count_Drakula or Nel
[20:58:06] Appleby Frerk's up
[20:58:06] Count_Drakula not them
[20:58:13] Appleby .voice Frerk
[20:58:14] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v Frerk by IceCold
[20:58:24] Frerk Ok so this one's for BigAnt, also I'm opped you fool Appleby
[20:58:33] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -o Frerk by Count_Drakula
[20:58:33] Appleby oh
[20:58:35] Count_Drakula fixed
[20:58:39] Appleby ty
[20:58:45] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v JoshuaWhelan by Count_Drakula
[20:58:49] Appleby >_>
[20:58:57] Frerk Basically, I'm wondering what are your actual issues with IRC/forums, not the "but its unfair oppressive" stuff
[20:59:03] Frerk And how would you fix those issues?
[20:59:28] |<-- Cyg has left (Quit: o/)
[20:59:48] Appleby >_>
[20:59:52] BigAnt My problem is they way our IRC (#eUK and forums) are run - coming back to CD, other IRC rooms not matter a bit, as CP i have influence on only several including what we label official
[21:00:09] BigAnt My solutions are many, which would be discussed..
[21:00:32] BigAnt Re-write the rules and to allow more freedom of speech
[21:00:54] Appleby on a polar opposite
[21:00:56] BigAnt Election for moderators, not a Apply and keep (Friends within the circle with Mod power)
[21:00:57] Appleby time for sven's q
[21:01:01] Appleby .devoice Frerk
[21:01:02] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v Frerk by IceCold
[21:01:04] Appleby .voice Sven_Goran
[21:01:04] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v Sven_Goran by IceCold
[21:01:22] Sven_Goran evenin all
[21:01:22] BigAnt or a fair split of moderators from top 3/5 parties
[21:01:37] Sven_Goran do you think TUP should apologise for its and its affiliates behaviour on the forums/#euk chans these last 6 months, and presuming the affirmative, should the community accept their apology?
[21:01:39] BigAnt hi sven
[21:02:03] BigAnt I strongly agree, TUP force rules on others only to break them itself
[21:02:31] BigAnt how can we begin to fix a divide that is fuelled by those who used to rule the house
[21:02:38] BigAnt but
[21:02:40] Count_Drakula if you can show unjust behaviour by people then yes
[21:02:41] BigAnt to be fair
[21:02:44] BigAnt its not just TUP
[21:02:53] Appleby apparently I'm guilty as fuck
[21:02:56] BigAnt i think most parties need to bang their heads together
[21:03:04] Appleby Beta is up next btw
[21:03:15] Appleby .devoice Sven_Goran
[21:03:16] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v Sven_Goran by IceCold
[21:03:19] Appleby .voice Betafoxtrot
[21:03:19] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v Betafoxtrot by IceCold
[21:03:23] Betafoxtrot ohai
[21:03:30] Betafoxtrot Long time listener, first time caller
[21:03:31] BigAnt Greatest HA of all time ^
[21:03:35] BigAnt lol
[21:03:37] <--| Alphabethis has left #decemberdebate
[21:03:40] Count_Drakula :3
[21:03:48] Betafoxtrot BigAnt: In your Home Affairs manifesto you said on the MoE that it's been "very quiet" despite there being a great number of articles over the course of the last two months, plus mentoring and other things. Can you clarify what you mean by this, and can both candidates come up with anything that can be improved or added and anything that has been done well and should be continued?
[21:04:02] Appleby just to add: <Bohemond4> Id like to make a point as TUP PP I have no power over moderators/admins appointed by owners of said forums/channels. Especially those not even of my party.
[21:04:17] BigAnt you havent been as active this month, as you where last month >__>
[21:04:19] Count_Drakula I've said in my manifesto
[21:04:26] BigAnt you set the bar high, I want it to remain high
[21:04:27] Count_Drakula I'd like to see more advertising of NHS/MUs
[21:04:39] Count_Drakula but otherwise it's been good ^^
[21:04:44] BigAnt loving the attention tonight thanks beta
[21:04:46] Betafoxtrot I've not written as many articles, that's fo' sure
[21:04:54] Appleby coolski
[21:04:58] Appleby woldy next
[21:05:00] Betafoxtrot That's not "very quiet" either
[21:05:01] Betafoxtrot >_>
[21:05:02] Appleby .devoice Betafoxtrot
[21:05:02] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v Betafoxtrot by IceCold
[21:05:05] Appleby .voice Woldy
[21:05:05] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v Woldy by IceCold
[21:05:16] |<-- EcoFreak has left (Quit: night all... UKRP )
[21:05:18] Woldy o you really think adding a party political dimension to the management of the forums or IRC is a good or productive idea? Especially when we have already seen the potential destructive affects of partisanship in our government and domestic branches, leading to Talon having to request that ministers sign a neutrility pledge in good faith, which all crackaz signed. Also just to be nice to Beta,
[21:05:29] Woldy saying 'be more active than you were last month' isn't a change
[21:05:35] Woldy + he's one of the best domestic godesses ever
[21:05:38] Woldy CIAO babes
[21:05:45] Woldy also *Do
[21:05:48] Woldy CIAO
[21:05:52] Appleby
[21:05:54] BigAnt The moderation is currently tipped onway - its not working
[21:06:00] Woldy Says you
[21:06:03] Appleby woldy
[21:06:03] BigAnt so yes i want to balance it alittle see if that works
[21:06:04] Woldy and I find it highly hyperbolic
[21:06:07] Appleby you know youonly get to ask 1
[21:06:14] Woldy I have never experienced a problem with the moderation team
[21:06:15] BigAnt is they any harm in trying?
[21:06:19] Appleby .devoice Woldy
[21:06:19] BigAnt ofc not
[21:06:19] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v Woldy by IceCold
[21:06:22] BigAnt i wonder why
[21:06:32] Appleby CD?
[21:06:44] Count_Drakula hm?
[21:06:51] Count_Drakula I thought that was more of a question for BA than for me tbqh
[21:06:52] Appleby anything you want to add
[21:07:00] Appleby doyou have any objections to ba's porposal
[21:07:04] BigAnt you dont see a problem CD, that worries me
[21:07:05] Appleby or do you think it's solid good stuff
[21:07:15] Appleby damn this keyboard
[21:07:33] Appleby if not, we'll move on
[21:07:33] Count_Drakula I personally find the current system working well
[21:07:48] Count_Drakula if you have problems then ask the people above them etc
[21:07:51] BigAnt like i said that worries me and my voters
[21:07:55] Count_Drakula we're meant to work together yes
[21:08:05] BigAnt I will Cd
[21:08:07] Appleby ok
[21:08:14] Appleby next from zaphod
[21:08:19] Appleby .voice Zaphod
[21:08:20] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v Zaphod by IceCold
[21:08:26] Zaphod o hiya
[21:08:33] Count_Drakula but you're overstating something here BA
[21:08:35] Count_Drakula anywhom
[21:08:44] Zaphod Can you both convince me you genuinely want to be CP, instead of just being a puppet used to get one over each other's party. Are your motives genuine?
[21:08:56] BigAnt Of course
[21:09:01] BigAnt I made mistakes last time
[21:09:17] -->| LadyMacbeth ( has joined #decemberdebate
[21:09:18] BigAnt i put my hand up, but I never receive a warm welcome by TUP and others
[21:09:26] BigAnt and that doesn't help
[21:09:29] Count_Drakula I want to improve the eUK, get the newer players involved that weren't before and get the older players to try and work together
[21:09:37] Count_Drakula close the divide that we have going on
[21:09:46] BigAnt but if CD wins, UKPP and NE and others I hope will not give him the same problems i first received
[21:09:52] Count_Drakula and get a newer generation to take over for the one we have now
[21:10:10] Appleby next q from daniefox
[21:10:15] Appleby .devoice Zaphod
[21:10:15] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v Zaphod by IceCold
[21:10:16] BigAnt we have problems and our players are bored - so thats why im running, sort the divide, help new players and get some action
[21:10:21] Appleby .voice daniefox
[21:10:21] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v daniefox by IceCold
[21:10:38] Appleby
[21:10:49] Appleby k
[21:11:13] Appleby Well I thnik we can move onto general Q&As now
[21:11:19] BigAnt kk
[21:11:24] Appleby and then I'll unmute the channel for a discussion
[21:11:35] Count_Drakula sure
[21:11:39] Appleby BoerCharel
[21:11:41] Appleby .voice BoerCharel
[21:11:42] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v BoerCharel by IceCold
[21:11:45] -->| danief0x ( has joined #decemberdebate
[21:11:47] BoerCharel Will the ministers in both cabinets members of certain political parties or is it the best one gets the jerb
[21:11:55] Count_Drakula best one gets the job
[21:12:03] Count_Drakula no doubt about that one
[21:12:05] BigAnt Best one gets the job
[21:12:06] BigAnt but i will add
[21:12:15] BigAnt only 1 TUP member has applied
[21:12:19] BoerCharel
[21:12:20] BigAnt so dont complain
[21:12:23] BigAnt its not me
[21:12:25] BoerCharel That's disappointing
[21:12:26] Appleby fair enough
[21:12:28] BigAnt indeed
[21:12:33] BoerCharel Thanks, was all
[21:12:39] BigAnt ty BC
[21:12:44] Appleby Unless anybody else has a question they'd like to ask
[21:12:48] Appleby I'll unmute the room
[21:12:54] |<-- BoerCharel has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[21:12:55] Appleby ah yes
[21:12:56] Appleby yurigavin
[21:13:01] Appleby .voice yurigavin
[21:13:02] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v yurigavin by IceCold
[21:13:06] Appleby .devoice Bohemond4
[21:13:11] yurigavin I'll like to go back to IRC, Do you think IRC is affective enough currently, and if not how are you going to change that?
[21:13:13] Appleby .devoice daniefox
[21:13:13] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v daniefox by IceCold
[21:13:14] Appleby >_>
[21:13:26] BigAnt I dont think it is
[21:13:27] Count_Drakula I think that IRC is a good way for everyone to communicate
[21:13:34] BigAnt not enough new players joined IRC
[21:13:44] BigAnt so many rewards could be a way to pull them in
[21:13:50] BigAnt and hopefully they get hooked
[21:13:51] Count_Drakula you don't have to use offical channels for communication but it's the easiest way to talk to someone else over the internet imho
[21:14:01] Count_Drakula I still reccommend getting into #eUK ofc
[21:14:22] yurigavin ok thanks, that was all
[21:14:23] Appleby next is from Madacaion
[21:14:27] Appleby cheers yuri
[21:14:30] Appleby .devoice yurigavin
[21:14:31] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v yurigavin by IceCold
[21:14:31] |<-- Sigfred has left ()
[21:14:32] Appleby .voice Madacaion
[21:14:33] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v Madacaion by IceCold
[21:15:14] Appleby mada
[21:15:23] Appleby bah
[21:15:23] Appleby woldy
[21:15:30] Appleby .voice Woldy
[21:15:31] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v Woldy by IceCold
[21:15:32] Woldy hi
[21:15:39] Woldy you want me to say it?
[21:15:50] BigAnt umm
[21:15:52] Woldy I have been asked to ask
[21:16:00] <--| BaskB has left #decemberdebate
[21:16:03] Woldy That if BA wants to heal 'the divide' so much, why did he refuse to sign the non-partisanshippledge for Talon
[21:16:10] Woldy there's more but it's offensive
[21:16:10] Woldy so
[21:16:11] Woldy no
[21:16:16] Woldy Also hey everyone
[21:16:19] Woldy enjoying the debate?
[21:16:21] Woldy I hope so
[21:16:21] BigAnt can i answer?
[21:16:23] BigAnt lol
[21:16:23] Woldy yeh
[21:16:56] Appleby go for it mate
[21:16:59] BigAnt My main reason was, i dont agree with it - its not the solution to the problem which is much bigger, and others shared that same opinion like yours truly Keers
[21:17:13] Woldy are you saying that you are iain keers
[21:17:21] Woldy And on that note
[21:17:24] Woldy what is your solution
[21:17:28] Appleby Madacaion has one more
[21:17:33] Appleby then we'll have a brief one from goku
[21:17:33] BigAnt no but we share the same opinion on disagreeing with Talons rule
[21:17:36] Appleby then I'll open the floor
[21:17:46] Madacaion Hi
[21:17:52] Appleby .devoice Woldy
[21:17:53] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v Woldy by IceCold
[21:17:53] <--| Baldrick has left #decemberdebate
[21:17:53] BigAnt read above already mentioned it woldy
[21:18:00] Madacaion its a long question so i'll write done when its over
[21:18:05] Madacaion Elitism is a word that has been banded about by both "camps" throughout this and the congress election campaigns - while experience is key both candidates have suggested that they want to get new players into the fold, mentored by these long term players (elites).
[21:18:06] -->| Equalist ( has joined #decemberdebate
[21:18:14] Madacaion My question is this: In a eWorld where experienced players are dying off at an alarming rate, how do we address the balance of ensuring that we retain these people with their wealth of experience
[21:18:21] Madacaion while at the same time ensuring that new players engage in long term roles. How can we achieve that if new blood is coming through and how can we avoid another unfortunate situation like the one BA was put into
[21:18:33] Madacaion where a "new" player has a pick and mix experience in every ministry - of a single term - and then isn't able to run the country properly, leaving in less-than-ideal conditions.
[21:18:33] Appleby >_>
[21:18:37] Madacaion done
[21:18:58] Count_Drakula It's tricky to say the least
[21:19:21] Count_Drakula I'll be having some 1 on 1 type mentoring things within the ministries to help newer players get into long term roles
[21:19:34] Count_Drakula but in terms of retaining the older ones, it's a tricky thing
[21:19:41] Count_Drakula I've played this game for 4 years now
[21:19:56] <--| Mantle has left #decemberdebate
[21:19:58] Count_Drakula the only thing that keeps me here is the community, regardless of how terrible it is at some times
[21:20:08] Count_Drakula so we have to make the community better
[21:20:22] Count_Drakula improve the eUK etc
[21:20:26] BigAnt To be fair to myself , I had alot of oppusition when I was CP and I wanted changes BACK then with CS system etc - But you can't make change when most in charge disagree (at the time), this time its different
[21:20:48] Appleby righto
[21:20:50] BigAnt opposition* - and the eUK has voted with its feet in recent months
[21:20:52] Appleby last from mr tickle
[21:20:57] Appleby .voice SageGoku
[21:20:57] =-= Mode #decemberdebate +v SageGoku by IceCold
[21:21:04] BigAnt the swing of balance has changed and they want change
[21:21:36] Appleby k
[21:21:41] Appleby .devoice SageGoku
[21:21:41] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -v SageGoku by IceCold
[21:21:48] Appleby I'll now open the floor to a discussion
[21:21:51] BigAnt i must hurry this
[21:21:52] Appleby inb4flood
[21:21:57] =-= Mode #decemberdebate -m by Appleby


BigAnt Day 1,841, 15:37


ApronChef Day 1,841, 15:41

Could of at least condensed and taken out the joins/lefts/quits.

WayneKerr Day 1,841, 15:41

there you go butjam...

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,841, 15:43

You're welcome to do it yourself Apron

Thomas765 Day 1,841, 15:45

Needs a summary because I cba reading 2 hours of logs : P

ApronChef Day 1,841, 15:45

I would have if you asked me to do it. But you fired me, so you lost out there.

ApronChef Day 1,841, 15:46

Add: I would have been more then willing to do the grind jobs.

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,841, 16:04

I fired you because you refused to change accesses on #parliament

This was not in my capacity as MoLA either

ApronChef Day 1,841, 16:14

You didn't even ask why I refused, anyway, you're article is awful, p much the end of it.

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 1,841, 16:17

Thanks (=

Read and read.

alexg737 Day 1,841, 16:22

Read it all. Debate seemed like a great success, pity I was unable to attend myself.

Good job o7

JeguljaM Day 1,841, 17:11


JeguljaM Day 1,841, 17:11


lancer450 Day 1,841, 18:32

Debate seemed like a great success, pity I was unable to attend myself. x2


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