[VOTE] The Treaty of EDEN [Canada]

Day 677, 14:30 Published in Canada Romania by Mistwalker

Greetings and salutations to all! 🙂

As you all may know or are about to find out our great nations have formed around 4 months, ago a coallition to defend against the opression of aggressive PEACE nations like Hungary, Indonesia and Russia.

The alliance named EDEN (European Defence and Economic Network) composed originally of the countries Croatia, Finland, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Norway and Romania had set itself the goals of working together like never before, to act as one Brotherhood of Nations united under one banner as friends above all else and fiercely protect that which we hold dear in heart, mind and spirit.

Even as we rose up from the shadows, firstly as a name whispered in dark corners and then cried out by valiant warriors on both close and distant battlefields. We knew a day would come when we set out in the world and from this small seed create a greater more stable Unity for us all to enjoy.

Battles have been won and lost and it all served to strenghten our resolve, teach us how to work together and better, both ourselves, and the nations which we represent. In time others have joined us both from our home continent and across the ocean and our name changed even if our souls have remained the same.

With the joining of Canada and Greece we are becoming today for the first time officially known as the Brotherhood of Erepublik Defence and Economy Network. While we are still waiting for others to heed the call to take arms for liberation today we also present to you our creed, our code of arms ...


For the past two months we have all worked hard to bring you our set of laws, our ethical principles which will govern the Brotherhood of EDEN and help it further make its mark upon the New World. Not one such thing as this has existed so far so I only ask that you look upon it with understanding and good faith.

Words cannot fully encompass the awesome feeling of creating history that I have now as I write these lines but I ask you all to remember this: The future belongs to our brothers and sisters. We, ourselves, forge our own path which we will walk upon together.



Hail EDEN !

Thank you for your time.
Mistwalker - EDEN spokesman

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