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Vote For Ahmed A.M in Presidential election on 5 Feb

Day 1,902, 14:52 Published in Egypt Bulgaria by thewizard2013
hi all
i hope that you will vote For Ahmed A.M in Presidential election on 5 Feb
why citizens should vote for Ahmed A.M in Presidential election on 5 Feb?
vote for him vote for Egypt vote for the good for Egypt
if you are Real Egyptian and you love Egypt u will vote for him



Jan08 Day 1,902, 15:14

We are making more for egypt than you ¬¬

thewizard2013 Day 1,902, 15:34

no you are not making anything for Egypt
you just making for yourself

Ahmed A.M
Ahmed A.M Day 1,902, 15:35

Voted 😃

Ahmed A.M
Ahmed A.M Day 1,902, 15:39

متردش عليهم سبهم يقولوا كلامهم الاستفزازى وشكرا ليك ع المقال

thewizard2013 Day 1,902, 15:43

العفو : )

Saif1942 Day 1,902, 16:28

Voted x2

Aknouh Day 1,902, 17:22


Jan08 Day 1,903, 05:36

thewizard, I fight for Egypt like I would fight for my nation Catalonia. And with out us maybe Egypt won't have any region and congress too.

Naboal Day 1,903, 05:51

Of course not Jan08 their influence and number of players are just too much close to 0 to do something, but they prefer to split their people in 2 eStates than making 1 decent one.

Its their choice...

Ali Gual
Ali Gual Day 1,903, 07:18

Ahmed AE is corrupt, don't trust him.

hamada khattab
hamada khattab Day 1,903, 07:26

@Ali Gual حمراااااااااا

kinami Day 1,903, 07:48

Ahmed AE is corrupt. Why did he change his cs to SA ?

Jan08 Day 1,903, 08:24

Ah Naboal llavors res xD Pero si venen a Egipte que no vinugin a robar.!

Urner Day 1,903, 09:55

Jo sóc d'Egipte des que era nen, vivia en Lleida (a prop del Nil).

ebreake Day 1,903, 13:15

multi. reported!

Saif1942 Day 1,903, 13:38

corrupt meen ya ro7 omak

AriBenCanaan Day 1,903, 13:46

Quan al teu CV has de posar "Real Egyptian" i et poses una foto del Mourinho, no et mereixes altra cosa a la vida que munyir camelles a la vora del riu Nil.

Xesq Day 1,903, 16:21

A level 23 , born 1st of January???

NOOOBS go home please!

thewizard2013 Day 1,903, 17:32

actually we have 1 region
so where is the Other regions of Egypt
Wait a minute oh you lost it in Battles
so why you lost it ? because you don t care about Egypt you just care about yourself
about congress
yes we have congress but we cant do anything in congress
because we are just 5
but you have alot
so why you took the congress and the Presidential and the government?
to steal from us

Ali Gual
actually you are the corrupt and i don't trust you

eRepublik birthday

May 26, 2010

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh actually you are the Noobs
we are playing this game since 2009
but my old account have been blocked
so you should go home not us because this our home

Naboal Day 1,904, 00:03

1st We have congress because we fought hard when it was necessary.
2nd we have now 1 Region because bulgaria wants it cause they dont want direct connection with Greece
3rd of course we alone cannot do anything vs Bulgaria their Influence is much stronger than ours.
4th take a look at this:
i dont see any arab in the top list, how come? cause your actions doesnt follow your words, less write and more fight...

Rei Artur Mas
Rei Artur Mas Day 1,904, 00:03

I hope some day you will see that Catalans, egiptians and croats alltogehter can make Egypt a great nation. Nowadays Catalans and croats are making this nation a reality. Don´t worry, vote Ali Gual if you want to have a biggest nation and don´t want to divide Egypt for own interest. If you think that Egiptians are better than all the people who is fighting for egypt you are racist against inmigration of catalans and croatians. Don´t be racist and fight for a big nation, for a big Egypt. Vote Ali Gual.

Rontzerius Day 1,904, 00:51

He is corrupt

Ali Gual
Ali Gual Day 1,904, 01:43

the wizard, you old account was blocked for mutliaccounts... so banned! Corrupt!! And if you say something about anyone, please inform yourself before. You dunnow the reality, you life in your fantasy world. Naboal explained whats going on here.

Saif1942 Day 1,904, 02:12

we are the people who don't care about EGYPT!!! and we are the people who are living in fantasy world you don't know any think about the Egyptians and you don't know that the Egyptians love their country more than their self's go home you don't know any thing about Egypt to talk about Egypt AKA"Misr" and i think that you Catalans and Croats made a deal with the Bulgarians
kol masry yekteb "ta7ya masr"

Naboal Day 1,904, 02:47

Then you are wrong Saif1942 and you ignore alliances...we are proEDEN, Bulgaria is a foe in all ways.

if we attack we lose the region, the little bonus we all have, you want that for egyptians domestic economy? strange way to love egypt and egyptians...

Inform yourself better before making accusations without any sense. ty

Saif1942 Day 1,904, 12:38

if you want the Egyptians to be with the Catalans then the Catalans must leave the Gov to the Egyptian and as they say no one can clean a house better than the owner

Ali Gual
Ali Gual Day 1,904, 13:30

Except if the owner has a service, if you want to be our servants no problem.

Saif1942 Day 1,905, 06:08

the egyptians are the owner and you stole the country

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