[Voice of Asteria] April 2019 - New HQ and New beginning

Day 4,165, 11:37 Published in Romania Romania by Asteria HQ

Greetings citizens of the new world,

More than 5 years have passed since the forge of our alliance (11 february 2014), 5 years filled with good and bad but we overcame everything by staying together as a bunch of friends. In these 5 years we managed to be decisive and to dictate the order of the New World, while being the number one alliance alongside our friends.

This month a new team was elected, people with experience, new faces, people ready to prove themselves, all together ready to carry on the breath and soul of Asteria. Allow me present the new HQ of Asteria:

The bar has been set high by the last HQ, also we have a tough month ahead, starting near the Easter event, but we will do our best using our experience and the sole power of the alliance, you, the citizen. So stay united, stay as one and we will continue to be #1 alliance of The New World.

Where there is unity, there is always victory!

Best regards,
Deputy Secretary General,