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[vCP] Polish democracy - Part 4

Day 1,896, 13:10 Published in Sweden Sweden by Plams

This is yet another example showing how the "great" politicians of ePoland are working with other countries!

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Session Start: Mon Jan 28 21:38:50 2013
Session Ident: #talks3
(21:38:50) -› Total 3 nicks (1 ops, 2 other)
(21:38:50) -› Channel created: 20:30:32 - 28/01/2013 (1h 8m ago)
(21:38:53) (Plams) what up
(21:39:00) (@MistrzuYoda) o/
(21:39:07) (@MistrzuYoda) i send ur CP pm too
(21:39:16) (@MistrzuYoda) Coehoorn - polish CP
(21:39:16) (Plams) Who are you and what u want?
(21:39:20) (Plams) ok
(21:39:25) (@MistrzuYoda) im polish MoFA
(21:39:32) (@MistrzuYoda) oh, i forgot about ... sorry ;p
(21:41:38) (Plams) ... i dont have so much time, what is this about?
(21:41:50) (@MistrzuYoda) Coehoorn
(21:41:51) (@MistrzuYoda) u or me?
(21:42:15) (@MistrzuYoda) ok... so, as u maybe know, we are going to war vs Finland
(21:42:25) (Plams) yes
(21:42:33) (@MistrzuYoda) and the only way is trough Sweden
(21:42:55) (@MistrzuYoda) and its the main topic of this meeting
(21:43:39) (@MistrzuYoda) we dont have nothing vs Sweden, and u receive regions after war... we have only 1 goal atm - Finland
(21:45:42) (@MistrzuYoda) do u understand, Plams?
(21:45:43) (@MistrzuYoda) ;p
(21:45:53) (Plams) I understand yes, talking with gov atm
(21:46:48) (Plams) And btw next time, try to be atleast a litte gentle about meetings, make alteast one days heads up....
(21:47:24) (@MistrzuYoda) say thank u to Finland
(21:47:28) (Plams) this is just a douchie move
(21:47:41) (Plams) why would i do that?
(21:47:55) (@MistrzuYoda) bcs, we talked with them since thue
(21:47:56) (Plams) You cant live without your puppets dmg?
(21:48:19) (Plams) and you could not schedual a meeting with us yesterday?
(21:48:22) (Plams) or something...
(21:49:05) (@MistrzuYoda) they should inform u, as member of ASGARD
(21:49:23) (@MistrzuYoda) but, nvm atm, next time we'll inform u personally 🙂
(21:49:30) (@MistrzuYoda) sorry for that
(21:49:33) (Plams) or you schedual a meeting with us that eeting we have now....
(21:49:44) (Plams) that would be good
(21:49:51) (Plams) this is just a bad move...
(21:50:49) (@MistrzuYoda) well, its quick meeting
(21:50:57) (Plams) you done or what?
(21:52:37) (@MistrzuYoda) yep, we done
(21:52:40) (@MistrzuYoda) thx for ur time 🙂
(21:52:50) (@MistrzuYoda) i think meeting is better, than pm
(21:53:16) (Plams) MistrzuYoda
(21:53:24) (Plams) i think we have come up with a solution
(21:53:46) (@MistrzuYoda) ?
(21:56:07) (Plams) We have come to a desition. F**k your idea, we fight for the brotherhood of ASGARD. HAIL ASGARD!
(21:56:09) -› parting channel
Session Close: Mon Jan 28 21:56:09 2013



JeguljaM Day 1,896, 13:23

Go plams ur on fire

Så ska det låta!

Lejonet Day 1,896, 13:28

Helt rätt

thomas82karlsson Day 1,896, 13:29


Pacheeee Day 1,896, 13:32

Poles will be Poles..

Kain Propan
Kain Propan Day 1,896, 13:38

You bring the crimes and heads of conquered kings to our our city-steps, you insult our country, you threaten our people with puppets and wipe! Oh we have chosen our words carefully ,Poland and TWO, maybe you should have done the same!

This is ASGARD!

Patryk von Lunenstein
Patryk von Lunenstein Day 1,896, 13:48

Thank you Stente. I love you too.

Caelo Day 1,896, 13:56


Put a NE up. To Poland!

Dei gratia
Dei gratia Day 1,896, 14:01

Jävla polen! arroganta jävlar! NE Polen

Wolf Henrich von Helldorf
Wolf Henrich von Helldorf Day 1,896, 14:03

Take no prisoners!

Radsoc Day 1,896, 14:16

Dzierżyński żelazny!

klotis Day 1,896, 14:37

Helt rätt plams, vi lär bli wipade men vi kan iallafall sätta käppar i hjulen för dem och visa att det finns folk som sätter sig upp mot dem.

I stand tall, i stand strong in my belivs and thoughts, I STAND FOR WHAT I AM.....AN ASGARD WIKING

Misho Day 1,896, 14:43

If we plan to win against ePoland again then we need some more players. Go get your friends.. so so.. off you go.. hurry!

Marko Aberst
Marko Aberst Day 1,896, 14:47

This mofa...

Lejman Day 1,896, 16:18

Fuck you Poland!
Show no mercy!

romanian spy
romanian spy Day 1,896, 16:22


Cmurgh Day 1,896, 16:46


Rape on Backyard
Rape on Backyard Day 1,896, 17:45


Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,896, 19:46


Fabrice Axe
Fabrice Axe Day 1,896, 21:22


Cure Day 1,896, 21:38

Fuck yeah Plams !

It seems i'll be coming back to scandinavia sooner then i thought... There is nothing better then beating poland : )

Jedi Schmedi
Jedi Schmedi Day 1,897, 23:19

"Fuck your idea"
Haha, fan vad random. ❤

Polen is to eRep what Rebecca Black is to the music-world.
A big misstake that hopefully will be corrected. ❤

Izzeee Day 1,897, 00:38


Muusika Day 1,897, 00:51

Let me understand this, you blame Poland on something which Finnland didnt do?

Also how it is okay that Finnish d*ckheads can torture one little nations for years and when Poland comes for a little help you start whining like a female-dog?

Fabrice Axe
Fabrice Axe Day 1,897, 03:06

You are a female-dog Miss Muusika

jimmooo Day 1,897, 03:45

Those are brave men knocking at our door, lets kill them!

pixelized Day 1,897, 03:57

å vojne vojne, blir det krig nu?

Wrede Day 1,897, 04:01



Mingolla Day 1,897, 04:31

No surrender, HAIL ASGARD!

hixaren2 Day 1,897, 07:23



Hus9 Day 1,897, 08:04

probably they erased us

Maximalus Day 1,897, 08:24

ja stackars polacker, eftersom dom aldrig kunde ta oss irl får dom la försöka här 😛

Painter74 Day 1,897, 10:20

Muusika yeah yeah mr world police ?

Fader Von Son
Fader Von Son Day 1,897, 12:34

Onödigt att gå ut med att svära framför eRepubliks typ starkaste land.
Detta kommer ge konsekvenser naturligtvis men det är inget ni förstår nu.
Polen tar hela Asgard enkelt och det vet alla om, men ändå går en av eSveriges mäktigaste män ut och svär framför polacker.

Maze Putin Stalfitta
Maze Putin Stalfitta Day 1,897, 13:00

Jag förstår din ide men dock anser jag att F**k inte är ett svärord utan tvärtom en trevlig tillställning

Painter74 Day 1,897, 13:05

Fader von son tror du att det spelar nån roll ?

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,897, 15:56

the best comment ever "Also how it is okay that Finnish d*ckheads can torture one little nations for years and when Poland comes for a little help you start whining like a female-dog?" 2 evenly sized countries batling after Estonia backstabbed us twice and what has Poland done? They have bullied their small neighbors so dont think they are the last ones to come and have an opinion! pink cancer which will eventually fall down when hopefully other small countries see that they dont need to obey rubbish and arrogance behavior manners done by who else than the pink cancer of Poland. when i last checked d*heads are pink not green 😉 !

itas Day 1,898, 09:58

Kurwa! o>

Jollikkala Day 1,903, 06:35


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