[#USWPride]First Things

Day 4,621, 06:34 Published in USA USA by Krapis

Greetings, fellow members of USWP, fellow citizens of eUSA, and fellow travellers in the New World!

I am Kernal Krapis, the incumbent USWP President.

USWP has an incredible history of success at every level of government that continues up to today.

In the last three years we also underwent a name/identity change that eventually came full circle back to where we once again find ourselves.

If you are USWP, you ought to be USWProud!

All of that excitement and more takes place primarily at the eUSAForum, specifically in our Members Boards.

My first request as your incumbent President is to ask you to make it part of your daily routine to check in at our Forum.

This benefits our party in several ways.

First of all, we get a chance to see each other. It’s nice to know who our most active members are. It also helps us become a welcoming presence when someone new pops up. I think the Forum is a nice place to build community. Let’s gather there.

Second, you will hopefully also encounter some of the things going on in Public Congress discussion and elsewhere around the eUSAForum. USWP exists as part of a larger community. I think you will enjoy eRepublik more when you know what else is going on.

Third, it will help us build and refine our Caucus. Let’s face it, we want to grow and become more influential. Given what I’ve learned about the eUSA community, I think we will accomplish growth and refinement best if we are frequently in caucus at the Forum.

And so I am starting my term in office very simply. I want to increase our Forum Footprint. In the coming few days I will be unveiling my plan to invigorate our Forum activity. So watch for that.