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[USWP] JohnnyM2 for Congress!

Day 1,919, 20:40 Published in USA Hungary by JyM23

I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring for the first time ever, running for a seat in Congress in the colors of the USWP. Although I’ve only recently joined up, this party was an easy choice for me. I came to support rainy sunday for PP. She’s been the best MU commander ever in the eUS Citizen’s MU. Then I found out that Max McFarland and ligtreb (dudes I just recently met but who have impressed me a lot) are members as well. I hope to earn my spot among them and be a part of a strong USWP team in congess this month.

Where do I stand?

As far as the AFA is concerned, I’ve voiced my opinion a few times. I think we need to work towards a compromise solution because we as a nation cannot ignore 30-35% of our voting population. Although we need to stand firm on issues like rogue proposals and PTO tactics during congressional elections, I think we can find room to negotiate on matters like bonuses and tax policy. I firmly believe most of their membership and even leadership can be worked with, while certain individuals must be marginalized.

I had a few misgivings about our joining CoT and had hoped for an alliance of our own. I have since been convinced that at least for the time being CoT is our best option. Of course, we live in a dynamic e-world and the status quo can and should be reviewed from time to time.

I also support the SPQR movement as a way to bring our nation together and forge a common will among all eUS citizens. I think that RL based patriotism has a place in some e-nations, this is not the case for us. Besides, we’re clearly a very multicultural society.

As far as the economy is concerned, I support regaining and maintaining 10/10 bonuses. Giving them up has served its purpose, now that the geopolitical climate has changed we need to change along with it. I won’t go into tax policy, leaving it up to those more qualified. I think that real change to the economy module needs to come from Plato. (Help us Oblige, you’re our only hope!)

What you can expect:

- Healthy acivity: I can usually devote a couple of hours daily and am active on the forum.
- NO rogue proposals. Being my first term, I expect to propose laws only if called on to do so.
- Following immigration policy pretty much goes without saying.
- I intend to bring a fresh perspective and a constructively critical eye to congress. I might seem like a noob, but I have observed a few things in the last two years of playing the game.

Now, a little bribe to help move some votes my way:

SPQR in our hearts!
SPQR in our minds!
Now and forever.

Please vote, sub & shout:



Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,919, 21:44


USWP won't put you in Congress

JyM23 Day 1,920, 23:05

Well, maybe not on my first try. There's a lot of candidates more qualified than I vying for 5 seats. The point is, I told myself long enough that there's no point in running. You've got to start somewhere.

ligtreb Day 1,920, 23:51

I believe JohnnyM2 would do well in Congress.

ligtreb Day 1,920, 23:54

Oh and thanks for the kind words. I have been impressed by you as well.

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,920, 03:16

Good luck.

Candor Day 1,920, 17:11

Good luck Johnny, I like your platform! V.

JyM23 Day 1,920, 19:39

Yup Candor, I took my inspiration from you and Zoli. Looking forward to working with you at some point.

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