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[USAF][SF] Branch Focus: The Special Forces

Day 2,138, 07:48 Published in USA USA by dmjohnston

The Special Forces is the elite combat MU of America. We bring serious firepower down upon our enemies, we win battles, and we smash walls with billions of damage daily. We have a good thing going here, and are lucky to have grown to roughly 100 soldiers- all of whom are highly active heavy hitters.

We can always improve our strike capability however, we can improve and focus our damage into a precision blade used by our President, our NSC and our brothers in Circle of Trust to slit the throats of the TWO alliance.

General Special Forces Soldier Requirements

1. Be in 4th Divison and deal more than 25k dmg with a single hit.

2. Wear our avatar! You can request one be made for you in this thread:,6872.0.html

3. Join our in game Military Unit. We realize that this requires US citizenship, we can assist you with that. The MU can be found here:

4. Work daily in our commune. Every day you miss costs you and your fellow soldiers a lot.

5. Be on our IRC channels, we are the elite unit for a reason and that includes IRC activity
Channels: #SF (SF's private chat) and #army-sf (SF's public chat)

6. Supplies will be given to those who are online and ready to fight. If you have to log in fight then leave this is fine, just be sure to fight in the ordered battle, then post your damage in the channel before leaving. Do not request and then leave immediately. You can request your next batch of supplies 4 hours after you receive your previous drop. There is almost always a QM officer online who will be happy to assist you.

7. Try to get a few guys in the channel to hit alongside you when you are ready to go, hitting in groups dramatically improves our damage capability.

Twice a month we do Global Roll-Call to make sure that our members are still active and remove the inactive ones.

It is important that we all follow these guidelines as it will help mold the Special Forces into an even more dangerous tool for use against the ONE alliance and any other threats that may face us.

Supply Policy

The current SF supply policy is as follows.

Using QMG bot on IRC (or the form when it's down) you may request supplies thusly:

- standard: !request 6 --> you receive 6 tanks
- extended: !request 7 --> you receive 7 tanks
- super extended: !request 8 --> you receive 8 tanks

Also, as a reminder, SF supplies tanks for *actual tanking* - if you're using EBs, take a screen cap and send it to an officer and we will supply as many tanks as you used, whether it's 10 or 100, as long as it's in a priority battle.

Additionally remember that you can ALWAYS REQUEST MOVING MONEY FOR DEPLOYMENTS but be sure to format your request properly!

Why join the Special Forces?
★ Official Government MU
★ The most generous supply program of any eAmerican MU
★ Current, nationally relevant orders set by the NSC
★ A diverse international community
★ Opportunity for advancement via officership or captain positions
★ A great home for tanks with our "Tanks for Tanking" (tm) program

Some well known SF Members:


6 times and current PoTUS,Several times Congressman.


ex - EDEN SC,eUS SoD, dNSC etc.


Current CP of Denmark and numerous times president of eGermany.


Current VP of eUSA,Current COT MC,NSC Chairman 12 times,Terra SG twice,Terra SC 6 times etc.

Don't forget! Special USAF Sponsored IRC Event today, Day 2138, in #Joint-USAF at 1400 and 1900 eRep Time. Glorious Prizes!


dmjohnston Day 2,138, 07:50

First for Freedom!

Duke09 Day 2,138, 08:54

Comment deleted

dmjohnston Day 2,138, 12:03

It's called marketing.

Duke09 Day 2,138, 14:05

lol my coment was deleted.
Whatever you think, voters club=loser. Now, you have a lot of votes and no comments, so nobody reads it.

Lapraksi Day 2,138, 11:41


TTi09 Day 2,138, 12:43


nui04 Day 2,138, 12:59

Vanek is UM, not SF.

Kodos Day 2,138, 14:20


SrSalvador Day 2,138, 16:20

ola a todos. Soy nueboh y no me uvico mucho en esto de los foros pero un amijoh me dijo que aca hay gente muy cool y me ayudarian con mi problema. keria saber si halguien save como puedo conbertirme en un super sayayin y zi algien ya lo logro. El otro dia vi a un tal gokuh aserlo en el television y kisiera saver si podria acerlo yo tanvien y si es azi como le podriah aser. Muchas grasias de antebraso y muy buen foro.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,139, 03:23


Lorenzo VonMatterhorn
Lorenzo VonMatterhorn Day 2,139, 18:31

USD sink since 2012 !

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 2,139, 19:02


Needs more nui04 and enderaggie


Zheng He
Zheng He Day 2,140, 03:17


O Bass
O Bass Day 2,140, 06:05


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