[USA] With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

Day 865, 16:05 Published in USA Pakistan by Max McFarland 2

Citizens of the eUSA,

I have no cheery theme music to offer you today.

If you follow the eUS Forum, you might have seen a comment I posted on Friday:
~ http://eusforum.com/index.php/topic,21710.msg407183.html#msg407183

Let me me sum it up up for you before we moved on. Some nations are just not our friends anymore.


This breaks my heart a bit, since we have struggled together for so long, especially with Spain.

But, facts are facts. Remember, I'm not saying that EDEN is a problem... note, I started a RW in Jilin for avec EDEN's Supreme Commander, just two nights ago, pushing heavy media on it. I blew like 400 gold on that between the RW, tanks, and ads. I am 100% for coordination with EDEN. Separately, I recently tried submitting and discussing a proposal to jointly empower Poland/USA, followed by Croatia/Romania, to the head guys in our JCS and in EDEN. I really hoped we could make things work. But now that we are leaving, and not aligning our strategic goals with the big nations in EDEN, we have to accept reality. While many in those nations may still love us, some decision-makers and policy-makers are a different story entirely. Unless we change course and plan wars of conquest with Poland and Spain, we have a rude awakening coming. I say we need to be ready for it.

I have stated the reality above, in bold, as clearly as I possibly can. The next President must plan on new hostilities from former friends. Right now, I have to admit I'm concerned about Poland/Spain/Russia coming for us. There are many reasons I hold this concern. I shall share some with you. Some people in our government will be angry with me for sharing this. Tough luck. I had to get his information from old friends outside of the eUSA, since our own government either could not or would not do anything with it. You think I'm paranoid? I'm not. At least I think I'm not. I just speak to a lot of old people in both alliances. Right now, my biggest fear is the blind trust we have in Poland and Spain. I prefer to deal in simple facts. The hitch is that we cannot always speak freely in public. Right now, I can't say I care about these restrictions.

Right now, dramatics aside, everyone in the eUSA needs to realize exactly what kinds of friends and allies we have in Poland and Spain. Their leaders are not our friends right now. History aside, their leaders are just not our friends right now. I think we we would be fools to ever trust them again, unless they have a complete change of heart and move heaven and earth to prove otherwise. In my original forum post I covered some other details and offered some hopes for reconciliation... but these are now in the past. History.

This is a conversation log.
Due to eRepublik Laws, I cannot make specific claims.
It's up to you to read it and make your own decisions.
Let's say this is a hypothetical conversation with imaginary people...
...since you do not need approval to post hypothetical conversations from imaginary people.

Let's say we took out some hypothetical hour marks and formatting, to keep it ambiguous when/where this is from.

Let's say we have 3 leaders from Spain:
Let's say we have 1 leader from Polan😛
Let's say they met with 8 leaders from Phoenix:

Let's say they arranged a meeting with Phoenix to plot the destruction of the eUSA.
Let's say this is a partial log of such a meeting, the best we have to work with.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Tue Mar 30 ..:08:17 2010

[..:08:21] BRAZIL: lolz SPAIN1
[..:08:25] POLAND: omfg
[..:08:29] BULGARIA: hi SPAIN2 - no kisses cause its gay but i will say hi
[..:08:31] SERBIA: haha
[..:08:31] BULGARIA: BRAZIL: and SPAIN1
[..:08:32] *HUNGARY1: define mode: +o BRAZIL
[..:08:33] BULGARIA: muahahah
[..:08:33] BULGARIA: 😃D
[..:08:34] SPAIN3: omfg
[..:08:35] PORTUGAL: ahah
[..:08:39] BULGARIA: punch each other!
[..:08:45] SPAIN1: I thought this meeting was SRS :_
[..:08:50] POLAND: was.
[..:08:51] BRAZIL: no, i will just read, cause TURKEY call me
[..:08:53] POLAND: :F
[..:08:56] HUNGARY1: I hope the romania would block us
[..:08:56] BULGARIA: alright
[..:08:59] BULGARIA: i stop ******* around
[..:09:02] BULGARIA: you talk
[..:09:15] SPAIN1: I guess romania would just try to take UKR while nobody looks
[..:09:19] SERBIA: so what are we talking about?
[..:09:20] SPAIN1: that seems very romanian-like
[..:09:24] POLAND: yeah
[..:09:27] POLAND: stealing
[..:09:28] POLAND: 😃
[..:09:30] SPAIN1: SERBIA: gangbanging USA
[..:09:30] SPAIN2: well
[..:09:31] PORTUGAL: Russia would be there
[..:09:33] SPAIN2: for me
[..:09:35] SERBIA: ah
[..:09:36] SPAIN2: Ukraine can be ******
[..:09:37] SPAIN2: hard
[..:09:39] SPAIN1: Spa-Hun-Ser-Pol-Rus attacking USA
[..:09:41] SERBIA: SPAIN1: and how exactly?
[..:09:43] SPAIN1: at the same time
[..:09:55] PORTUGAL: SPAIN2 they can't. Russia would be there anyway.
[..:09:59] BULGARIA: SPAIN1: hun and ser cannot attack usa on original territories
[..:10:05] BULGARIA: the furthest they can go
[..:10:06] SERBIA: SPAIN1: 🙂
[..:10:08] BULGARIA: is in asia
[..:10:10] SPAIN3: I think that
[..:10:15] SPAIN3: China and India
[..:10:18] SPAIN3: won't be a problem
[..:10:18] SERBIA: we can attack originals
[..:10:22] SERBIA: but we can hold them
[..:10:23] SPAIN3: especially the mPPs
[..:1😇8] BULGARIA: SERBIA: you cant🙂
[..:10:40] SERBIA: *can't
[..:10:42] SERBIA: typo
[..:10:42] SPAIN1: well, that's why we're discussing, to make the details
[..:10:44] SERBIA: 😃
[..:11:04] BULGARIA: as much trust i have in POLAND SPAIN1 SPAIN2 and SPAIN3 , we cant let you risk liao and heilong
[..:11:05] BULGARIA: 🙂
[..:11:07] HUNGARY1: we should start with a Karnataka RW
[..:11:11] HUNGARY1: to xripple them
[..:11:11] PORTUGAL: by the time we attack, how many MPPs would USA have? I mean, from top countries?
[..:11:19] SPAIN3: hmmm
[..:11:21] SPAIN1: hmmmm
[..:11:22] SPAIN2: I thought Russia would be the 2nd target PORTUGAL :_
[..:11:22] SERBIA: BULGARIA: agreed
[..:11:26] SPAIN3: EDEN would not sign MPPs
[..:11:27] PORTUGAL: HUNGARY1 won't matter before we talk to India
[..:11:36] PORTUGAL: they can do "a Sindh" in Karnataka
[..:11:43] SPAIN3: I mean, those top countries from EDEN for sure
[..:12:01] *HUNGARY2 [cgiirc@Rizon-...]
[..:12:07] HUNGARY2: hi🙂
[..:12:09] GERMANY: HUNGARY2 is hun ...
[..:12:10] BRAZIL: ok ,that is the plan, Hungary and serbia attack with Poland and Spain, spain and poland sign peace with USA, them MPP it, then Hun and Serbia are screwed, cool story
[..:12:11] SPAIN3: hi
[..:12:12] *SERBIA: define mode: +o HUNGARY2
chat log break
[..:12:21] HUNGARY2: thx SERBIA
[..:12:28] SERBIA: BRAZIL: 😃
[..:12:30] HUNGARY1: yo HUNGARY2 🙂
[..:12:34] SERBIA: as i said before
[..:12:36] HUNGARY2: hali HUNGARY1 😃
[..:12:45] SERBIA: serbia and hungary are not able to activate USA mpp's
[..:12:54] BRAZIL: SERBIA: it is easy to read their minds
[..:12:54] SERBIA: but we would be able to hold US regions
[..:13:00] SERBIA: BRAZIL: oh shut up
[..:13:01] BRAZIL: but they think we are dumb like them
[..:13:01] SERBIA: 😃
chat log break
[..:13:13] BRAZIL: SPAIN1 u mad?
[..:13:20] POLAND: well then
[..:13:21] PORTUGAL: BRAZIL, calma pa.
[..:13:24] SPAIN1: oppps missclick
[..:13:24] SPAIN1: 😃
[..:13:25] POLAND: we have nothing to talk about
[..:13:28] SERBIA: just be quiet BRAZIL
[..:13:29] SERBIA: 😃
[..:13:32] SPAIN3: who is BRAZIL ?
[..:13:36] BULGARIA: POLAND: serbia and hun can take care of asia
[..:13:37] BRAZIL: SPAIN3 tu padre
[..:13:39] SERBIA: POLAND: we don't want to end up like indo
[..:13:39] PORTUGAL: BR representative
[..:13:42] BULGARIA: and you take care of original territories
[..:13:45] SPAIN3: not my father
[..:13:49] SERBIA: we can clean up asia if needed
[..:13:51] SPAIN1: what about rus?
[..:13:54] BULGARIA: thats about as much as could happen
[..:13:57] POLAND: i don't think we are ready to give you any gifts
[..:13:58] SERBIA: rus could activate mpp's
[..:14:08] BULGARIA: rus could attack indeed
[..:14:10] SERBIA: they have no problem in that
[..:14:15] SPAIN1: how many MPPs does rus have active?
[..:14:18] TURKEY: 3
[..:14:21] POLAND: 16?
[..:14:22] POLAND: 😃
[..:14:23] BULGARIA: 😃D SERBIA 21😃
[..:14:23] SERBIA: damn people, russians are waiting to ravage USA since..
[..:14:26] SERBIA: since.. forever
[..:14:30] SERBIA: 21 yes
[..:14:33] SPAIN1: against USA I meant
[..:14:35] HUNGARY2: 21...nice🙂
[..:14:37] PORTUGAL: 3 or 4
[..:14:37] SERBIA: oh
[..:14:40] BULGARIA: since lenin appeare😛)
[..:14:41] SERBIA: 2 vs USA
[..:14:43] SERBIA: or 3
[..:14:44] HUNGARY2: :/
[..:14:46] SPAIN1: which ones?
[..:14:46] PORTUGAL: Serbia and Brazil I think
[..:14:50] SPAIN1: lulz
[..:14:50] SERBIA: http://www.erepublik.com/en/wars/show/639
[..:14:52] POLAND: turkey and brasil
[..:14:58] SPAIN1: lol
[..:15:00] SPAIN1: no useful MPPs then
[..:15:11] PORTUGAL: damn
[..:15:11] SPAIN3: I think
[..:15:16] TURKEY: cmon, turkey is cool

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

If this article is deleted by the moderators, check the eUS Forum afterward.

I strongly recommend that we completely reevaluate our relationship with Poland and Spain.
I strongly recommend that we do not renew our MPP with Poland and Spain.
I strongly recommend that we find new friends and allies outside of their alliance.

I'm sorry to bring you this news.

Max McFarland 2
Citizen, eUSA