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[UP] My PP campaign

Day 2,093, 17:54 Published in South Africa Poland by El Reto

Hi folks!
As some of You probably already knew, I'm starting for Party President of UP.
Main target is to bring party's spirit back, we must live again!

We will rise like phoenix!

What my other goals are?
- Regaining top1 position with more than 40 members,
- Winning congress elections
- Retrieving party core
- Wisely and together (in open party voting) choose CP candidate
- Rise up morale and make party live again
- Work together for glory of eSouth Africa

Anybody who is interested in helping me out, just contact me (PM or IRC).

TL;DR As I promised to Sm33za some time ago, I'm starting for President of UP. Wanna help? Sen me PM. Now go and vote for me! Yay!

See ya on 15th voting for me!
El Reto


Marmaduke IV
Marmaduke IV Day 2,093, 21:16

u go girl

Ejdatful Day 2,093, 21:55

Good luck mate! Voted

Away From Keyboard
Away From Keyboard Day 2,094, 01:58

Good luck Reto o/

kuckuck Day 2,094, 02:04

Good luck

atrawall Day 2,094, 09:20

Good Luck El Reto!

Isoco Day 2,094, 09:26

Good luck o7

SM333ZA Day 2,094, 21:45

good luck El Reto, UP can only get better with a change of leadership


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