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Day 2,099, 07:17 Published in South Africa Poland by El Reto

15th day of the month just passed and began another term of office of the Party Presidents.
This month UP bestowed me with their trust, for which I thank you all.
From this point, I would like to congratulate the other elected presidents and wish them a successful term.

Party Core
I've decided to rebuild party core.
We are starting from the very beginning, full of enthusiasm and new ideas.
Current party core consist:
Party President

El Reto

Vice President


Secretary General




Squad is not closed yet. Wanna help UP grow and join party core? Send your application on PM to Party President!

Congress elections
We are looking for people who are active and willing to help the country in difficult times.
If you feel able to handle these challenges, join Union of Patriots and place your candidature - maybe it's just you we are looking for?
Don't wait - you can become congressman today!

Unity with Patriots!
You are non-partisan? Looking for a place where you can quickly develop and implement political dreams?
Join the UP today, and make the first step on your political path!

Or maybe you're looking for a party that his activity and achievements will strike more than others?
Do not hesitate - join the Patriots!

Choose Unity - Become Patriot!
Party President,
El Reto


Ejdatful Day 2,099, 08:42

Voted. Nice to work with you.

SM333ZA Day 2,099, 09:44

lets do this

kuckuck Day 2,099, 09:50


Pickn Day 2,099, 10:11


UrosDjeneral Day 2,099, 13:41


Enriche2Ribeiro Day 2,100, 08:07

lets do this

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