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[鹅蛋之声]United We Stand, Divided we Fall

Day 1,847, 06:19 Published in North Korea China by KevinYu


Salutations House of EDEN,

In pursuance of last events, we have to make it clear: EDEN Leadership and our nations neither supported nor approved the the deal between Romania and Hungary. With this being said, we are requesting Romania to do the right and the reasonable thing.

The Romanian government never asked for Ukraine’s acceptance on this agreement. Our duty as an Alliance is to stop it, our vision is to fix it. We are definitely supporting Romania in their forthcoming war against Hungary, but if it means that we’ll have to face abusive actions partaken by an EDEN member against another EDEN member, our position will be clear: EDEN will defend with maximum priority the abused country.

We are making an appeal towards both countries to solve this situation. Romania has to restrain itself in abusing another EDEN member, and in this global war, Romania and Ukraine, both, are on the same boat, so let’s fight together for Justice and Victory.

United we Stand, Divided we Fall
Victoria aut Mors



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of coz. no matter how many conflicts appear.


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