[UKRP] Party Presidential Elections - again

Day 4,620, 21:16 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by certacito

Once again it is time for us to nominate a new Party President to lead our brave band of stout fellows forward in the sea of turmoil that is the eUK.

In practical terms, the PP has little to do - other than nominate a candidate for the Country Presidential elections - and this is why I feel confident about my abilities to deliver this relatively undemanding yet important task.

A couple of party members have asked why I have never stood for CP myself - the answer is that I feel that I would not be a particularly effective CP - in that the role does require a certain amount of time, intelligence and dedication if it is to be undertaken well - and in my senior state I am sure that I would doze off at the wrong time and make a total Horlicks of the role.

However, the role of PP is one that I am capable of fulfilling competently. We have had a couple of good terms out of our beloved Wookie - so it is probably fair to let him have a bit of rest and recuperation to allow him to get a post-COVID lockdown haircut and a bit of time to spoil Mrs Wook and the Wooklets.

If elected this term - I resolve to maintain the UKRP policy of ‘business as usual’ and will break open the cocktail cabinet for pink gins all around!

Vote for good old Certa Cito for Party President!

And - what is the significance of the YouTube video? Firstly - it is linked to another piece that I am preparing for dear old Humph - and it reflects how K feel at times like this - bobbing up and down alone in a huge ocean, trying not to fall asleep.....