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[UKPP] ermahgerd, article!

Day 2,205, 11:48 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by WayneKerr

Country President elections are just round the corner and once again the Party President for UKPP has derped and forgot to elect the parties candidate... judging by the party feed, Invalidation was the clear winner. So a lot of you will already know and understand what I am about to say, you may skip the rest, go straight to the top of this article, press the vote button and then scroll down to leave me a comment...

A 3-Way...

This month we have had 3 people make the effort to write some stuff with regards to becoming our next CP. We have the ESO backed Professor Moriarty, ChewChewShoe running under the UKRP banner and TUP's very own Invalidation. I'm going to ignore Professor Moriarty for the purposes of this article. It would be too unfair on the others to give such epicness more exposure!

Becomes a 2-Way...

ChewChewShoe and Invalidation, both divide opinion, both are not what you would call 'model' members of the community and they both are not afraid to use underhanded tactics to further their agendas. On paper they have all the attributes needed to make excellent CP's. But then I read both manifesto's and decided that really, only one has what it takes...

For over two years now the UKPP has existed, through it's ups and downs, changes in leadership, deaths and births, we have always remained true to one thing. Quite possibly the most important thing in eRepublik. The FREEDOM to play the game as you see fit, having NO MASTER, other then yourself.

I look around the eUK today and see the imprint we, as a party, have left on the eUK. We have some of the lowest taxes in the game, we no longer sign MPP's to express a sign of friendship, Congressman are free to use citizenship passes as they see fit, forums no longer dominate our politics, almost everything we desired has come to pass. Even our 'political enemies' have come around... well at least some of em.

Ends 1-way

Chew wants Government to stick its nose into the things WE do in the community, he wants to tie us up in red tape, which we all know just causes resentment and ostracises members, he wants to bring back the failed immigration committee, he even wants Government to meddle with our parties basically he wants to take us back two years. All in one term too, which is pretty impressive!

Invalidation on the other hand has pretty much released the ultimate UKPP CP manifesto. A hands off approach to the domestic side of the game with emphasis on us to make the eUK however we want. We as a community or as groups or even as individuals decide on what to build, who to give it, we decide on who war and when. All he asks is that you actively partake in whatever it is you want from the game. This is what we have wanted all these months... and ya know what makes it sweeter?

It's coming from a TUP mouth.

This, UKPP, is why on the 5th you should vote Invalidation!



Invalidation Day 2,205, 11:51


Saiwun Day 2,205, 11:54


WayneKerr Day 2,205, 11:58

eUK had their chance... no more Wayne4CP.

Saiwun Day 2,205, 12:00

Make do with Invalidation then...

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 2,205, 15:20

Wait what are you backing New Era policies again or just taking the credit to ride on the coat tails of Invalidation also using some of our stuff?

I thought your whole getting rid of Nick and BigAnt thing was to move away from us.

WayneKerr Day 2,206, 10:29

Your stuff? When did New Era ever have any policies? These were all UKPP policies before New Era was a twinkle in Dappers eye...

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,205, 12:00

I'm backing Chewchewshoe so should you !

N W G Day 2,205, 16:14

This actually harms him more so you should be quite about it

CptChazbeard. Day 2,205, 12:00

Wait...what? When did UKPP get their crayons back? 😛


Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,205, 12:10

lol so funny ukpp is run by a click of a few players, Richard has let the party down twice this month as his not active 1 ) failed to get UKPP into congress, 2 failed to back a member of the eUK for CP . I'n not running but I'm sure their are others in the party that would like a chance, after speaking to the party members this is something they want a chance unlike the same group controlling congress list !

CptChazbeard. Day 2,205, 12:15

If people feel that there is a problem the solution is simple. Come up with a better plan, gain support, run for PP and - should they win - actually do something. It's far easier to sit back and criticise rather than taking on the responsibility.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,205, 12:20

Problem is , some people dont even know where to start , they feel small in this game due to a few loud mouths and they get looked over as they are not in the click , you raise good points which I do agree with.

Tiger Style
Tiger Style Day 2,205, 12:25

You're right Dapper, UKPP didn't get congress.

Question: did you or did you not message Dom May offering to 'move people over' to PCP to push UKPP out of congress spots? If you did it seems a strange thing to complain about.

Tangbod Day 2,205, 12:31

you sir talk a pile of steaming, in my mails with you I've basically denounced you but in a nice way. If as you state there are individuals who wish to run/take part what, pray tell, is stopping them announcing it in the party feed. Once more I fear the need to manipulate with no evidence, as usual, is your one over-riding urge.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,205, 12:32

I think you will find the PCP was in 3rd place for the whole month , UKRP added around 15 ppl on the last day ESO maybe 10 , PCP added some to protect their place as they was 3rd all month, the parties that took UKPP place was either ESO or UKRP , Richard Feist added people to UKPP but not enough it seems now that is not my fault . Every party did what it could to hold a congress spot , maybe with my help UKPP will do so next month !

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,205, 12:33

Tangbod you are the only negative response I have got funny enough, not everyone is negative like you !

WayneKerr Day 2,205, 12:33

ah screenshots are a wonderful thing, aye sam?

If they don't know where to start than quite frankly they are not cut out for running UKPP or any other party.

UKPP have no 'click' ( the word you are looking for is clique), the same people have 'ran' the party have done so since it was born. The most active ones that can gain a following. It's that simple.

Tiger Style
Tiger Style Day 2,205, 12:36 they weren't I can tell you that for a fact as we were out of the top 5 on the last day members could join and there was confusion about whether the places were set or not. At this point you messaged Dom and offered to move people across to get PCP in the top 5. Ask anyone active in PCP, they will all tell you the same (mainly cos it's a fact).

WayneKerr Day 2,205, 12:37

Don't try to rewrite history Dapper, every man and his dog knew that PCP was in 6th going into Election day, but somehow managed to pull it off with hours to spare. ESO had been in third all week and UKRP made a surge early on using friends in other parties and citizenship passes to gain more members.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,205, 12:42

Really what you are saying is the UKPP leadership ie Rich and you failed the UKPP party , you was never in the top 5 all month

WayneKerr Day 2,205, 12:54

lol, we was top 5 until the last day...

FragUK Day 2,205, 12:11


Bonus Pater Familias
Bonus Pater Familias Day 2,205, 12:30

Bow Down to the Germarkian annihilation!

Rfeist Day 2,205, 12:31

I already said Im willing to have someone run and get involved as PP next month and let these other players you talk of have a crack at leadership. But UKPP has never been ruled by 1 person as PP. On Another note, didn't do a thing, get wayne writing articles.... Everyones a winner!


Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,205, 12:35

Your willing ? oh wow thanks , well I guess if you or wayne say someone else can be PP maybe they can , if it ok with two it seems ?

WayneKerr Day 2,205, 12:40

Do as we had to do and rip leadership from the cold dead hands of the old guard!

btw Dapper, I ain't been UKPP for at least 6 months

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,205, 12:49

lol you are only ukpp , u was ukpp congressman for oct 2013 july 2013, shall i chek the party feed ? WayneKerr wrote 29 days ago

Those that ain't voted yet, vote RFeist.
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Fataliix Day 2,205, 12:54

Comment deleted

Fataliix Day 2,205, 12:57

Gosh that last comment looked like drunken Fataliix coming out to play. Wayne hasn't used any underhanded tactics to sway the PP vote in the entire time I've been a member. Anyone in the party can comment on who they wish to win, of course, just like you've been encouraging with the CP election. I could have posted "Vote for Doc Devil! etc", but I'm not literally taking anyone's hand and forcing them to click that vote button. Please don't attempt to comment on the internal politics of a party that you have been a member of (for whatever reason) for a few days.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,205, 12:58


WayneKerr Day 2,205, 13:01

Fataliix understands the UKPP way!

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,205, 13:06

Fataliix I was in the party for over a month and won my only congress medal with UKPP that was 1 year and half ago and since then it has stayed the same

WayneKerr Day 2,205, 14:47

You have no idea of the internal politics of UKPP Dapper, the days of me, Garth, Lady Macbeth, Rich and Mick running the show (the time you was in it) have LOOOONG since passed. The only one actively (if you can call it that) helping run the party is Rich from your time.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,205, 12:50

WayneKerr wrote one month ago

Well done Fraggles!

Titan like a boss!
1 6 · Comment · Vote

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,205, 12:50

WayneKerr wrote 2 months ago

3 days and nothing said?

I remember when this party used to be good...

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,205, 12:52

WayneKerr wrote 4 months ago

Fuck me Canada was shit...
5 · Comment · Vote

WayneKerr Day 2,205, 12:58

every so often I popped back to check shit out, leave the odd comment, say a few hello's as I still have many friends in UKPP. I haven't had any 'leadership' role for about 9 months and have no desire to become part of the 'leadership' role.

Try harder dapper!

Fataliix Day 2,205, 12:58

Have you realised that you are replying to yourself?

Rfeist Day 2,205, 12:43

Haha nice turning round of my works then. More the fact that it was me suggesting that as I ran last month, the fact no one made a serious attempted to run so as I just continue to hold the seat until someone serious wants to run.

Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 2,205, 13:39

I didn't run last 2 months to take over as RN Commander, I'm running for PP this month, but I'll step aside if Wayne wants to run against Dappy [to save it's soul]

WayneKerr Day 2,205, 14:09

I have never had any intention of running for PP. Why not let someone with a bit of drive have a go Neil, you didn't exactly shine in your previous terms. A Tangbod, a Doc Devil, a Fataliix someone like that.

Fataliix Day 2,205, 16:58

Aw yiss, I got mentioned. I'd love to give it a shot, but I'm expecting my first child on January 22nd and I won't have any commitments within a month of that. Pretty good excuse, I reckon. Maybe once I get the hang of looking after one child I'll be equipped to look after a bunch. 😉

Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 2,206, 23:00

if one of them throws their hat in the ring [FYI Doc Devil seems to have go AWOL atm; I backed him 2 months ago]

you forget I pulled off the seemingly unthinkable & forced Pfeiffer's UKRP to run under our colours for congress in my first term; we finished 2nd with 140 votes

Tangbod Day 2,206, 01:01

A blind one legged dog would win more votes than Commandante Dapper, but that is just my own personal view

WayneKerr Day 2,206, 10:30

I told Pfluff to run with UKPP...

Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 2,206, 14:45

after I had detailed the deal he couldn't refuse

WayneKerr Day 2,207, 10:23

nah it was way before you got your arse into gear...

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 2,205, 12:45

While I have love for Chewie, with my new outlook on the game, Invalidation is the clear choice for CP.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,205, 12:59

Voted 23

Come on UKPP !!!!!

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