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[UKGOV] MoFA: Case Study...Scandinavia and the Baltic

Day 2,141, 03:45 Published in United Kingdom Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Foreign Office

Our relationship with the Baltic/Scandinavian regions goes back a long way - as it does with all those who border us. This includes the following nations: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Currently we are allied with Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

This was not always the case, in the recent past we have been closely affiliated with Sweden who were our allies in ONE. During this time we fought together against our enemies, EDEN, waging war on countless battlefields. During our wipe they even granted us up to four congress seats each month so that we could still have a form of elected Congress.

With the collapse of ONE our relationship with Scandinavia and Sweden in particular declined. Sweden moved into a closer relationship with their Scandinavian brothers, Finland and Norway forming ASGARD, over time this would expand to include Norway and Canada. They ran into another alliance in the region: ABC, or the Alliance of Baltic Nations. This comprised of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The early wars saw Latvia fighting Sweden while Estonia battled Finland.

Our own alliance situation saw us moving more to the side of ABC due to our links to all three nations as well as close allies Poland. This saw us move further away from Sweden as they moved closer to Finland. Due to the fluctuating nature of erepublik, we find ourselves on the opposite side to them at this stage.

ABC dissolved late in 2012 as ASGARD began expanding acquiring Canada and Norway. Latvia and Estonia joined the newly formed ACT, or Associated Countries of TWO whilst Lithuania joined Circle of Trust. As a member state of TWO we would work closely alongside these nations fighting with them against the Scandinavian forces. Our conflict with ASGARD spiralled out of control from MPP battles to direct war in January 2013 with the invasion of Norway and counter-invasion by Canada. Thanks to the timely intervention by Spain, Canada was thrown out of our shores and the UK secured Norwegian regions.

Recent developments in the area have seen victory by our Baltic allies over ASGARD including the removal of Russia, who had been a close ally of Norway and Sweden relying on them for resources. Lithuania finally moved out of CoT and joined ACT dominating Sweden heavily. We have forged closer bounds with our Lithuanian comrades fighting along their side against another enemy in May 2013. Germany invaded the Lithuanians seeing the UK launch their own invasion down Denmark against the German forces draining their damage and generally causing mayhem against them. With peace between Lithuania and Germany signed, we returned to our own borders and Irish regions. Likewise, with our earlier invasion by Argentina Lithuania and Latvia provided troops to assist us in beating both our enemies.Together we have stood against many enemies and this continues to this day.

The CoT breakout last month saw Bulgaria strike into Scandinavia backing their ASGARD friends. Their country of choice to hit: Lithuania. Lithuania was temporarily removed from their Swedish and Norwegian regions once Romania counter-airstriked Bulgaria and their illfated Natural Enemy against the UK failed seeing them once again trapped in the Balkans.

Scandinavia and the Baltic Day 2141

Our history with the Scandinavian and Baltic regions has been interesting and seen us gain new friends and lose old allies. While it was a shame to see Sweden move to the other side, we have gained new friends from Lithuania while still continuing to have our friends from Sweden.

Thanks for reading
~Bohemond4 and RFeist



Alphabethis Day 2,141, 13:19


WayneKerr Day 2,141, 05:22

How did the swedes give us Congress seats? As far as I remember vast swathes of eUKers left eUk to run in Swedish Congress. It's not quite the same thing...

Niemand Day 2,141, 07:04

You are right Wayne, no congress seats were for the wiped eUK.
Only some eUK-ers that got eSweden cs and were in eSwedisch top 5 parties got congress seats .
eSweden was a refugee camp for many eUK-ers. Many friendships still last between those players.

Invalidation Day 2,141, 11:15

We won those seats on our own merits, a bit of British politics in other countries goes a long long way! :3

Niemand Day 2,141, 07:04

Voted & shouted!

No pain Yes gain
No pain Yes gain Day 2,141, 07:38


Invalidation Day 2,141, 11:14

At least I still love Sweden.

Funnyte Day 2,142, 01:58


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