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[UK-Reform] Getting Involved!

Day 1,826, 09:40 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Thomas765

Hello there,
The Reform Machine, as I so put it a few days ago, is building again. As such there are many ways to get involved in the party if you are a member or wish to be a member.

First of all, let me give you a brief overview of the party:
We are one of the only centre-right parties in the United Kingdom, however, I like to think of the UKRP as being a freethinking party, where people of all views come. It has been that way for a while. We are a rather small party now but in our history, we have elected quite a few presidents and for much of 2011, we had the largest number of congressmen. We are now rebuilding.

Policies and articles
We are currently reforming our policy on the forums. More information on that will likely crop up after the party conference tonight.

Darkmantle has released the first article on members of the UKRP. More are due to be released today or later on this week. It can be read here:

[UK-Reform] Meet the UKRP: part one

For a party article, it has received an astounding number of votes. I wish to thank all who voted for it and to continue voting for our articles.

On articles, I have re-done UKRP newspaper image templates. They have been used in this article. I thought a change of colour was necessary instead of having just black, white, red and blue. It now looks visually more appealing.

Debates and surveys
Over the course of this party presidential term, we will be doing a few surveys for our members to take part in. The most recent one was a survey about about political orientation in real life. If you have access to the UKRP forums, then you can find out more information here. If you don't have UKRP forum access but are a UKRP member then you can request here: The same survey has been distributed to UKRP members in-game. The results will be published in several days to let people be given the chance to complete it. Of course, this won't be the only survey you, as members, can take part in. There will be several over the course of the month and gives the UK a show of what people support or think!

In addition to this, after having spoken to ApronChef, we agreed to jointly having several opinion polls, surveys and debates between the UK Reform Party and Every Single One to show what each other's members think and for our members to get to know each other more. This makes it simpler as more people will be covered by one form or poll instead of two. It also encourages debate. It should be fun!


mittekemuis has organised a party radio that we can use to listen to music - anything we want at any time! It's a fun method to get people to know each other by comparing music tastes and such. You will be required to have IRC access (which is mentioned below) to listen to it though.

We are currently taking part in the good old song of the article contest. Several members have nominated a few songs for inclusion into articles and we are currently discussing them and voting on them. The three songs that were nominated have some relation to the aforementioned radio. They are:

"Africa" by Toto (nominated by Darkmantle)
"Speak softly love" by Andy Williams (nominated by Lionbeard)
"Mrs Brown you've got a lovely daughter" by Herman's Hermits (nominated by Kain Propan)

For this article, I've named "Another Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd as the song of the article! Enjoy!

Party Conference
Tonight (Monday), the UKRP will be holding a party conference on IRC. If you wish to get involved, send over a message to Thedark Ace, our PP and he'll sort you out.

IRC and forums
Both IRC (to find out more about IRC, click here) and the forums are equally used methods of communicating with our active membership.

Our public IRC channel is #ukrp on the Rizon network. If you aren't a UKRP member and wish to join us, then feel free to join. If you are a UKRP member, ping any of us ops and we'll get your sorted with access to our private channel. To give you a comparison of our activity, around 15 to 20 people attend IRC at certain times!

For a simple link to our public IRC channel then click here, select your nickname and then speak to one of us in the channel. Someone is usually around most of the time.

We use the official eUK forums as means of communicating with each other outside of the game. In addition to this, many party activities are organised, planned and started there, so if you want to get further involved in the party then you can join us there.

The forums can be found here:
As soon as you have registered or logged in, you can request UKRP access by posting here:

If you require any support then feel free to contact any of us!

Join the United Kingdom Reform Party!


Click here to join the party.

I want to get involved!

Click here to sign up to the eUK forums.

Click here and make a thread asking for UKRP private access, including your citizens profile link. To do this you must be level 13 and a member of the UKRP.

Click here to get on IRC, a way to chat with people on eRepublik and more importantly US! Type - /join #ukrp - once connected.

I have a problem or want to know more!

Any questions, any problems, anything at all. Feel free to PM me and I will help you with whatever you need.

Thank you for reading!


Join the UK Reform Party!

Join the Legion!

On a parting note, have some Zooey Deschanel and Adam Levine...


mittekemuis Day 1,826, 09:47

A ~♥~ for UKRP

Thomas765 Day 1,826, 09:47


GregoryG Day 1,826, 09:55

~o~ Zooey Deschanel ~o~

Michael Crookes
Michael Crookes Day 1,826, 09:56

This message is thoroughly approved.

Val3s OBrien
Val3s OBrien Day 1,826, 09:58

Vote \o/

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,826, 10:00

Good grief find a better picture of Zooey! There are plenty!

fingerguns Day 1,826, 10:01

I'm in your paper.

Thomas765 Day 1,826, 10:10

Next article, perhaps, Talon : D

Ithilwen Day 1,826, 10:23

Long live Zooey

Sedem.dva Day 1,826, 10:25


Thedark ace
Thedark ace Day 1,826, 10:40

A ~♥~ for UKRP

Stef40 Day 1,826, 11:10



Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 1,826, 11:39

Those are 4 pretty dreadful songs.

ApronChef Day 1,826, 11:57

Adam Levine \o/

John Rupert Miranda
John Rupert Miranda Day 1,826, 12:59

UKRP \o/

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,826, 13:36

Get invovled with some REAL reform:

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,826, 14:02

Unfortunately NE speaks in favour of reform but has a PP that refuses to adopt it despite his party's congressmen & congress as a whole backing it overwhelmingly in a vote : /

UKRP and TUP used to battle over the House of Lords, but at least we both abided by it when congress made a decision.

Kain Propan
Kain Propan Day 1,826, 14:16

Great to see UKRP back in action.

Niemand Day 1,826, 14:29

The wall must go down. No teachers, no masters! (;

AdmiralNelson Day 1,827, 23:51

tup's bitch. says it all really

painkiller789 Day 1,827, 00:08

UKRP and TUP used to battle over the House of Lords, but at least we both abided by it when congress made a decision +1

Those were the good days

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 1,827, 00:53

>"Unfortunately NE speaks in favour of reform but has a PP that refuses to adopt it despite his party's congressmen & congress as a whole backing it overwhelmingly in a vote"

TUP maths - A dozen elected officials are greater then over 100 party members.

Democracy is for the elites only it would seem?!?

Snugz Day 1,827, 02:23

Oh you guys.

Love from ya boyz n grrrls in ESO

Frerk Day 1,827, 02:36


Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,827, 05:34

TUP didn't abide by the House of Lords. They boycotted it then used the voting system to destroy it.

Reform has to be good reform which works. Forum laws don't work.

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,827, 06:23

Alfa: 'TUP maths - A dozen elected officials are greater then over 100 party members.'

UKPP/NE maths = elected officials have a completely different political position than their own memberbase

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,827, 08:54

Minecrafting = sod running the country I shall play Minecraft and go missing to the extent i face Impeachment because of it.

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 1,827, 10:34

In UKPP they have the freedom of choice - as long as they don't cross any of the red lines that'd make us another UKRP then its fine.

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,827, 12:32

Nice comeback Dr Hugh, thank you for addressing the point

Alfa: You can call it 'freedom of choice' all you want. Fact remains that your own representatives are quite obviously in a league of their own in comparison to your wider membership

Thomas765 Day 1,827, 12:54

Word on the street (butjam) is that UKPP is ran by a select few. Irony would have it that Alfa is arguing about democracy.

Sean the Scot
Sean the Scot Day 1,827, 14:38

Great article

Frerk Day 1,828, 02:05

And who sets those red lines? You do I suppose, together with your friends.

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