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[UK-MoFA] UK Cabinet for January 2013; Ambassador Programme

Day 1,875, 11:23 Published in United Kingdom Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Foreign Office

Hello there!

With the elections over, it's time to open up another month of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This month it is myself (Thomas765) and Jimbojoy heading the Ministry.

President: BigAnt

Vice Presidents: Ayame Crocodile and Richard Feist

Ministers of Defence: Garth Lidlington and FragUK
- Deputy Ministers of Defence: Count Drakula and Dan/naD Wilshire
Ministers of Foreign Affairs: Jimbojoy and Thomas765
- Head of Ambassadors: Sir Nick Griffin
Ministers of Home Affairs Dr Hugh Jardon, Joshua Whelan and GameChanger
- Deputy MoHA: jny123 and Physo Starmik
Minister of Finance: Carlini8
Minister of Legislative Affairs: Sage Goku
Minister of Health: Jimbobfrey
- Deputy Minister of Health: Meghan


Public UK channel: #euk
Foreign affairs channel: #eukfa


To apply for citizenship to the CP, fill in this form.


If you wish to contact anyone in the UK government, the CP and the MoFA should be around on a regular basis.

While Jimbojoy and I head the ministry, Sir Nick Griffin will be head of the ambassador programme.

The ambassador programme is something most countries do, where representatives of a country are sent to another in order to be a diplomat. The job involves talking to foreigners and gathering information, among other things you can get up to as ambassador.

What most likely will be required of you is a certain level of activity. No experience is required and anyone in the eUK can join in on the programme.

How to join

Send Sir Nick a message stating that you want to join the Ambassador Programme and he'll assign you somewhere. Usually people are assigned to where they want to go, so if you have a preference - and people usually do! - don't hesitate to tell him that. In addition, if you don't have a preference at all, then you can be assigned to a country randomly. 🙂 Simple as that!

Thank you for reading and I hope you will enjoy our articles this month!

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Sir Nick Griffin
Head of the Ambassador Programme



Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 1,875, 11:24


King of sLOVEnia
King of sLOVEnia Day 1,875, 11:25


Rfeist Day 1,875, 11:28

third o7

Spite313 Day 1,875, 11:38

Next in, Adolf Hitler will be our Ambassador to France and Benito Mussolini will be negotiating with Greece. Any more historic xenophobes you want to send to represent us abroad?

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,875, 11:59

I think he's dealing with our ambassadors rather than foreign countries, so the damage should only be internal.

FragUK Day 1,875, 12:01

voted o7

WayneKerr Day 1,875, 12:03

@Keers, are you really suggesting that Nick Griffin is an historic figure? Or are you just typing that nonsense for effect?

Also people can apply for citizenship here:

lancer450 Day 1,875, 13:53


BigAnt Day 1,875, 15:00

Also people can apply for citizenship here:

Article updated


Mary.A Day 1,876, 02:01


Bardokva Day 1,876, 02:13


Alphabethis Day 1,876, 05:16

sir nick, change your damned name right now for good.

Alphabethis Day 1,876, 05:17

I'll apply for ambassador to spain.

Frerk Day 1,876, 05:49

So a guy who was fired as MoHA for being corrupt is now in charge of training and mentoring our new talent? You're out of your bloody mind.

Giordy River
Giordy River Day 1,876, 11:53

The ambassador have to change citizenship?

Thomas765 Day 1,876, 21:54

Not as far as I'm aware, Giordy River.

Giordy River
Giordy River Day 1,877, 05:01


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