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[UK Gov] Library 2.0

Day 1,354, 16:02 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by eUK Home Office

The Ministry of Home Affairs is proud to unveil the Library! All of the articles below are kept up to date, and new articles will be added in the future. All the articles are organized into different categories to help find what you're looking for. You'll find a link to this all over the place soon, aswell as a link in every MoHA article.


Be sure to join the military

And the forums

Be sure to have a read through, and pass this on to anyone who wants help!

Lots of love,

Kevy Shabado

(Originally composed by Betafoxtrot)

Here are the important links as usual:

Make sure you join the official UK forums!



Karacticus Day 1,354, 16:09

I voted too Kevin.

Invalidation Day 1,354, 16:10

I voted this article and all I got was this lousy comment.

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 1,354, 18:11

Viva library.

Max Blue
Max Blue Day 1,354, 23:33


GranZeus Day 1,524, 12:56

good job men very very good work..i am from argentine greetings guys O/

Mr.Kawaii Day 1,524, 13:04


VictorIV Day 1,524, 13:14

soy enemigo jajaja pero que cojones,me subscribo y voto,esta muy currado

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