Day 598, 16:38 Published in Canada Romania by kojakk1984

I really hope our beloved ambassador from UK named Altmer Vampire who wrote that Article reads this

You all know that four hours ago Hungary "attacked" UK</strong> . What you probably don't know is that UK became closer and closer to Peace in the last period and four hours ago they <strong>confirmed joining Peace! How did they confirmed? Well first you need to have the whole picture, that's why I'm asking you to read this article here, at least the first 3-4 lines - Article . Along with USA other nations will be attacked so they can not protect USA and the damage will be spread.

After you checked that article, you throw an eye here on this region SCOTLAND Do you see anything strange among this regions neighbors? A white - red flag maybe? Yes its Canada! Now read this crap at least first lines - Article
Its not very convincing isn't it? We could easily assume that Hungary wants a border with Canada which has a lot of MPPs just like USA so they could deliver a decoy attack - meaning that the allied damage will get dispersed so INDONESIA</strong> can conquer <strong>USA

But of course we could be wrong, ....right? NOO Here is the contract between UK - traitors and Hungary - Peace aggressors CONTRACT

Read especially this lines:
"At 23 Hours after the battle is opened, the Prime Minister, designated as President in-game, of the United Kingdom shall retreat Scotland to Hungary. This will give temporary control of Scotland to Hungary for the entirety of this contract. The President of Hungary can request that the President of the United Kingdom retreat at any time if it causes conflicts with other Wars"

And than here:
"The United Kingdom is not responsible for anything Hungary does while in possession of Scotland. While in control of Hungary, it is considered a Hungarian region, and any questions, comments, or concerns with Scotland must be taken up with the Government of Hungary."

They actually admit that Hungary attacks Canada as soon as they get Scotland.

America, have no fear your ally is here to help an protect you! We will win this war and than we shall take care of the traitors - UK -
Puppet ambassador please live our country - Romania - its nothing else left for you to do here!