[TWOgether] We Stand

Day 1,859, 15:06 Published in Hungary Hungary by TWO Alliance

Greetings Friends,

In this article we will show you what has been happening in the last few days. Our victories on the battlefield are too great to mention, but we certainly will try. Each week your alliance team will be doing its best to keep you informed about what we’re doing, what your fellow countries are doing, and to bring you all the relevant news from around the eWorld.

TWO & ACT are officially opening a competition for a logo design! We want you, the citizens of ACT and TWO, to give us your proposals. The designer of the winning logo will be awarded with a symbolic 20 gold, and their name mentioned in the article.

The logo should have a visible “TWO” and preferably flags of the member countries, the same happens with ‘’ACT’’. You can give us your proposals in the comments and in our next article, in about 13 days, we will declare the winner!

First off, it is with great joy that we officially welcome ACT’s two newest members : Estonia and Venezuela! They have proved time and time again that they are brave and above all faithful allies, they made a bold step today, and decided to join us.

We look forward to fighting side by side with our allies and expect many future victories!

If you would like your country to join ACT or TWO please get in contact with Mininuns, our SG.

Poland had quite a busy week.

After Hungary released some Ukrainian regions as part of their agreement, Poland proposed the Ukraine as their natural enemy. At the moment they are stomping through Ukraine with ease. It is expected that they will start their Asian campaign in a few days and hopefully, we will have roast Turkey just in time for Christmas. Nothing like giving your turkey a bit of a stuffing!

Turkey, for now, remains one of the main economic hubs of EDEN and the sole remaining “bastion” besides China. We are sure that this will all change, as there are many actions against this country that are planned and coordinated with our brothers from Circle of Trust.

Before embarking on the Asian campaign, Poland remains committed to helping its allies. Poland has offered enormous help to Spain, UK and ACT members, among others.

Serbia has wrapped up her campaign in southern France and has reclaimed the rubber resource, nearly one year after Serbia last had 10/10 bonuses. We would like to use this opportunity to congratulate them on this remarkable milestone! The economy of TWO will greatly benefit from this achievement. Now our two strongest members have all ten bonuses, and we will make sure to not only keep it that way, but also help other members achieve the same!

Serbia has also been busy helping its allies, such as our ACT members and CoT, in order to keep Greece occupied.

Hungary has really shown itself to be a team player again this week.

They temporarily gave up their bonuses so that they could allow their bros from Poland to pass through on their way to Asia.

After their agreement with the once bitter enemy, Romania, Hungary now receives a monthly rent for a region they handed over that, formerly, belonged to Ukraine. This move not only proved to be economically beneficial but it also keeps Hungary’s bonuses and regions safe, so now they are focusing all their damage on helping allies!

After almost completely wiping out Portugal, Spain has along with their Brazilian bros gone on another exciting campaign.

After easily wiping Colombia along with their Brazilian Venezuelan and Mexican friends, Spain has set sights on Asia, or more precisely the Philippines. They have with ease conquered Luzon and are now officially in Southeast Asia, a key strategic point in the new world map.

There are multiple directions for Spain from there. What are they exactly planning? You will see in a short time, but we can guarantee it will surprise you!

Slovenia marked this week by being a good friend. They made an agreement with their good friends from Switzerland and Slovenia is now taking their regions as part of that agreement. Switzerland has some PTO problems and in an effort to drive the PTOers out of the country Switzerland wants to give up on congress and asked Slovenia to help them out.

Besides crushing a few Italian RWs now and then, Slovenia is free to help out its allies.

The UK has stepped up this week in an effort to help Spain out. For a long time now it has been Spain’s responsibility to negate the threat (albeit a small one) that Portugal presents, and the UK has agreed to step up and take the Azores in an effort to ‘have Spain’s back’ in this.

The road to the Azores began with a conversation, and alliance SoFA Talon was dispatched to talk to Foxfire, the President of Canada. In this conversation, it was agreed that Canada would propose the UK as its Natural Enemy, allow the UK to take Newfoundland and Labrador, and give them passage to Portugal.

Things didn’t quite go to plan though, and Foxfire caved in to public pressure and decided to prosecute the war for real; instead of a training war then, the UK now has two fronts. We did anticipate this and planned accordingly; thus far the UK has won every battle and we’ve backed them to the hilt! When they haven’t been fighting directly, the UK has continued to be good allies, supporting fellow TWO countries in war, in addition to their support for allies in Circle of Trust.

And finally congratulations to the UK for the epic conclusion of the Azores battle! The UK demonstrated some incredible courage today and with the help of its allies, Portugal was defeated. Portugal will most likely pass the next month without congress thanks to the UK.

But we would also like to congratulate Portugal on a valiant stand!

Every week we’ll be publishing our successes like this and celebrating our member countries. We’re also going to use the following section, 'Ally of the week', in which we focus on a single country or alliance we consider to be a friend of the alliance, send mobile fighters to their battles, and report on their successes during the week. This week’s ally is CoT.

CoT is an up and coming alliance and our great friend! Even if struggling with a few of their own battles they never pass the chance to help their friends in need. They have taken many bold steps, especially Indonesia's attack on Croatia's Asian hideout, the attack on Taiwan and bringing down the crumbling Argentine empire, for all of which they have our full support!

CoT and TWO had a few joint actions, like the conquest of Greece by Macedonia,Serbia and Bulgaria, the UK and Belgium's TW, Slovenia and Switzerland's agreement, and the upcoming roast of Turkey with the main roles played by Bulgaria,Poland and perhaps another surprise actor. Many more joint actions against the EDEN damagehood are in the making and we’re looking forward for striking the final blow.

CoT and TWO are friends that cant go without each other, which is why we plan on staying together and further increasing our coordination, a join HQ is also one of possibilities being mentioned. One thing remains certain, we will stand together against the EDEN hoards and will come out victorious!

Press clippings is a new section we’ve added this week. It’s purpose will be to bring you the most interesting articles in the new world currently. News from our members, allies or even enemies.

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This is all for now!

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Merry Christmas,