[TWO] United Again !!!

Day 2,219, 08:59 Published in Hungary Hungary by TWO Alliance

Hello all TWO, ACT and proTWO citizens.

Today, it is with great pleasure that I’m writing this article.

During the last month, TWO had several tensions and the main one was between Slovenia and Spain. The last Slovenian CP worked hard to destroy relations with Spain. He did it via several several ways like Reject Spanish MPP, Sign MPP with Portugal (when Spain was at war with them) and tried (as TWO dSG) to kick Spain out of our alliance.

That affair could be the beginning of our collapse but our members were strong enough to avoid that. A goal of the current HQ team was clear : reduce as soon as possible tensions between Slovenia and Spain. As TWO SoFA : I don’t hide that I was on the first to solve this conflict. I knew that it shouldn’t be easy considering what last Slovenian CP made to Spain.

Today : I can say “We made it !!!”. Last evening a MPP proposal was sent to Spain by Smoothziga and results are positive in Spain and Slovenia

On the following hours, there will be again a MPP between these 2 TWO countries.

I don’t hide that the task wasn’t specially easy but on each side, I found mature people ready to work for their respective countries but also for the alliance. On my first contact with both cabinet : Spanish and Slovenian ones told me “We want an United Alliance again”. On Slovenian side, Smoothziga (current CP) never hide that what happened last month (on his country) was a total mess in Foreign Affairs.

To be sure that talks should be a success : it was essential to give enough guarantees to Spain and Slovenia (Slovenian CP assured Spain and HQ that he has no intentions to sign MPP with Portugal). And Spanish government understood that Smoothziga isn’t like his predecessor. He is calm and was opened to solve that issue. Following that and after internal votes on their respective congress,we were sure to have at least 21 votes in favor of a MPP proposal.

With the current MPP, it means that tensions between Slovenia and Spain are now greatly reduced. During these last days, I worked a lot with these 2 cabinets and I need to mention that on each side : I found mature people, able to sit on the same table and talk about a common future. They didn’t worked only for their countries but also for TWO.

During this mediation, we would like to thank Cayo Tulio (spanish CP) and Smoothziga (Slovenian one) for their maturity but also their respective cabinets (for the same reason). They showed that despite what happened everything isn’t lost. Clearly : you can be proud of your leaders. They work for a stronger alliance.

So congrats Slovenia, congrats Spain !!!

Hail Spain
Hail Slovenia

and also

Hail Poland
Hail Serbia
Hail Hungary
Hail United Kingdom
Hail Slovenia
Hail Greece
Hail Estonia
Hail Latvia
Hail Venezuela
Hail Thailand
Hail Montenegro
Hail Slovakia
Hail Lithuania
Hail Republic of China (Taiwan)
Hail Austria
Hail Belarus
Hail Australia
Hail New Zealand


On behalf of TWO HQ,
TWO’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs