[TWO] Last HQ of 2013

Day 2,214, 10:41 Published in Hungary Hungary by TWO Alliance

Hello all TWO, ACT and proTWO citizens.

Another month for our alliance and we are still there. As you know, we had a crisis but it is currently solved. It was a huge one but people who tried to destroy TWO from inside have lost their access to our channels, …
With that crisis, Our 19 members were clear : We are determined to continue to work together. Even if lot of rumors are launched : people who are doing that clearly ignore what happen inside alliance channels. It is something unproductive because it shows your lack of credibility.

Since our last article : tensions between our members greatly decreased and it is something good for every TWO/ACT or proTWO citizen. In most of the case : we are back to have our resources. Also, we don’t ignore that some ACT members are currently under threats : We will be clear, We are coming to do our best for you, one of our jobs to offer you (at least) your core regions back.
We have also a message to our opponents : We won’t let our members behind. You will pay for your provocations.

Like each month, We recently elected a new HQ

Our new Secretary general is Sathan (Schmidt on irc)

Last month, he was dSC and he was very active there. Everybody agreed that he made a job and it isn’t a surprise to see him leading TWO. Before being involved inside the alliance : he was 7x dMoD and 2x MoFA. After leaving it : he decided to join Military team of his new country. Shortly after : he was Main MoD there. In the past, he was involved on Eden HQ as aMC.

His deputy is Leop

There is a lot of things to say about Leop and he is an experienced citizen. In Serbia, he has almost every job : vCP, MoD, MoFA, … In Slovenia, he has MoFA spot. But he was involved on former alliances like Phoenix, ONE, … Now, he joins for the first time TWO HQ.

Our new Supreme Commander is Akashapeke

Coming from Spain, she isn’t unknown by our members. On her country, she got almost all the job : CP, vCP, MoD, MoFA, … On the alliance, she is a former Secretary general and also Supreme Commander.

Her deputy is Prophet009.

He is coming from Poland where he was elected 4 times President. He is currently their MoFA and also vice president (7 terms as MoFA and 6 as vCP). Unlike other HQ members : he is a TWO founder.

Our new Secretary of foreign affairs is Kravenn.

Yes, it’s me. After worked hard to stabilize the alliance, I decided to run again for SoFA. It is my 6th term on that spot. In UK, I’m a former CP and MoD. Currently, I’m one of the co-MoFA (7th term).

My deputy is Asoee

He is from Greece and it is the first time that he joins HQ. Maybe if you don’t him : he is well known on his country where he was MoFA, MoD, MoE and also MoNP (new players) where greek players know that he is an hard worker. A bit like me, he is the current MoFA.

To finish this article, we know that we are in December and TWO is generous with everybody.
For our members : you can be sure that we will be there for you whatever your size. We mainly think about Belarus, Australia and New Zealand.

But we are also generous with our opponents : Erepublik can’t work without wars and it is our gift. Some countries like Fyrom or Switzerland already received it and we will do our best to maintain the current situation until Christmas. Some are near to receive it (like Albania, Finland, …) Don’t underestimate us because like our name says : THE WORLD IS OURS !!!

Hail Poland
Hail Serbia
Hail Spain
Hail Hungary
Hail United Kingdom
Hail Slovenia
Hail Greece
Hail Estonia
Hail Latvia
Hail Venezuela
Hail Thailand
Hail Montenegro
Hail Slovakia
Hail Lithuania
Hail Republic of China (Taiwan)
Hail Austria
Hail Belarus
Hail Australia
Hail New Zealand


On behalf of TWO HQ,
TWO’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs