[TWO] It is a good day for news !!!

Day 1,914, 12:21 Published in Hungary Hungary by TWO Alliance

Hello my friends and every TWO (and ACT) citizens

It has been around a week since the last TWO article was published. During that time and even if current events are good for us : We didn’t slept and continue to be active (as always).

On this article : lot of good news to tell you.

A New country joined us. Since ACT was created, we have 3 countries inside : Estonia - Latvia and Venezuela.
On the morning of Day 1914, TWO members accepted at the unanimity a new member into ACT. There is a long time that this country has a pro TWO stance, joining ACT is the next to show to all of us their allegiance to our alliance.
Now it is with a great pleasure that I announce you the 4th and newest member of ACT :

Before Thailand joined us, we elected a new HQ

The new Secretary General is Rhual

Rhual is now our new SG. For those who still don’t know him : He is a true legend. Former Hungarian CP , many times Hungarian minister of defence. It isn’t the first time that he is involved into an alliance. He helped ONE’s creation, he was also Military commander, DIR (MoFA) and also advisor on that alliance. About TWO, once again, he helped us to create the alliance and was advisor there. Now, He has the Top Spot and we all know that all his energy is and will continue to be for TWO
His Deputy is the Legendary Iain Keers

The new Supreme commander is Borjoselu

Borjoselu is from Spain. Well known on TWO sphere, Borjoselu is mainly involve on defence. Many time Spanish minister of defence, He had the job on every alliance where Spain was. He manages one of the strongest army on the new world. Under his terms, Spain had a lot of success. With a strong international experience, he was elected as our new Supreme Commander.
His Deputy is Coehoorn

The new Secretary of Foreign Affairs is Kravenn

Yes, it is still me 🙂
I continue the job that I had last month. Former UK CP, 5 times UK MoFA and 3 times as UK MoD, I was involved on HQ of a former alliance. Working for TWO and make my best to help and defend our members on diplomacy is my job.
My deputy is Smoothziga

This last week, Poland was involved on several fronts, their main achievement was to stop conflicts between two of our ACT members (Estonia and Latvia) again asgard. Operation was successful and Asgard lost almost of their regions.

On a diplomatic plan : France decided to not renew treaty with them. There was some meetings and even if Poland made proposals to renew treaty, the other side preferred to not continue it.
Not Poland’s fault and even with that, a good week for them

As usual : Poland has the full set of resources

Almost quiet week for them, Not directly involved on a war but they had Resistance wars to manage. Serbia is strong and they were able to keep all of their possessions. Even their nemesis wasn’t able to come back in Europa.
Even if the treaty between Poland and France was broken by these last ones. Serbia shouldn’t be on the center of diplomatic negotiations with them.

Like Poland, Serbia continues to have full set of resources

Unlike Serbia, Hungary is directly involved on a war with their nemesis : Romania. On this moment, Hungary has 13 victories in a row against them. Even if romania is able to have back some regions via Resistance wars. Hungary keeps the hand.

An excellent week for them : They have 9 resources (only rubber is missing)

On last news, Spain was at war with Canada (after helped UK to close conflict) and they was out of the map. A week after, Spain continues to keep Canada wiped.
If they aren’t directly involved on wars, they have to manage several resistance wars (mainly with Portugal and Canada).

With their colonies, Spain is our 3rd member to have all resources

Quiet week for Slovenia, even if they have a training war with Italy. It isn’t their main orders. They are focused on TWO ones.

Like on previous news, Slovenia had and continues to have 8 resources (all food ones + 3 weapons)

Also a quiet week for UK, not directly involved on a war, just have a RW to manage from time to time with Norway.
It means that they are available to help other TWO and ACT members.

As usual, UK has 5 resources

I finish this war review with our ACT members

Lot of interesting events there, with Poland joining the party. Our two ACT members were able to take the hand in their fight against asgard (their forces were equal before Canada joins them)
For Estonia : they took 2 regions to Finland.
And for our Latvian friend : they have one from Sweden.

3 more regions for our two ACT members = 3 regions less for asgard : Good job !

This time : there is war in Venezuela, Our ACT friend declared war to Colombia and situation is good for them. They just took a Colombian region and on the same time : a new resource.
Remain 2 regions and also a potential new resource for our friends. An excellent week for them.

About Thailand (aka our youngest member) : They just have a TW with Singapore, it means that their main priority is to help other TWO and ACT countries who need help

Before finish this article : I would like to thank everybody who help TWO, whatever your implication level, your strength, … You help TWO to be one of the most powerful alliance on Erepublik !!!!

Hail Hungary
Hail Poland
Hail Serbia
Hail Slovenia
Hail Spain
Hail United Kingdom
Hail Estonia
Hail Latvia
Hail Venezuela
Hail Thailand


TWO Secretary of Foreign Affairs