[TWO] Dear TWO HQ...

Day 2,002, 13:21 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by BigAnt
[TWO] Dear TWO HQ...

I fight for my King (Woldy) and Country
I fight for my Country President
I fight for my Alliance and Friends

..BUT I Do it with RESPECT!

Even though I have bad blood with some nations for past actions, I fight them with RESPECT. I would like to ask my Alliances HQ TWO, Why our SoFA Kravenn cannot fight with Honour and respect?

It's very Clear that we are trying to impress a certain nation currently and get them to join our alliance (Hi Greece) of which we have no objections. But is this the way to do it? By disrespecting a nation you have fought alongside for years?

To put this into perspective it would be like Kravenn fighting for UK for a few years (calling the islands we own in the South Atlantic the Falklands) and then leaving to fight for Argentina the day after.... and calling the islands the "Malvinas" to impress.

I would call on Kravenn to stand down from his position.. But that will never happen. So this article is directed directly at TWO HQ, Have some Honour and lead our alliance with some RESPECT and make the right decision, lead by example!

Despite the fact our old friendship is over I'm sure that our fighters will meet on the battlefield with respect of each other.

A Proud Fighter