[Tutorial]How to Run for Country President

Day 4,635, 11:53 Published in USA USA by Krapis

As a relatively new player myself, I have been able to capitalize on my experience and write several guides for new players. I’d like to add this article to my growing collection of Tutorials.

How to Run for Country President, by Kernal Krapis.

And since I have never actually run for Country President, I am going to do that right now, so that I can publish my Tutorials from a place of experience. Hopefully many newbs after me will be inspired by these writings and will also seek the highest office in the land as I now hereby declare that I am doing.

That’s right, Step 1: Declare your Candidacy.


Step 2: You need to alert the Political Parties that you are a candidate for CP. I’m going to go ahead and do that right now.

But how?

Simple, send a PM to each Party President. It should look something like this:

Dear Party President,

My name is Krapis, and I have declared my candidacy for President of the eUnited States. If your party has a primary system, please include me in your primary. Regardless, I hope that I will earn your party’s nomination ingame. I hope to succeed as Country President, and I would be honored to do so with your Party’s votes and endorsements.

Please watch for my newspaper articles which will indicate my hopes and plans for the coming month.

Sincerely yours,
Kernal Krapis

That’s what I sent out just a few minutes ago. It was simple. I navigated to the Party Rankings page, I opened each party’s page in a new tab, clicked on each Party President’s profile, clicked to send each one an email, copy/pasted my message, and sent them.

ProTip: Wait a few minutes between each SEND. eRepublik has an itchy trigger finger for what it considers SPAM. You’d hate to send these out only to find out they didn’t get delivered!

Anyway, now that you’ve done that, you better start working on some plans. You can’t just win the election and hope everything is just going to fall into place!

Heavens No!

Step 3: You need to start asking other experienced players to work in your Cabinet. “Cabinet” is a fancy term for “staff”. You want to find people to do the following jobs:

Vice President (Try to pick someone from a different political party than your own.)
Chief of Staff (This person needs to be active and inspire others to be active too.)
Defense Secretary (To take care of the ins and outs of your battle mechanics.)
Interior Secretary (To maintain robust programs for the benefit of citizens of eUSA.)
Secretary of Foreign Affairs (To maintain open lines of communication around the eWorld.)
Education Secretary (To maintain a steady flow of information to the citizens of eUSA.)
Secretary of Media (To publish regular WHPR articles ingame.)
Press Secretary (To entertain the masses with regular Press Briefings in the eusaforums.)
Advisors (People who actually do everything while you sit back and take all the credit.)

I’ve been speaking with people for a couple of days and have a fairly clear picture of who each of these people might be. As soon as they are locked in, you’ll want to publish their names in an article. If you are interested in working in the August Government, send me a message and let's talk!

Also, watch for my next Tutorial: How to Announce Your Cabinet

Step 4: Now that you’ve got the important details worked out, start working on an article which you can publish announcing your intentions. You need people’s votes, remember, so let them know what they can expect from you and your Cabinet.

Consider a strategy for each department. Discuss your strategy with the people you’ve asked to serve with you. If it sounds like it’s going to be a good match, turn it onto a plank of your campaign.

In short, start communicating!

Step 5: Now pour yourself a congratulatory glass of brandy! You’ve really earned it. And your work has only just begun, so enjoy your last hours of peace and quiet. The madness is about to begin!

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