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[TUP] Why some of our members joined the party

Day 1,800, 19:20 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Thomas765

Hello there, eUK!
I have another article for you, this time promoting the party I am a member of.

Over the past day, I gathered responses from individuals within the party and asked them why they joined The Unity Party. Some of these people joined only a few days ago, while some have been there for years! All of these people have unique stories of joining the party and each have different experiences of being a member.

I’ll begin with the recent additions to the party - people who joined recently or recently became more involved!

"I joined TUP because of the amount of activity by members. I had previously been in UKPP and UKRP but it felt like a slow death waiting to happen on the party feeds and I felt that it didn't help me advance as a player by sticking around so switched over to TUP and found the answers I was looking for."

“I joined TUP because they seemed like a good choice and they matched my RL political opinion. I had seen the anti-TUP comments so I also wished to see if they were as bad as everyone claimed they were, willing to switch if they were. Imagine my surprise, and joy, when I found that TUP was anything but evil or monstrous, in fact, they are a party of pretty awesome people who one can easily have a chat with and have the best for eUK at their heart!”

Boer Charel
“Leaving ESO wasn't easy, a party that made you great and loved, and still love. But sometimes you have to search fresh grounds to develop yourself as a character in this game. What secondly made my decision is seeing ESO slowly die, and the worst thing is that I couldn't do anything about it since I didn't have the strength nor the courage to start something.”

Hamzah Muhammad Yusuf
"My reason joining TUP was simple, Niemand offered me. But well, before I accept the offer, I saw that TUP is a great party and great army (being the first in the rank when I checked it). So, I thought, why not? Maybe TUP will help me grow and become a great player. And so, TUP REALLY helped me. TUP help me boost up after take a long hiatus. Well, I'm pretty sure TUP will also help other new members!"

The Equalist
"I joined TUP because I believe this party will best help me in achieving my goals. I may be a fairly new player, but I have already been given the opportunity to run for Congress. I am confident that in the upcoming months, my vision of the future will be achieved with the help of TUP. No other party compares to the experience and history found here."

Wile E. Wombat
"I used to be a member of a small, but very social and fast-growing party. I really enjoyed it there in the early days, when Artela and Jamesw were running the show. After they left (both to join TUP), my party lost much of its enthusiasm and appeal. When I later became more active in eRep again, I went looking for a party that shared the activity and the sense of community. TUP offers this: new members are welcomed into the group and the enthusiasm of the older members to get others involved is infecting."

And now for some older members...

Dan Moir - our current party president; administration for the official UK forums
“I joined partly because the party matched my RL political views and partly because of the people I looked up to in the game at the time. People who were doing good things and really helping to advance eUK.”

Mr Woldy - elected as King of the UK; former multiple time UK president
“WELL, back when I was a lad the main thing that made me join was that I found the TUP constitution on the wiki. When I realised that, especially as a new player, I knew that this was a party in which I could be heard - I joined. The regular conferences and the ability of every individual no matter how old you are to chip in and take part in policy making really won me over. I'm pleased to see that such an environment within the party is still as strong as ever, as new player participation and mentoring has always been a key part of TUP's ideals and appeal.”

Kravenn - current Minister of Foreign Affairs; former UK president
“When I arrived in eUK, I was approached by several parties to join them. But on the first days : I prefered to remain "independent" to make my own opinion about main parties.I checked values of main parties, read their past manifestoes, contacted PP ... and I joined The Unity Party. It is the party who is near about what I think and also IRL. I joined them and I have not discovered selfish people but a real family.”

“When I arrived in the UK I first joined UKRP and got very involved there (congress) as they reflect my IRL views, were very present everywhere and TUP was the biggest party that was depicted as the big bad guy. But I got to know everything and decided to switch to join TUP. Never regretted it for a second.”

“As an anarchist I want freedom, solidarity and rationality. In TUP I found all together. When I was active in the Netherlands I got some TUP friends, as a UK 2-clicker I was welcome, later when I wanted to do some more I got chances. The party works for the benefit of UK. I feel fine in TUP.”

“When I joined TUP many moons ago, it was because I knew I could get access to high quality mentors, who knew how to give a new player a leg up in the game. Today this is the case more than ever - just look at the calibre of players that are in TUP and have gone on to run alliances, countries and train the next generation to do just that!”

Thomas765 (me) - former UK country president; former ONE alliance military commander and deputy secretary general
“I originally joined UKRP when I came to the UK but left after several months of leadership after the party fractured. TUP seemed to be the most sensible party in the UK at the time and I saw the party as being a mix of people who support all sorts of political movements. So I joined and I remain a member to this day.”

Thank you for reading!

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Thomas765 Day 1,800, 19:29

I think I'm first this time : D Vote TUP!

Oraizan Day 1,800, 19:32

second denied

Thomas765 Day 1,800, 19:34

Wut... omg Oriazan < 3 < 3 < 3 s2 < 3 !!111!!!!

Niemand Day 1,800, 19:43

You can join TUP too.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,801, 01:03

The constitution looks ridiculous now, it was designed for effectively a different game - see mentions of Phoenix and loads of other irrelevant stuff that we don't bother with any more : )

Carlini8 Day 1,801, 01:09

I think what Boer Charel actually meant was "TAAANKKKKKSSS"

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,801, 03:09

Because you lied to them:

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,801, 04:11

Haha, that's true Danie, I think several people are planning on updating it so now is a great time to dive in and get involved with the party. ^-^

Orinocco Day 1,801, 15:25

when i joined TUP all i got was help help and more help. greatest political party ever.

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