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[TUP] Party Presidency

Day 1,757, 13:23 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by DaJoXTeR

Hello everyone.
Today, my official campaign starts. This will be the first time i'm running as Party President. I Will be working hard throughout my Party Presidency,

For a long, long time now. we keep having the same Party Presidents, this ofcourse is not an issue. They are doing a very good job. But because of this, recently young players, won't get a chance of actually proving themselves.
A vote for me on the Party President elections, is a vote for Unity,
We don't have to stick with voting for the ones we trust. Open up and give recently young citizens a chance to grow stronger, and gain more experience in the game.
I know many of you may think, that I don't have enough experience, to candidate as Party President. I'm not going to deny that.
But i have some experience in the government.
5x MoD staff.
1x MoHa Staff.
currently: MoD staff.

There are a few aspects i want to do, may i succeed.
-Strengthening the party.

- New, Talented members.

- vPP.

Strengthening the party.

For a long time, the slogan of The Unity Party, is "Unity is Strength". I ofcourse want to keep it this way. We need to have more Forum & IRC-active members. If we can make that happen. We are strengthening The Unity Party. And then we will have a bigger influence on eUnited Kingdom.

New, Talented members.

We will recruit new members for our Party, but especially we will look for IRC & Forumactive members. because that really matters.
Without IRC nor forums, you won't have a real "chance" of becomming something great in eRepublik. We will have usefull members, so they can also make use of the smart-voting system that The Unity Party uses.


I'm not certain who will be the vice Party President. Because my idea was to actually give a recently young player a chance to mean something for the party, and in that way learn a bit how it really works with the Party, and people will be there to back me & the vPP up, as giving hints to the person who needs it. So i'm still looking for an active and good player who wants to get involved. In that way, the young player, will have a chance to become more.. familiar to people. So maybe he can have a wonderfull eCarreer.

do not blame me for my grammar nor english faults.

Kind regards,



Niemand Day 1,757, 13:56

I hope you get a lot of people active.
Good luck!

cenodekaMKD Day 1,757, 23:14

good luck

Hristo Gonev
Hristo Gonev Day 1,758, 13:33

although I am one of your rivals I would like to wish you good luck

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