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Dear readers, friends and the world,

Today is rather a special occasion.

A birthday is always something to be celebrated, something to be acknowledged. It is a reminder of how far you have come, and hope for what is yet to come. Today is the 6th Birthday of the Number 1 Party in the United Kingdom and one of the oldest Party’s in the world.

The Unity Party

Since the formation of The Unity Party on January 15th 2008, the party has risen to be at the forefront of British, and International, Politics. It is both the most successful party internally and possibly externally with members across the entire eworld in countries across the world. This month alone we have Country Presidents in two nations - Poland and the United Kingdom.

This week we at The Unity Party wish to celebrate the legacy, and future, of our party. To remember our past and look forward to what the future brings. There will be a series of interviews with prominent members of the Party, as well as some not so prominent. A quiz and a competition as well as some history. Possibly.

Love us, hate us or merely tolerate we invite you to join us as we celebrate our birthday.

look what I found in the image archive!

Media Officer and vPP
The Unity Party