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Day 3,240, 17:24 Published in USA USA by Franklin Stone
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Before I begin my pontifications a little humor if you please.

The other morning I woke up to something very strange and yet funny if you know Cubby's sense of humor. The 'We The People' party had been renamed the Socialist Freedom Party. It did seem strange that a party who professed to be a party of the people was now supporting the status quo. Stranger still is the fact that Oblige and Pfeiffer. -supposedly- hate each other. And even stranger is if the SFP is a laughing stock party why would you want to steal its reputation?

Now I was momentarily stunned and was about to fire off a very nasty PM to Cubby who I believed in that moment had lost his FN mind when suddenly I remembered J. A. Lake's ARP graphics contest entrance in their subforum on the eUSA Forums for Dictator Cerb's renegade ARP. Just as suddenly my temperature dropped and I at first chuckled, thought about it some more and I ROTFLMFAO.... Cubby had just lifted his middle finger to Cerb and in my passion for my party I had lost my sense of humor, so, thank you Cubby for reminding me of that fact. So please continue to Troll Onward Through The Fog....

Recently the Socialist Freedom Party, one of the oldest parties in eRepublik, was masterfully taken over by hostile outside forces.

The SFP selected a candidate through Primaries held on the Socialist Freedom Party Forum and in our eRepublik party shout feed. Tom Cauchon and Cerb were both in those primaries in which Tom was selected to be the SFP Party Candidate. Is that 'elitist'? Yeah, that is elitist but unfortunately, with the shrinking player base and the low level of integrity of some citizens every Top 5 party MUST guard itself against hostile political takeovers, hell even the eUSA used Anit-Political Takeover Tactics against the notorious Ronald 'Gimper' Reagan and his party. No, it isn't elitist because the party had openly voted on who they wished as party president. Party President Primaries ANYONE in the party could have been included in, all they needed to do was simply request to be involved.

During the eRepublik party elections, there were some shenanigans with someone -IMHO someone outside the party- using multis parked inside the party to cast doubt on the elections. Immediately there were calls from both inside and outside the party for Tom to resign and to do so before the Vote recount was complete so that Cerb, who was in second place, would become Party President. Recently there has been an increase in citizens joining the ARP like these three: GustavoBarp, Son of a potato, and i love patatoes. Now two of those have been Perm Banned both of whom have just one friend, potato 134. The third -as you can see- has no friends and had thus far survived but a quick check today shows he has been banned.

Running multis is actually very easy and you only need to remember a couple of things. Even if you have 100 accounts on the same IP so long as none of them ever help any of the others they are not considered Multi accounts by Plato. Don't be friends with the Multis you create. So as can be seen one of Dictator Cerb's -along with himself- closest allies is a Multi Farmer. The member who questioned Tom Cauchon's integrity has no integrity and it seems obvious to me now that it was most probably Cerb and his allies who tainted the Party President vote. Again, IMO, any citizen of integrity would have resigned also because the voting was tainted.

Instead, Cerb took advantage of Tom's high level of integrity to get himself installed as Party Dictator. Immediately Cerb -on the eve of Congressional elections- destroyed the SFP's name recognition by renaming it. Unilaterally and unconstitutionally and without the consent of the party he began to systematically destroy everything about the party. One thing I was first against but came to support was the parties use of discord. Sadly due to the open and honest feedback he received Cerb wanted to transfer the account to my ownership and disown his own creation. Again sadly when I told him the party wished for him to transfer the account to either Ya Boi D Money or Jimmy Cincinnati he chose instead -as is his way- to destroy the channel.

One of Cerb's goal was to get the silent less active citizens in the SFP involved. While I desire that also what I desire more is attracting more players to the game to increase eRepublik's shrinking player base. My fondest dream is to grow the player base of eRepublik. When I joined this game back in 2009 America had a population of 40,000+ citizens. As everyone knows I sim-race in a multiplayer game that is played by citizens from all over the real world. During a recent League event, I noticed  a truck using another game's web address as their 'sponsor'. Suddenly the little light over my head went on and it dawned on me that since I raced a lot of citizens from the Pacific Rim and Europe that advertising eRepublik by using them as my 'sponsor' might attract new players.

So as a citizen of eRepublik I reached out to someone in another party I know is very good with PhotoShop and asked if they could create a truck livery for me to use. What I got was an assurance that it was an excellent idea and yes they could create one. Since then total silence and no Livery. Now the use of that example isn't to call out anyone, it is used to illustrate a political point. My belief is that although it was a personal request it was received as a political request. It was seen as an attempt by a citizen from a different party to expand the player base in eRepublik and by extension increase that parties ability to expand with real world citizens, not copies of those already here. While the meta-government expresses their wish for multi-partisan cooperation what the really mean is shut up and do as the USWP/Federalist party tells you.

My question is why would you not want to expand the eRepublik player base? To me, it is very simple. It is much harder to control a large population by cheating. With an increase in the eRepublik population, there is an increased chance that real world citizens will become American citizens when they join, which they can not control plus a larger American population is harder to control by cheating. So on October 5th as you go to the polls remember a few things. After the last Dictator Elections (?) Pfeiffer. complained about a streak of late voting for Orikfricai and suggested there might have been some hanky panky and although he did not call for Orikfricai to resign I am pretty sure he wanted to. Remember that Cerb seems to support Multi Farming and those who do it and what he has done to the SFP. Remember that he and Pfeiffer. are long time politic friends and that Pfeiffer. wishes all power to be in his hands as does dictator Cerb.

The Socialist Freedom Movement does not now and will never endorse Pfeiffer. as Dictator of so much as a Dog Pond.

On October 5th join me and my Socialist Freedom Comrades in voting for Orikfricai

Join the Revolution, get out and vote!
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