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Day 2,805, 16:46 Published in USA USA by Franklin Stone

Before we begin I wish to state here and now that I DO NOT speak for anyone except myself; I speak only as a 'pop gun' America Soldier of no consequence, I speak only as an insignificant but loyal American; I speak only as an American who believes in America First. As always I encourage each and everyone of you to get involved, but always remember to THINK FOR YOURSELF.

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Dictator Elections are just around the corner, but I am not here to discuss any of the candidates; instead I am here to ask some questions. 1.) Why is a Ronald Gipper Reagan, who is a known enemy of America, being allowed to run for Dictator almost every month? 2.) Why is a known PTO party -the iNCi- being allowed to even exist in America when the AFA was crucified for the same thing? 3.) Even worse why is the iNCi allowed to remain active in American Politics by running Dictator Candidates nearly every month? 4.) The AFA was ATOed into extinction for granting citizenships to America's enemies, why hasn't the iNCi been crucified and ATOed to death for selling citizenships? 5.) Why do the Top 5 political parties in America not have Dictator Candidates in the race?

There is one question I didn't ask above. 6.) Wouldn't getting a candidate elected to Dictator be a grassroots democratic way of creating change? 7.) Since the Defensive Dictator makes Congress powerless in game, hasn't the power for change been brought back in game? Which brings up several more questions. 8.) Would the current 'eUSA government' hand over ALL the orgs belonging to the country? 9.) Would the eUSA government hand over the 20 million CC War Chest funded by Tax Revenue? Since it seems that anyone can run for Dictator why are the SFP or the AMP or even the FEDS not running candidates?

The three requirements to run for Dictator are:
1. Citizen be level 18
2. Citizen must be a party member
3. Citizen must be endorsed by any party president

So we have answered questions #1 and #3, RGR and the iNCi Party President can run because they can simply endorse themselves for Dictator. Now let's jump to question #5, I must say that why the Top 5 don't each have a Dictator Candidate if for no other reason than to keep RGR and iNCi off the ballot is beyond me; must be that UNITY thingy. Last month we saw a very close race, closest race in more than a few months; think what might have happened if there had been 3 or even 4 viable candidates running.

Now we come to question #6, yes; if a grassroots popular Dictator Candidate won the election that would be a Revolution at the Ballot Box and after all isn't the ballot box better than a bullet? Yes, the Dictator Module has made it possible for the first time for a group of citizens who support a popular People's Dictator Candidate to win the country by vote in one election. Currently the belief is that the Military Units of the World have the power, but from where I am standing it seems to be the Ballot Box where the real power lays.

Now let's bounce back up to questions #2 and #3, IMO we have now answered #2; seems to me it is fairly obvious that the iNCi could be used as a back door into power. Sure it would take some work, but we are talking about the Boy Scouts who ATOed RGR and the AFA out of existence and into irrelevance, except suddenly RGR is being interviewed by thejakal. Far fetched? Yes. Possible? Most certainly and now we have answered question #4.

Now to question #7, yes; my belief is that the Dictator Module has put real power back into the hands of the People, back into the hands of those of us who play eRepublik not 'eUSA Forum'. The last two questions -#8 and #9- are IMO a big fat no. No one outside of the current meta government will ever know just how many Organizations America actually owns, an incoming Dictator can not ask Admin for a list of such Orgs; that list must come from the government -you know the Boy Scouts that don't talk about Fight Club. As for the 20 million CC War Chest, even though I have been assured by citizens I admire and respect; I do not believe that 20 million exist any longer -so even if they wanted to they simply can't.

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Join the People's forums, Socialist Freedom Party Forum and have your say without being trolled.
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