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[Translation] Shun Pao - The Vietnam War

Day 1,906, 02:37 Published in Japan South Korea by the tormented one

The Vietnam war is a war that has the biggest impact on American History.

And the Vietnam war is won by a little country through the assistance of the USSR and China against the Americans.

How did they do it? Realistically, Vietnam do not have the abilities to defeat the Americans.

They fought in a way that turn the battlefield into a swamp, they trapped the Americans inside, they cannot go forward, nor can they retreat. At the end, the public pressure eroded their will to fight. At the end, they cannot help but to retreat.

When face with a tough opponent, it is true that we cannot defeat them.
But if they cannot achieve their objectives, this is their biggest setback.
Similar to a swamp.

The same applies to the Republic of China in real life when faced with the Japanese Empire (during WWII) and this is the reason we survived.

And Vietnam defeated the United States using the same principle.

In order to carry out this type of tactics, we need to persevere. eRoC did it this time even though I didnt say anything.

Compare to the eRoC two to three years ago, the eRoC today has evolved into what we ought to be, Please dont forget this is because we have occupied eJapan and eSK, eRoC still have the flexibility to continue this war.

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DISCLAIMER: This is a translation of a newspaper, I am not involve in the creation of any material in its content, and this article do not reflect my opinion, and I personally do not endorse the view of the author.



Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 1,906, 02:50

The Vietnamese defeated the Chinese(many times), French, American then Chinese again. They obviously knew what they were doing. The little buggers

ArisaChan Day 1,906, 03:34

WTF involving rl vietnamese history with erepublik?
As vietnamese eprson I feel amsued though xD

the tormented one
the tormented one Day 1,906, 03:52

This is their way to get people pumped up.

Kinjiro Tachibana
Kinjiro Tachibana Day 1,906, 05:55

I'm sorry but Vietnamese did not fight against Chinese, Chinese helped the Vietnamese ((Vietcong))

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,906, 06:04

I'm not sure about calling Vietnamese little buggers, after all they got over 90 mil population.
Which makes me wonder why isn't there Vietnam on the map yet, I've seen a pretty good number of their players in many browser and mmorpg games.

Also @ Kinjiro Tachibana, Vietnamese and Chinese had a war.

Arari Kara
Arari Kara Day 1,906, 06:14

@Kinjiro Tachibana Read this

Kinjiro Tachibana
Kinjiro Tachibana Day 1,906, 06:31

Specifying which war ((article maker)) would of make it easier, there is nothing about Shino-Vietnamese War, adding American's make it sound like Its the Vietnam War with French & Americans

h idenshi
h idenshi Day 1,906, 11:01

"public pressure eroded their will to fight" < good luck with this in a game with no casualties or penalty for fighting forever...

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,906, 14:01

There was no true winner in Vietnam war, almost two milion people lost there lives, and one more milion becomes cripples.

the tormented one
the tormented one Day 1,907, 12:50

Historically, the USA didnt lose the war because they lose a lot of battle, in fact they have not lose a single battle in the Vietnam war since there are very few formal engagement, as most of the attack by the VietCong were carried out in guerrilla style attacks. USA decided to withdraw because the war lose public support.

The Tet Offense which proven to be a complete military failure by the VietCong were portrayed by the anti war movement in the US as a major defeat. The war atrocities like the My Lai masscare were also used to paint a picture that their involvement was not a righteous thing to do.

In the game, however, there are no people dying from the battles, so I dont think any of those things matter. Some people may lose their money for a new computer, iPhone, or a holiday but that's about it. eUS started the war because they are bored. So until they are bored about this, I think this will continue.

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