Tim Buctu for CP of eSWITZERLAND #3

Day 4,394, 01:01 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Tim Buctu

Good day to all Swiss citizens.

By now, you all know me.
The next month of January will be the second year that I spend with you. In these two years I have had the opportunity to play many assignments, especially in the political module, several CM mandates, two CP mandates and various government positions including PM, MoD, MoE and CA of the Citizenship Committee.
If I have carried out these tasks with seriousness and responsibility, it is not up to me to say it, certainly there was no lack of commitment and passion, in a community that is often not very involved and perhaps bored, but still alive and worthy of respect.

Why am I telling you all this?

I want to be extremely sincere with you, I ran for President of the month of December by mistake ... I clicked on a button that I probably shouldn't have clicked and I wasn't able to cancel myself.

Yes, it would be enough to announce it to everyone and make sure not to be voted, but now that the election date is approaching and the names of the candidates are looming, my sense of responsibility for this country that I adore, prevents me from to do it.

I will participate in the competition and I will probably lose, but you will decide it because you deserve to be able to choose.

I don't want to make any election promises or announce commitments that maybe, then, will remain words in the wind.

The priorities for this country remain the low number of active players, the difficulty in growing young players and certainly our TW, probably to be reviewed with friends from Taiwan or other interested countries (France, for example).

Only one thing I can promise you, my maximum commitment to serving the country and loyalty to a community that has given me so much satisfaction.

I look forward to seeing you on December 5th.

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