[TIHCE] The Scary house

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this article is my entry for The International Halloween Community Event (TIHCE), you can found the details here

The story is not that long 🙂

There was a boy named Pencho! Pencho was nice boy, but he was always trying to scare his friends pretending there are ghost etc. But little that he knew that something scary will happen to him one day . . .

Pencho was about third grade. The neighborhood children used to gather in large groups and play,and this is when the most vivid unexplained experience happened to Pencho.

Pencho and h is best friends liked climbing the trees in a small park close to where he lived. They especially loved one mulberry tree, because it was easy to climb, and its fruits were accessible. That tree was at the end of the park. Just about six meters away from it was an old house, in very poor condition. It was one of those houses that look like they're out of a Grimm brothers' fairy tale. It had two stone gargoyles above the windows, and a very creepy woman's head, also made of stone, between them. Its windows were mostly smashed, but the holes were too small for anyone to pass through without having to cut themselves badly, and break more off the glass. The kids were always curious about the house and talked about daring each other to go in, but none was brave enough.

One day it started raining, and the only place that was dry was the house. It wasn't raining above it or its yard. Pencho was with his best friend Momchi, and Momchi proposed to go in there. Pencho was scared, but after all his tricks to his friends he didn't want to be called coward. Besides, they had been waiting for a reason to go in there, and they had an opportunity to justify not going alone, so they went in. They started circling the small yard, and peeking inside. Pencho was at the front door, looking through the window next to it. There was a rusted old bath tub, a wardrobe, a coat hanger and the rest wasn't visible, apart from the stairway that went up.

Momchil started wondering how they could get in. He was looking for something to pick the lock with, and after failing with several items, he shook the door by the handle violently, out of frustration. Immediately afterwards, there was a sound like something huge fell on the upper floor, then the ground floor less than a second later, and finally, just as quickly, something heavy threw itself or fell against the door. They went out as fast as they could, and after a few hundred meters of running, they stopped and started talking about it. Pencho didn't see it himself, but Momchil swear, until this day, that there was a man on the second floor window, who seemed pale and was looking straight at them.

Pencho asked the people living next to the house if there was anyone living inside, but they said there's only a young man who comes once in a while, about twice per year or less, and he had been there just a couple months prior, so that definitely wasn't him. They were positive nobody else lived there.

After this day Pencho never tried to scare anyone . . . He was scared that one day the pale man will come for him. . .

The house is now renovated, and Pencho's favorite tree is cut down, but the memory of that day will forever be as if this happened yesterday.

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