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Day 2,037, 11:37 Published in USA USA by Dauntless2000

****WARNING**** Let’s not let the enemies see this shall we, do not vote for this article or shout it out if you know, believe, or have a suspicion that any of your friends is a supporter of TWO. It wouldn't be nice to spoil the surprise 😉

A special message from the War Room on-board Spirit of Fire. At this moment TWO is laughing and calling victory that they captured parts of our nation and took away all of the nation’s weapon bonuses. They think they are victorious at this time, to me they have helped plant the seed their own destruction.

Why they will say, well did you forget the system known as resistance wars. With this move the nations of TWO have made it easy for us to make their lives painful, and their nations vulnerable. What once cost the citizens of our nation sixty to eighty dollars to travel in support of a resistance war, will now only cost us a mere twenty. This means the poorest of our fighting forces can support any resistance war inside TWO. If they continue their march they will only continue to poison their empires. Serbia states they have created a “Wall of Liberty”, for us it will become the Sword of Freedom for our oppressed Allies in the Balkans, Italy, and France. The states that the Poles have taken can be used to strangle their empire's neck in Germany. We can support the IRA in their fight against British dominance. Each nation that takes a region is a nation that will suffer from their desire to defeat us. They have given us a gift they will live to regret. We will be the OSS and fight for freedom behind their lines

For those who need a history lesson, the OSS or Office of Strategic Services was a group of American Men and Women who went behind the lines of Fortress Europe during the second world war to help resistance groups fight the Germans. They also gathered information, perform sabotage , trained resistance fighters and whatever was needed to make it hard for Germany to fight the Allies. The OSS was the predecessor of the CIA and some of their actions are done still by The Green Berets. We will become like the OSS and be a pain in the butt for Serbia and her TWO allies

I can hear them say so what, remember that we are a nation that can deliver a large amount of damage, so much that Serbia and Poland will be severely compromised if we become an OSS nation, this means that they will become worthless to their allies. Other nations will only not have any power to support at all. By here is the best part, TWO can’t support a nation under a resistance war as easy. When a resistance war is done, they can only have those who are in the nation fight in the war. They will have to deal with us and our allies alone. The question will also have to be asked, what allies? The oppressed people that nation has conquered will be there with us to defeat them. This is the new problem that TWO does not understand, each region they take is now laced with arsenic thanks to the power of resistance wars. TWO may be powerful together, but each nation is now weak, for they will have no allies when we fight them in a resistance war and we will have those they have oppressed at our side. They act as if they are enjoying a victory drink, but in reality they are having their funeral drink, with each region adding only more arsenic in their system. For them there will be only two cures, regurgitate what they have taken, or face death. It is in their hands if TWO lives or their empire crumbles.

If you agree with this idea I came up with

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