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**The OG: Operation Olympic Underway**

Day 641, 20:19 Published in Canada Canada by Banach
Short and sweet..we got war. This time its for British Columbia.

Every Canadian should fight for this. Whether he be CRM, Bruck's Canucks or CAF. These aren't official orders. Just Unoffical Reccommendations.

Vote up this article.

And mine also.

Let's get our nation back Canada!!!

If you fight, move to Aquitaine, France. Its Q5. Fight red, for resistance.

Click here to be deployed into the war zone in BC.



Scorpius Day 641, 20:23

or we could have attacked BC directly and used our own q5 hospital while blocking France but w/e i dont mind getting BC back this way 😛

Neil III
Neil III Day 641, 20:24

There now. Lets gooooo!

Gofarman Day 641, 20:26

Always the helpful one thanks for the idea Scorpius...

William Duncan
William Duncan Day 641, 20:41

WARNING : If you are in eCanada it will take 2 moving tickets to move to Aquitaine, France, and 2 more to get home. Be sure you have funds for that !!

Banach Day 641, 20:48

Message Banach for tickets.

Mittermeyer Day 641, 21:00


Liberate BC!!!

Augustus Baldwin
Augustus Baldwin Day 641, 22:52

Fromage! Bibliotheque! Maison!

Alaricus Day 641, 23:09

sorry Banach,

Have to get votes for my newspaper somewhere tehehehe

<a href="" target="_blank">[..]/1/20</a>

Banach Day 642, 20:31


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