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[The Legion] – Exciting Changes! 12 Q7 and £50 supplies!

Day 1,787, 13:46 Published in United Kingdom Spain by Lord Reincarnate
carlini8 wrote:

Hello Everyone!

I am here to bring you very exciting news. We are all change in the Legion today with a massive focus on community building and activity. Last month we saw Magic bring big changes to the BEF also in the hope of increasing activity; however he also wanted to focus the damage to one point every day in an attempt to waste less damage. This can only be done in an ideal world and here at The Legion we understand you can’t all log on at the same time! We feel the same thing can be done through education which we will be trying to focus on soon enough.

Supply Tiers – Rewarding those who put the damage in

We are instead taking a different approach. We are bringing in four different supply tiers to try to encourage people to use more of their energy! I know that a large base of our members is eYoung so do not worry, the tiers will be available to all! There are two barriers to entry to get in to a specific tier. An experience threshold (The amount of experience you have gained, not how eOld you are!) and a damage threshold. These were picked because a) So we know you are fighting, helping The Legion and the eUK and They are easy to look up and check – If I am bringing in an update, I want it to last, I don’t want it to fizzle out because it takes too much time. Ideally we want a threshold that is a specific percentage of your max damage for a day, however we can not easily track this yet. You only need to meet one of these barriers to hit that tier.

The maximum level, currently called Elite Level (because I am lazy and unimaginative) will see you getting 12 Q7 and £50 daily simply by working in a commune job. Not only is the £50 wage better than any wage on any market right now, the Q7s would cost you £330 in the eUK right now! That means Elite Level Legionnaires get 825% more money for working in a commune job than I am paying my Polish market workers at the time of writing this!

I go in to more detail about the tiers here, please read it to try to understand how this is all going to work: Here

Retention and Community

We feel there needs to be a big focus on encouraging our community to have a bit more fun together. Currently, we have a good core of players who really do hit it off together and make the most of what the Legion has to offer. We should aim to have as many people getting involved as we can!

We feel the best form of retention is fun and friendship, not free gifts making people stay. We will be encouraging people to use our forums more by making the Legion completely transparent and asking for as many ideas as people can throw at us. Hopefully there will be interesting topics and the likes on the forums that make you want to come back again and again! The forums will be updated shortly, so when they are, go check it out!

We would also love for people to come join us in IRC. We will not make the mistake of forcing everyone on, but if you want to come for some casual chat and maybe some advice on how to spend your hard earned gold or why we are fighting somewhere, please do drop by! You will need to request access via the forums or PM as our chat is Legion only so it is protected but it is well worth the hassle!

Just because we think you shouldn’t stay in a MU because of free stuff doesn’t mean there won’t be any! We will be holding strikes once we have ironed out how they will work and also introducing a few new systems such as a new welcome basket designed to inform while also giving a nice treat to people who join us. You may remember I ran a training ground scheme to help people level up their training grounds and give us more power on the battlefield; well it is my intention to run this again, however this time it will be Legion based. That means more gold, more levels and hopefully, way more damage on the battlefield!

This is not everything we have to say, however it is just about everything for now. There is one last bit of info below but more will be covered in another article. We have another very exciting announcement to make along with details on the strikes, training ground offers and maybe a few factories for those interested. Investment is the key.

The ESO Legion is no more

Some of you may have noticed that the name has changed moments before this article was released. Most of you probably didn’t but I can’t blame you for that!

For many months now The Legion and the ESO party have been completely separate. Separate leadership, funding and members. There was some cross over, but we also had members from other parties too, both in our ranks and in leadership.

The ESO party created The Legion and that will not be forgotten. However we are a military unit and have no interest in messing around in politics, we are here to fight for the eUK wherever she needs and will strive to do whatever we can to bring the eUK to its maximum potential.

The Legion is moving onwards and upwards as a MU ready to fight wherever is needed to get the job done. If you want to get involved in anyway at all, please just send me a message and we can go from there, same if you have any ideas!

Thank you,



Niemand Day 1,787, 14:31

Good luck!

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,787, 14:36

Where do you get the legos from? Custom made images!? Impressive graphics as usual from ESO.

Carlini8 Day 1,787, 14:41

You would have to ask Emergy, I have no idea! Also, I know you know this isn't ESO, it even says in the article. I am the commander and I am not in ESO so please, The Legion.

Thank you 😃

prostokreten Day 1,787, 15:07

v+s Thank

Samoss The Great
Samoss The Great Day 1,787, 16:15

Voted already subs

Very impressive

Spygon Day 1,787, 16:46

Why true soldiers choose legion.

Also typical Goku must try to insult every party even as he obviously has never read the actual article.

Seems time is running out for him 🙂

Pathogen Day 1,787, 17:53

o/ :DD

Viridi Day 1,787, 20:15

I'm amazed.

Good work all-round.

Mr. Spigot
Mr. Spigot Day 1,788, 01:18

Daily weapons are a great idea, instead of now and again like they currently are.

IfIWereARichMan Day 1,788, 02:20

My name is Legion (NT. Mark 5:9)

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 1,788, 03:03

Are you sure you've got funds for this?

@Mr.Spigot: what's the difference? I didn't really calculate, but I guess we do get 12q6/day, only in batches every few days. I'm sure it is easier to send batches then spend hours sending 12q6/day/member.

IfIWereARichMan Day 1,788, 05:40

I HAVE been taking a note of how many I get and when because I wasn't sure about that either and, on average, since I started at the beginning of August to the 9th October when I got my last, it's 11.65. I'm not going to complain about 0.35 especially as it's free (even if it amounts to 24.5 altogether)

Carlini8 Day 1,788, 06:18

The difference would be the days of work you have missed 🙂

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,788, 07:31

I can guarantee we have the funds for this - several of us have been building towards this for many months.

Onwards and upwards Legionnaires!

See you on the rewards thread = )

DaJoXTeR Day 1,788, 07:48

Good article, good pictures,
vote for The Legion

Zonmei Day 1,788, 14:18

Excellent article Carlini. Glad to see this come about.
Same thing goes for the supply and rewards incentives.
Only thing I would add would be more cowbell.

IfIWereARichMan Day 1,788, 16:56

Did I miss some days of work? I thought I managed to squeeze in 5 minutes every day for te DO. Oh, well, you've got access to the statistics which is what I don't have, not even my own.

helpmeslack Day 1,788, 17:16

Legion should be the eUK national army

Carlini8 Day 1,789, 03:22

A very small amount IfIWere 😃

metalmicky999 Day 1,789, 06:18

Legion now has mighty mouse powah...

Lord Reincarnate
Lord Reincarnate Day 1,789, 07:18

thank you all for your kind comments on my awesome article. all my own work!

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