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[The Don] My Life in India - A Detailed Look (The First Days)

Day 1,928, 21:43 Published in India India by DonMogul

I arrived in India on Day 574 of the New World. My first act in this country was to post this article. Go ahead and read it and the comments below. Some lovely nostalgia for us old folks about how the game used to work!

I started my political life in India a similar way to many did in those days, I joined India United. This was more or less the only party in India at the time. I cannot remember the exact figures but I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say IU had 75-85% of the Indian citizenry in its membership. Of course that situation was sustauned until about Day 560, when a new party was created called India's Workers party. It was at IU that I met shail.back and David Forde.

David and shail were in those days more or less India's rulers which caused unrest among a few. I, however, supported the regime. Not merely because I wanted to be on good terms with them, it was more because India NEEDED those guys in charge at the time.

Amongst this unrest emerged Mr. Smo, who created the second party I mentioned above. This caused quite a stir and murmurs began circle around that Mr Smo was creating an opportunity for PTOers. The question was, was he doing it for himself? Or someone or some other nation? Or was he just (as we found out later) incredibly sub-normal when it came to intelligence?

I'm afraid most of his articles have been deleted (whether by him or the admin I do not know), but what remains is interesting reading.

The Formation of the IWP

The IWPs Party Platform

Go ahead and read them! They make for interesting reads!

Then came this article.

There were other articles in similar vein, promoting life in the USA (of which Mr Smo was a citizen before moving to India).

But it was this article that had a lot of people in authority worry. What was he doing? Was he organising a PTO and encouraging our few active voters to go vote in the USA so its even easier for him in India?

No one really knew for certain but India started making her ATO efforts very quickly.

Then on Day 573, Mr Smo posted an apology. This impressed some but it was far too late. Especially shortly afterwards when he began talking about forming a THIRD political party and then on to creating a poll paying people for voting on whether or not he should stay in India.

It is interesting to note that when everyone had voted Mr Smo changed the words around so that everyone who voted No you should not stay. Changed to No, you should not leave.

This fooled no one.

Then the final insult.

In prior discussions on IRC, Mr Smo was labeling David and shail as cheaters and thieves. He was accusing them of having multis and embezzlement of government funds. He, of course, had no proof of this.

Look in the comments section for something to take note of! Trojan admitting he was a n00b! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

And finally on Day 580, I weighed with my own article on the topic of Mr Smo.

I began by stating unequivocal support the system as it stood (I also announced I was standing for Congress!) and I tried in the last sections of the article to gently encourage Mr Smo to keep the discussions and debates coming, but tone it down.

It was a busy week in my eRepublik life but one I enjoyed.

My next article will cover my first foray into Indian politics.



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Aks1010 Day 1,928, 22:46

Awesome article..

Aks1010 Day 1,928, 22:52

Wellness, hospitals, houses.... Must have been interesting times. xD

DonMogul Day 1,928, 22:55

There was still such a thing in those times as worker skill levels so that you could specialise in Weapons, Farming or Construction work or do all 3. the higher your skill the more you made.

can you imagine actually having to look after your WELLNESS again?

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,929, 23:29


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