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[TGIF] Thank Ginger It's Friday

Day 2,300, 02:58 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Neil Lewis

Welcome to the 14th edition of Thank Ginger It's Friday!

Due to my new, temporary, job, this paper will be published on Saturdays for the next 6 editions.

I'm happy to take requests & I'll do my best to track her [or him] down.

Random celebrities may appear, have fun identifying them if i don't mention who they are. No prizes are to be awarded though. Oh, and if you happen to spot any accidental nipple, please enjoy & keep it to yourself!

So, on with the show:

is she? or isn't she?

let's take a closer look

turn around now!

oops, looks like the camera slipped

The now mandatory Leanna Decker GIF drop 😛

And, finally, the other GIF drop:

Karen Gillan approves of this article


1) TGIF does not have the rights to the images posted above & they may be withdrawn by the owners, so apologies for any later broken links.
2) TGIF does not take responsibility for loss of consciousness due to rushes of blood to certain regions of the body.

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Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,300, 03:30


Lord Halifax
Lord Halifax Day 2,300, 06:02

You made it!
CSRF is destroyed?

Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 2,300, 06:18

bypassed somehow

CptChazbeard. Day 2,300, 15:18

Huzzah o7!

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