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[TERRA] Poland and Sweden: Best Friends Forever

Day 1,611, 12:28 Published in USA USA by SenatusPopulusQueRomanus

Good morning, pupils,

Today we’re going to learn a bit about the etiquette of dealing with your friends and about how to get what we want from allies, with Polish and ONE HQ experts as our guests during the Poland vs Sweden negotiations about German territories.

The first step is to immediately begin passing a Natural Enemy law against the other party. This sends the clear signal to your friends that you would like very much for them to give you everything they have. It also gently reminds them (in case it had slipped anyone’s mind!) that resources are infinitely more important than your friendships

Now the alliance HQ will have to act as mediators, in a super secret meeting between all parties concerned. When you enter the discussion room, feel free to skip any greetings: they are not important when you’re good friends with a long history of cooperation and from the same alliance, like Sweden and Poland. However, it shows good manners to make some sort of smalltalk, as shown in this example:

21:14 Last_Straw • lonestar is online?

21:14 Lonestar • yea

21:14 Last_Straw • Lonestar, u are a girl?

It is super effective!

21:15 Lonestar › goes back to playing swtor

If you manage to repair the situation and begin the serious talk, remember to clearly state your intentions.

21:15 Last_Straw • its important to continue our negotiating 😃


21:16 Last_Straw • ok, back to germany. As u know, we want to conquer our... territory 🙂. We need 2way tunnel.

21:16 Last_Straw • we need bab and saxony

21:18 Last_Straw • cause it will 2way tunnel.

Remember, stating your intention only once doesn’t work, you need to repeat it with appropriate reasoning (like mentioned above).

But even the best of us gets angry from time to time... Remember to express your anger in a polite tone. Sometimes foreigners are a little bit slow to understand how desperately you WANT what they have, so swear, curse, shout and threaten to overcome the linguistic and cultural differences.

[21:36] <Last_Straw> You f**k about ManiekM, but when we wanted to cows from you aldo f****d us.

[21:37] <Jegarmister> i dont like your tone last

[21:37] <Lemlin> so, take our cows then

[21:37] <Lonestar> Is this polish diplomacy again?

However annoyed that you might be with your ally for not immediately giving you exactly what you demanded and being grateful to you for not wiping them, never let them know that you are annoyed. Be calm!

22:20 Lonestar • Yea, with Polish Diplomacy, anything is possible, and i really mean, ANYTHING

22:20 Lonestar • 😃

22:21 Lonestar • All hail Polish Diplomacy!

22:21 Lonestar • Just send in Last_Straw and you will have ATLANTIS back and kicking within a day or two

22:22 Last_Straw • Another moment of such a tone from your site Lonestar and say goodbye to the regions of our native territory (Germany)

<PierreDzoncy> we say something clearly

<PierreDzoncy> no f****n place for sweden in germany

<PierreDzoncy> after all this

<PierreDzoncy> sory

<PierreDzoncy> it was poland who took hardest damage to save congresses

<PierreDzoncy> and in exchange we got only

<PierreDzoncy> f**k you, we wont let you pass to bonuses

<PierreDzoncy> "you treat bonuses more important than allies etc"

<PierreDzoncy> sory

<PierreDzoncy> i wont allow one region pass

<PierreDzoncy> no f****n way

<PierreDzoncy> now not even 2 region

<PierreDzoncy> but whole

<PierreDzoncy> i dont want to see sweden in germany

Now, in the case of the HQ, you will probably see both sides of the story, and in complex diplomatic situations like this, both sides will probably have put forward equally compelling cases. But fear not: there is ALWAYS a solution. To find out which side is in the right, simply check the API to see which country is stronger.

<PierreDzoncy> no region in germany

<PierreDzoncy> you can take denmark

<PierreDzoncy> i dont care

<PierreDzoncy> but after all this i wont allow sweden in germany

<PierreDzoncy> at any cost

<Marvin`> yep

<Jegarmister> ok then it's setteled

<Cookies_Crisp> PierreDzoncy ok , but the hostilities MUST be stopped

<@strider_gospodar> We will guarantie that this passes...

<@SGiddy> ok

<@SGiddy> we have an agreement

Problem solved. Sorry Sweden!

This month live from HQ,

just for you,



GregoryG Day 1,611, 12:30

Terra had a gay hornet logo like 13 months ago.

dermont Day 1,611, 12:30


EddieJoe Day 1,611, 12:34

Owwn... They're like BFF 😘*

Wonne Day 1,611, 12:38

BFF 😘**

tmv23 Day 1,611, 12:39

tourette syndrom ffs?

FrutekXXX Day 1,611, 12:40


Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 1,611, 12:40

hahah good one Poland

AlexMCS182 Day 1,611, 12:40


Duracraft Day 1,611, 12:41

behead thus who insult polan

radens Day 1,611, 12:41

good ONE Poland xD

DonH0mer Day 1,611, 12:42

BFF 😘***

Dr_Revenue Day 1,611, 12:42

Best article ever, I wish someone in EDEN HQ could write like that.

GregoryG Day 1,611, 12:43

<Thatcher> he is busy licking a polish bumhole

Kromov Day 1,611, 12:44


Arrlo Day 1,611, 12:44

Oh is THAT who you are? 😁

delete this
delete this Day 1,611, 12:45

indeed dr_revenue 😕

DANl1640 Day 1,611, 12:46

funny thing to publish this from terra

you know terra is good,terra is love and mutual respect...just ask chile

FPS1 Day 1,611, 12:46


rems2a Day 1,611, 12:47

What about Chile ?

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 1,611, 12:47

pig disgusting Sweden is pig disgusting

Zara Mala
Zara Mala Day 1,611, 12:48


Awesome Prussia
Awesome Prussia Day 1,611, 12:50

It is super effective!

Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Day 1,611, 12:51


Just ask Chile x2

fifi prc
fifi prc Day 1,611, 12:52


Feliks Edmundovic
Feliks Edmundovic Day 1,611, 12:54


Peter Lankton
Peter Lankton Day 1,611, 12:54

oh poland, my poland 😃

Rona1d Day 1,611, 12:57


Just ask Chile x3

Andrei Lebowski
Andrei Lebowski Day 1,611, 12:57

Terra is (g)Love o7

TanGe.LanGe Day 1,611, 12:59

"I've had it with this motherf**king Swedes in this motherf**king Germany!"

unknown Polish hero

UncIeDeD Day 1,611, 13:01


Just ask Chile x4

ilphen Day 1,611, 13:01

sverige är bäst o/

SmoothZiga Day 1,611, 13:01

Since when does Siddy use nick SGiddy?

BearCare Day 1,611, 13:02

hahahaha 😃 vot

ElvenCRO Day 1,611, 13:03

LOL ..nice job ONE...*spit*

Make me rich
Make me rich Day 1,611, 13:05

you know terra is good,terra is love and mutual respect...just ask chile x5

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 1,611, 13:06

Best friends forever.

Azareusek Day 1,611, 13:07

I know polish diplomacy very well, but thats is funny - newspaper of Alliance who kicked out Chile now writing something about "Polish - Sweden friendship"

Even if Pol- Swe have arguing - they will still fight in ONE side. Look at what have u done for Chile and pls dont spam me with "whole terra helping Chile" and "chile making dirty tricks" because i know about everything what have Terra done in this.

So, before looking at someone, look at yourself terra. Whole Canada - USA diplomacy os now very funny to read

Arrlo Day 1,611, 13:21

All you derps waffling on about Chile, how does that affect the Polish reps' behaviour?

Stamkoze Day 1,611, 13:24

"So, before looking at someone, look at yourself terra. Whole Canada - USA diplomacy os now very funny to read" +1

Jorge Salazar
Jorge Salazar Day 1,611, 13:25

Hail to ePolish diplomacy!

If eSweden want to attack ePoland, I'm sure that TEDEN will be happy to help to wipe them again. At least me!

I had a lot of fun during the Broliance counter-strike! I miss the days when Poland ran away and TEDEN finished the hunt.

Wildrunner Day 1,611, 13:26


Just ask Chile x5

DANl1640 Day 1,611, 13:37

maggie you are right

Margaret H ThatcherThat's ok, let's hold hands and sing how awesome TEDEN is. 😃

Arrlo Day 1,611, 13:40

It just shows Poland hasn't learned lessons from TEDEN's mistakes. /me shrugs

ZeneFallX Day 1,611, 14:16


Tejku Day 1,611, 14:26

We watch how Terra treat Chlle and how Eden treat old allie - Bulgaria and want the same.

Master Saita Norgan
Master Saita Norgan Day 1,611, 14:27

all alliances are backstabbers disband all alliances and start over yes? xD

Karmous Day 1,611, 14:30

Canada and Irland should be in ONE. Then all fun guys would be in same alliance 😃

Dio Vigon
Dio Vigon Day 1,611, 14:32

TERRA and EDEN did the right thing:

we don't want, we don't keep it like a pet.

gratz, ONE.

Siddy Tramero
Siddy Tramero Day 1,611, 14:39

I must admit I laughed at it.

Mustafa Kemal Atajerk
Mustafa Kemal Atajerk Day 1,611, 14:48

yes Vigoncalves, here is your Turkey in TEDEN, have fun, goodbye.

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