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[Tech PP] Back to Roots and PTOs

Day 1,770, 18:41 Published in USA USA by Jdohring3

My Fellow Techs,

Sooner than I would like I will be swept up into the sea for another 8 month trip to god knows where. When the time comes, and if I can say, I will tell you when exactly I will be leaving. From time to time when I can, I will ensure to let you all know that I am alive and well.
(This actually was fun to go through believe it or not)

I have 20 days left to be your PP and here are some things i have for these next 20 days. We need to look at what we are doing as a party right now. From my 2 years being in the Techs leadership has changed hands and old friends have left us. But with new people come new ideas, which is always great for any type of organization. Now, in my opinion, we work in two spectrum's. Some of us take the imitative and try to stay active as party members the best that they can and interacting with other party leaders. Others are here because we have an awesome name, cool logos, a good community of people, &c.

But this activity needs to be oriented towards party goals and cooperation. Which comes to my next three points.
(its almost over don't tl;dr yet!)

1) Congress PTO
We had a great showing and support towards the PTO that our country faced and I am proud that our party helped out there. Now all original top 5 parties understand that we are still for eUSA and have not been corrupted by AFA.

2)Party President PTO
We are also under attack on our home front by Romanian PTOers. While their tactics are varied and I am sure they will comment positively how much they want to help out the party and that i am mud slinging them, it is not to be believed. We need all Techs to return to defend our party from being PTOd. Our job is done helping out our nation. Now we must support them and ourselves from our home base.

It has been a long time since i have seen the Techs endorse a CP. I would love to be able to do that in my second term. So put it down in the comments on what we should do. But lets not take the easy way out. Jump on IRC (#tech-party for those that forgot). I will be online on the 26th to discuss this so we may endorse someone and debate about it.

With that I leave you this. Together we can build up this party and work towards all goals that we may have, both individually and collectively. But this requires us to all to band together and stay connected.

Technocratic Society PP

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Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,770, 18:45

Navy, LoL

the most socially liberal branch. Fail.

Jdohring3 Day 1,770, 18:51

Yes, while you stay here and remain the sad man you are, trolling the internet for self gratification, I am off severing my country in the real world. Thank you, I really am the failure here.

Jdohring3 Day 1,770, 19:00

But i will take this as a complement. It must mean we are kinda important if Ajay Bruno is trolling us.

Norman Asante
Norman Asante Day 1,770, 21:52

Psychotic article.

Instead of searching witches to burn them, try to save your party before it will disappear forever.

Jdohring3 Day 1,771, 06:31

well lucky we don't have to searching witches, yall are out in the open

Norman Asante
Norman Asante Day 1,771, 08:26

Number of votes to this article proves that you are wrong and because of this reason not so lucky as you think.

Iamnameless Day 1,771, 11:29

Thank you for your service. o7

Jdohring3 Day 1,771, 14:39

@Iamnameless Thanks o7

@Norman i still dont understand what you are trying to say, if i wanted votes i could easily buy them its not that hard. But votes don't matter. This is like saying my status update on the book of face didn't get enough likes therefore it wasnt any good. also can you explain what you mean by "because of this reason not so lucky as you think"

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